Sunday, October 31, 2004
Halloween Night...
We had a fun and exhausting Halloween! First, we went to church for the first time in two weeks. It was fun. The smell still made me sick, but I breathed through my mouth so I could stick it out. I'm glad I went. TJ had fun, too.

This afternoon we went to Aunt Gina's and Uncle Wesley's house to go do Halloween stuff with them. I figured TJ could hang out with Blake and Julia and have fun, since they're the closest in age to him in the family, and they live nearby. They allowed me to come along. Yippee! First, we went to the fall festival at their church. GOLLY! There were about three million people there. It was fun. There was a lot of free food :) and games and candy. There were big blown up bouncy things that TJ really wanted to go on, and finally got brave enough to go on the slide, as long as Daddy went with him. He had fun on that! He got some candy and cotton candy, so he was set. He also played a few games. He got to throw things, so that worked for him!

Afterwards, we went back to their place and went trick-or-treating. How fun! The whole time TJ was like, "Gotta run, Daddy." He ran himself to death! He was so intent on getting more candy. All three of them were. I think that if it hadn't turned to 8 and everyone quit giving it out, they would have found a way to keep going all night! TJ quickly figured out that we only went to houses with the light on. After we decided to quit, he saw a house with the light on, and was like, "Light on, go. Light on, go." Priceless moments! He now has seventeen tons of candy that Mommy will have to hide, and forced to help him eat. Yes, I am forced...what a tough life being Mommy! When we were done we hung out at Wes and Gina's place for a little while, and that was nice. Trey said he likes them, as do I. TJ ate a sucker, so I'm pretty sure he made everything super sticky that he touched. I'll probably need to go over there tomorrow and scrub down their house! He had a lot of fun, and I'm glad they live close and are willing to have us around. He really likes Julia and Blake, and I think Julia likes him b/c she gets to be the older one when he's around.

Alright, I guess that about covers it. I hope everyone else had a great Halloween! I'm going to try to post the pics I took tonight on here tomorrow, so keep a look-out if you would like to have a peek. Have a great day!
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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Ummm, what exactly do you think this face means? Posted by Hello
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If Daddy hadn't taken the candy quickly, TJ would have just shoved it in his mouth, wrapper and all! Posted by Hello
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Tonight, tonight, tonight...
Tonight we went to Boo in the Zoo. It was fun. I have to admit, it wasn't as great as I thought it would be, but it was pretty cool. There was a light tunnel that was kinda neat, and Trey had to go through it twice. The carousel played Monster Mash, which I like. There was a magician who was quite funny, and TJ kept saying, "He's so silly!" He had no idea what was going on, but all the other kids there did, and they would yell when he would try to trick them. TJ really liked that! Of course, we had to leave during the show, b/c TJ was sitting on my lap, and suddenly I felt a very warm spot growing on my leg. Sure enough, his diaper leaked all over my leg! He hasn't had a diaper leak in about a year now, and you would know it would do it while he's on my lap! They had dancing after that, but TJ wouldn't do it. Why, you ask? Well, see, there were about 11 little houses scattered throughout the zoo with people who handed out candy. The only way I could get TJ to get dressed to go this evening was to tell him he was going to get candy. Therefore, once he had some, his only goals were to, A: get more candy, and B: eat the candy he had. Daddy and Mommy would not let him eat all of his candy, and thus, he got mad at us. So, he wouldn't dance when Mommy asked him to. Little turd! It was fun, though. Everyone loved his costume, which is the only one I've seen yet. There were some cool ones there, too. I wonder where people find them all. Everywhere I looked they were all the same. I will try to find a couple of pics that worked out and put them on here. I didn't have much luck, so I'll see what's salvageable.

Have a great one, and talk to you tomorrow!
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Friday, October 29, 2004
What a great day!
Okay, I think all my prayers were answered today, and that made for a GREAT day! First off, we watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for first and second periods. Okay, that was the stupidest movie, but the kids loved it, and it brought back some memories for me, too. I was watching two large classes, so that worked well. Then, after lunch we watched a movie, too! I was so happy! I prayed that we would, and it was like the movie gods were listening. GREAT! I was not looking forward to going to sixth period and my middle schoolers today.

At lunch we had a chili cook-off, and I got second place. I lost by one vote. Guess who voted that vote? Yes, that's right, I didn't think it would be right to vote for myself, so I voted for the one I thought was next best, and he ended up winning. I didn't really care, as I would have won a crock pot, which I already have one of. However, I did find myself being a little more competitive than I thought I should be. I really did want to win for some reason. All-in-all it was a lot of fun, though. I think everyone had a good time. What made me feel the best was that it was my idea, and it worked pretty well. I can even see us doing it again sometime, or some likeness to it. That really made my day. It's nice to know that some things I think up are pretty cool. I mean, it's not like it's totally original or anything, but when we were trying to think of a cool fundraiser that hasn't been used yet at the school, that's what I came up with. Okay, enough about that.

After school was cool, too. There is a little group growing that's started to go out to drink and play pool at a local wings place after work on Fridays. I was invited last week, but I couldn't go. This week I could, and I did. It was so fun! I drank Coke, of course, and played pool. We played four games in teams, and I played every one b/c our team kept winning (okay, it was usually by default...scratch on the 8 ball, but hey!). I wish I could have stayed longer, but I had to run get TJ. Nevertheless, it was lots of fun. I met a new person who is a teacher at Willow Lane, and I can't remember her name to save my life right now. She was nice, though. Then there were some cool peeps from work. We vowed not to talk about work, and we didn't, and the spirits stayed high. As everyone else started to get "fuzzy", my pool looked that much better! Lee said she wondered what it would be like if I were drinking. If you know me, then you know, and you would know why I said, "Even if I could, I wouldn't. I have to see you guys on Monday!" I can't wait till next week to go again. I think more people will be there then, b/c it was decided that if we plan ahead (which means before 5th period on Friday), then more people will be able to come. I bet that will make it even more fun!

The highlight of my night, of course, was getting TJ. I sure do love that kid! He is just so smart it scares me! On the way home he was singing, "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle, jingle bells!" Great stuff, and I think I actually like his version better than the original! Trey was making chicken noises when we were almost home, and TJ was cracking up. I was too. I couldn't figure out for sure if I was laughing at Trey or TJ's laughing. Then Trey did a cat noise which did not seem funny to me, and TJ busted out again. Then I did. I figured it out. But really, who can resist laughing when a little person is cracking up? If you can, you have no heart! I am so happy to have my baby back again. Can you imagine the great feelings of having two of them!? I can't wait!

Alright, you guys have a wonderful day, and I'll talk at you tomorrow.
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Thursday, October 28, 2004
Tisk, tisk, tisk...
Okay, I don't want to go into too much detail, but I kinda wish I hadn't seen that movie. If you read my last post, which I wrote a couple hours ago, I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 just a little while ago. Surprisingly, it was Trey's choice. I don't think he realizes what he's done. I hope, for those of you who are political out there, that you are bigger than not talking to someone who disagrees with you in such matters. If so, then you may still talk to me. It seems as though 90%+ of people that I know are Republican, or at least voting that way. Well, I am not. I am not a Democrat. I am a Libertarian, but a very liberal one. Trey is also a Libertarian, but much, much more conservative. That basic label is about all that we share in common in this area. This is one reason I choose not to talk about politics with Trey, and most people, b/c I strongly believe my way, and he strongly believes his way. It causes fights. Anyway, back to my point...I just watched this movie, or documentary, which was very much produced from a Democratic point of view. It made me cry. There were scenes in it that infuriated me. I am upset with Trey right now, as well as a lot of people that I know. I am disillusioned right now as to why anyone would vote for Bush on Tuesday (or already, as some have). This man has put innocent lives in danger for nothing. Well, that's not true. He had his reasons, but they don't have anything to do with America and our overall safety and well-being. I won't go on, as I'm sure that at least some of you are cursing me right now. I am, though, as I have been for some time, upset about this. I understand if you don't see things my way, and hopefully you will be understanding of me, too. I do urge you to watch this documentary, though. It may not change your opinion, but it will at least open your eyes some and help you to understand how your opposition feels. I think the movie reiterated most of how I've already felt, but it also showed me some things I hadn't seen before, and some stuff I didn't want to see or accept. Again, I cried, a few times. If you agree with the Democrats, then you will want to watch it. If you disagree, then you should watch it to see the other side. Okay, enough of that.

Have a great day, and see you tomorrow!
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I am SO mad!
Okay, yesterday I was SO tired, but I said to myself, "No, Christi, you must write on your blog. You promised." So I came over here and wrote what was, in my opinion, my best post yet. It didn't have a lot, but it was my review of two movies, and I thought I did very good. I went into a lot of detail, and gave a lot of back-up to my opinions. So, I push Publish, as I always do, and guess what...Yes, that's right, the computer messes up and it's gone...forever. How very frustrating!

So anyway, what I said yesterday was that Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed was actually quite cute. I also watched Saved, and it was pretty cool. Scooby Doo had really good effects. Saved was cool if you want to laugh at life. This is not the extent of what I said, but I'm just so mad about it still that I don't want to talk about it anymore. So, next time I'll write something inspired. It should be good, too, b/c as I write, we are watching Fahrenheit 9/11.

I may be back later. Must get back to the movie. If I don't see you again, have a great night!
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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
My apology...
It seems that I am a very flawed person. I don't care to go into details as to why, b/c it would take way too long. All I want to say is that I am very sorry if I ever come across as mean to anyone, b/c I promise I never ever try to. I seem to laugh at things that are not funny, and pick on people who don't know I'm playing with them. For that I'm sorry. If you feel I have wronged you in any way, then this apology is for you. I occasionally have to be told what a mean person I am, b/c I don't even know it. So, again, I'm sorry.
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Monday, October 25, 2004

This child really enjoys his food! Posted by Hello
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Tell me this isn't sad...
I am so excited b/c tomorrow I don't have to teach! Tell me that isn't the saddest thing you've ever heard!? Yep, we have HSAP testing tomorrow through Thursday in the mornings, and tomorrow afternoon I have my dr. appt. to find out if and when I'm prego (I'm also very excited about that!), so I don't have any classes! That's great, too, b/c we are supposed to have first period tomorrow, and they are just the whiniest bunch of kids. I know I've spoiled them to be that way b/c I put up with it, but it's gotten old. I am upset at myself that I have dug so many holes at school as far as what I let the kids get away with, even though I know better, and now I can't get out of them! It's embarrassing to say the least! Anyway, I get to get some planning done, which will be so great! I just have to stay away from everyone else so I can actually get something done!

Tonight we went to this place called El Chico. Trey said he heard it was good and had really good food. I liked the decor. I wasn't too impressed with the food, though. The salsa was a little boring and flavorless, and my chimichanga had refried beans in it, which I can't stand. I guess I should have looked at the menu a little more closely, but, on the same note, it came with refried beans (why in it and with it?), and I told her I don't like them and had them changed with pinto beans (they were alright, I guess). So, you would think she might have mentioned that the chimi had beans in it, too? Oh well, I guess I will live. Now we know not to go back, eh? I asked Trey who told him it was good. He said, "I hear it on the radio all the time." Hmmm, those are what we call commercials, and no one is going to have one for their business and say their food sucks! Trey, I'm just playing with you, although from now on I'm going to double-check where you got your info from first!

Poor Marie, she's not divorced yet. Joey is still screwing her over. So, if you want to learn about divorce and find out why it sucks, you should write to her on her blog. Or, if you want to offer some advice, I'm sure she'd love to get some! Joey is such a jerk, and it scares me most b/c he seemed so cool when they were together. You just never can tell, so the lesson here is to always be careful, and never get too comfortable. Keep Marie in your prayers, please, that Joey will get smart one day and let her move on with her life and stop messing her up.

In case I haven't mentioned it lately, I have the coolest kid on earth! No wonder people want hundreds of kids when they have a cool kid like TJ! Okay, hundreds may be a bit much, but....I sure do love him! He can sing his ABC's now, Jingle Bells, Twinkle,Twinkle, count to 10, and say, "What's up, Dude!" (that's the only one I can take full credit for, and it sounds SOOOOOO cute when he says it!). Talk about a fun life! TJ is crazy, and it's so cool! I have to admit, sending him away for three days a week is really getting hard. Not only am I totally jealous of everyone else getting all that time with him, but I feel like the raising of our child is not entirely in our hands, and he may be getting raised not exactly as I would like. It's very frustrating. Now I'm rambling...anyway, I have the coolest kid in the world! Can anybody tell me if TJ is doing good to be saying long 5-7 word sentences to tell us what he wants at this age? I think that's pretty good. He seems to know a lot.

I'm going to watch a movie now. More word on that tomorrow. Talk at you later!
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Sunday, October 24, 2004
Sunday, Bloody Sunday...
Isn't that what the song says? Well, I didn't do anything today. I did wash and put away clothes and vaccuum the floor, but that's about it. And let me tell you, it was MARVELOUS! It would have been perfect had I not been sick feeling, but whateva!

Can you guess what I did while I was doing nothing? That's right, I watched TNT all day long. There were some great movies on all day, one of which I'm watching right now (it's a commercial). First I watched The Color Purple. What a great movie. It made me cry, and what's funny is that it wasn't what you'd expect about white people persecuting blacks. It was mostly about blacks persecuting blacks. Nonetheless, it was sad, and happy, and I was so thrilled when Ceely (sp?) finally got the guts to leave her husband, and then he did the right thing and got her sister hooked up with her again. I cried a little. Then I watched Philadelphia. Yet another movie great! It was also very moving, especially the part where he showed his lesions on his chest. I, personally, thought he had a good point, but I didn't really see how he proved it. I still liked the movie, though. I was really impressed at how skinny Tom Hanks got in the movie! After that I watched A Few Good Men. I've seen bits and pieces of it before, but never in its entirety. It was pretty good. Not a big fan of Demi Moore, but looking at Tom Cruise when he was especially good looking made it tolerable to have to watch her. I really liked the scene where Jack Nicholson said "You can't handle the truth!" I've seen it before, but this time I actually knew what it meant! I am definitely decided now that I could never be in the military. There is no way I could or would follow orders that went against my moral code. Lastly, we just finished watching A Time to Kill (yes, it just ended). That movie makes me very sad. As Trey mentioned while we watched it, it used to be sad to me, but it now hits home much more. If you didn't know, a little 10 year old girl gets raped by two guys, and it's pretty brutal, and her dad kills them in a fit of rage. Now having a kid puts it into even more perspective. I will never let TJ even walk to a friend's house a couple doors down. It was sad to me, also, that so much suffering had to come to so many people just to do the right thing (as in the KKK terrorizing the people on the dad's side). Great, great movies, definitely classics. I highly suggest renting these movies soon, or just watching TNT for the next few days, as I'm sure they'll come on again (A Time to Kill is actually on again right now!).

Okie dokie, you guys have a great day! See you tomorrow!
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Saturday, October 23, 2004
One day of freedom...
Sorry I missed yesterday. I'm sure no one noticed, but I did. By the time we got home from picking up TJ, I just wanted to crash, and that I did!

Today we went to Taco Bell for lunch. It's funny. I will only eat Taco Bell if I'm in a mood for it, and that was today. I was watching The Cat in the Hat, and a dog peed (sp?) on the dude's taco, to which he replied, "Hey, you peed on my taco!" That's all it took. I was not to be satisfied until I had a taco. It took over my thoughts and was all I could think about. I have to admit, Taco Bell wasn't too bad, either. The one we went to was totally in the ghetto, and there were even gang symbols carved in the mirror in there. It was a little scary, and it smelled a little too "kitcheny" in the dining area (that's not good). But, the tacos tasted good to me and TJ, and I don't feel any more sick than I usually do, so I guess it's all good! Wonder what I'll crave tomorrow? It's almost daily now that someone will mention some type of food, and I must have it from that point on. The other day a boy said he wanted me to bring him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (I didn't), and I had to rush home during lunch to eat one. Crazy! I thought I wasn't supposed to start the whole craving thing till later on?

Anyway, we were going to go to "Boo in the Zoo" tonight at the zoo. The line was almost an hour wait! Trey said we would go back next week and try to get there early. I still think the wait will be long, but we'll see. So we went bowling instead. It was fun for about the first 20 minutes, while TJ was still interested, and was still listening to us. Then he got restless and started wanting to run all over the place. Then we started showing how old we were. Trey hurt his arm, my hand hurt. We were just sad! It was fun, though. Trey kicked my butt (of course, so did TJ--he did push the ball a couple of times in the beginning!) the first game, but I beat him by 5 points the second game. I won't tell the scores, b/c they would embarrass us all, even the readers!

Oh, and I watched The Cat in the Hat today. It was cute, but kind of annoying to me. There were some pretty vulgar scenes in it, like where he coughed up a hairball. I think he farted a few times, too. There were lots of moments where they were blatantly trying at adult humor (like when he got all hot and bothered over Paris Hilton dancing in an almost non-existent outfit), and I didn't really find a need to laugh. I think there was a lesson of moderation and get along with your siblings, but most of the movie was just about making a big mess. Of course, it was based on a book with just such story, so in that sense, it was good to go. I don't know, it was just so-so to me. Who knows, I'm going to watch it again with Trey tomorrow b/c he didn't get to see it, and maybe I'll like it more then.

Have a great day!
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Thursday, October 21, 2004
One more day...
I'm sorry. I did not watch a movie today, as I had a class till 6:45, and when I got home, I went straight to work on the project we were working on in class. I just finished. I'm kinda proud of it. I think it can be improved, but I'm going to wait and see what other people say about it first, then maybe make some changes. Please, if you get a chance, go check it out. The class is a class on making internet treasure hunts for students as a part of teaching them the curriculum. I have to teach transition (getting ready for the work world) skills, so what better topic. Sadly, as of right now, I really can't use it, as our students are not allowed to have access to the internet, but who knows, perhaps one day that will change. Anyway, check it out if you want. If nothing else, I learned that making a website like that is a pain in the ass!

Alright, well, I don't have a lot to say. Had a pretty dramatic day, but I don't want to go into details. I will say, though, that I have learned once and for all that I can't trust anyone I work with, and that I MUST keep my mouth shut to everyone. I don't even try to start trouble, and everything I say is twisted and turned and made into something bad, then told to other people. Case in point, what I "supposedly" said the other day almost got me fired today. So, I will now look even more forward to this site, as now I have no one to talk to aside from my students and Trey. I'll just have to unload more here, and joke around some. Certainly can't joke with my fellow employees! It also makes me look more and more forward to hopefully being able to quit one day and be with my baby(ies). Oh, won't that be a wonderful day!

Talk to you tomorrow. Hope your day goes wonderfully!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2004
It's funny...It seems like on my bad days I have much more to say than on my good days. I shall have to work on that. I had an overall good day today, except that I am quite sure that this pregnancy will be the death of me. I had high blood pressure problems with TJ, which put me in the hospital after he was born, and I feel that they have come back with this child, but worse. I'm quite tired of being sick all day. I can't wait to go to the dr. next week. In my mind I'm convinced they are going to give me all the answers and tell me how to feel better. I know that probably won't happen, but maybe they can help some at least!

Someone let me know if you get tired of my talking about the whole pregnant sick thing, and I'll stop.

Sharon at work had a birthday yesterday, I think, and we celebrated by going to lunch with her today at the Roadhouse. I ate peanuts while we waited forever for our food, and made myself sick full on them, then ate my lunch anyway! Yeah, I was pretty miserable. Thank goodness we don't have classes on Wed. afternoons! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been much use to my students!

Okay, as far as the movie review thing goes...We rented a dvd called Kingdom Hospital, which is undoubtedly a series that was on some station that Stephen King wrote. I was very confused for the first half of it (it was two episodes), and pretty much the rest of it till the end. It was some story of a haunted hospital (very original, eh?) that had a ghost of a little girl who died there before when it had been a mill or something. The people of today had to go and save her in the past in order to save the hospital. Strange, to say the least, and kinda hard to follow. I was a little lost, b/c on the cover it said there were 15 episodes, and there were only 2 on our dvd. Then at the end I went back and looked, and we had volume 4, the last one! That may explain why I was so confused, although I don't know that watching 800 more hours of the show would have changed much! True to Stephen King form, though, the end pretty much sucked. I don't know about you, but I absolutely love Stephen King's books and stories, and I think they are full of imagination and interesting stuff. However, he has the WORST endings in the world! I remember spending an entire summer reading The Stand (I'm a somewhat slow reader), and it was so great (very similar to 28 Days Later, if you've seen that movie). Then, at the end, he just ruined it! Now, if you don't know, this book is HUGE, and to have gotten all that way to be let down, very upsetting! Anyway, I may say differently if I had seen the beginning shows, but I personally wouldn't recommend this to anyone, unless you want to use your brain A LOT, and still feel like you don't get it!

Talk to you tomorrow! Have a great day!
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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
I had no idea...
Traci, I knew you were right about the whole caffeine withdrawal thing, and I already knew it myself from TJ. Today, though, Trey got a Diet Coke and I drank all but a couple sips of it (which he was not too happy about). I have felt bad for the last week, tired, sore, nauseated, and a pounding headache that is ignorant to Tylenol, and MAN! after I drank that Coke, I felt better than I have since I first got sick! That was a little scary, but I'm quite sure it had to do with the caffeine. I mean, I know that it makes it worse, but I had no idea it made that much of a difference. Sooo, I don't drink coffee anymore, mainly b/c the thought of the smell of it now makes me sick to my stomach, but I am definitely going to have to start drinking Coke and tea to supplement and wean myself off a little more slowly than I did (I pretty much quit cold turkey). Whew!

So how come it is that if you sleep too little, you're tired, and if you sleep too much, you're tired? It's like there's this perfect spot right in the middle, and if you go over it even a few minutes, it's ruined...I went to bed early last night b/c I was just so tired (probably from lack of caffeine!). I was sure that since I was getting some good needed rest, I would wake up rested and refreshed this morning. Instead, I woke up and I was even more tired, it was harder to wake up, and I was sore! You can't win!

Rented Garfield tonight, and if you like silly little movies with charming plots, then this is a pretty good one. As long as you go in knowing it's not going to blow your socks off, then you're good. I think perhaps I will start reviewing movies on here for any of you that like to rent movies. Trey and I have the monthly rental bill at Blockbuster now, so we rent one every day to two days now. Can't say I watch all that much television anymore, and I don't know that I'm missing all that much. I will, however, change that when the OC comes back on. Nothing, not even death, will keep me from my show. This season looks to be interesting, although I'm not quite sure how they'll make it work yet and keep my on the edge of my seat. I'm sure they will, though...Don't tv writers always figure their audiences out? Oh, and if you know me, and if you have seen Desperate Housewives, please tell me how it is and if I would like it. I've heard lots about it being great, but I saw about five minutes of it one day, and was already bored by it.

Have a great day! See you tomorrow!
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Monday, October 18, 2004
The wheels on the bus go round and round...
Yes, I will be singing that sad song to myself for the next few days. Once again we have had to ship TJ off to his Nana's house, and this time for four days. It's always such a sad time for Trey and me. We had him all last week, and it was great. I have to admit, it was also quite tiring, but WONDERFUL! I miss my kid. We gotta get our house sold.

So TJ had his first dr. appt. here in Columbia today. We missed his 18 mo. shots (we were moving and it completely slipped our minds!), but he is going to have those made up. He got his flu shot, the first half, today, and he did such a great job! They even pricked his toe, and he didn't even fuss! What a big boy I have! Oh, and I do. He is 34 3/4 inches tall (in the 80%), and she says he'll probably grow up to be about 6' tall (which is how tall Trey is). He weighs 26 lbs. 12 oz., and is only in the 50% there, but she says that's normal. I like TJ's new dr., although I liked the last one. She's nice, and she's really good with TJ. She even made him laugh a couple of times. He REALLY liked her light that she was shining in his eyes. She made it turn green, and I think he fell in love! He started talking to her then, but since we couldn't get the plug out of his mouth, we have no idea what he said. I think it was something along the lines of "I love you and your green light." It was pretty cool, though. We have to go back next month b/c they hadn't gotten his records from Charlotte yet, so he had to wait to get his shots. Oh well.

Long day at work, even with no students, but who wants to hear about that boring stuff? Oh, and Lexington District 2 called and had me fill out an online interview today. Then, I guess if they like it, they will call me in for a real person interview. Everyone keep your fingers crossed! I hear that's a good school district. Okie guys have a great day! See you tomorrow!
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Sunday, October 17, 2004
Hope it's been a happy day for everyone!
Well, today started off pretty well. I went to my new Sunday school class for the first time. It was alright. It seemed a little uncomfortable, and I feel like it could have been my presence. Perhaps I will try a couple other classes before I settle. Who knows. Then I went to church, and I made it about five minutes before I had to leave. I guess they waxed or cleaned the wood on the benches, b/c the smell almost killed me! Last night, Trey washed a load of clothes with bleach. He asked me if I would put them in the dryer, and when I went in there, the smell almost knocked me off my feet. I asked him how much bleach he used, and he said two capfuls. I usually use about a cup full, so that's scary! I'd forgotten how much smells affected me before with TJ.

I went to get some groceries, then came home, and when I was putting them away, I could smell all kinds of yicky things in the kitchen, so I washed the dishes. By then, though, I was just full on sick. Did I mention this sickness thing sucks? Anyway, perhaps my gist here is that if you see me, and I stay far from you, it's not personal, you just smell to me. Just kidding!

We ended up watching Walking Tall today. It was not that good. It also seemed really short, like less than an hour. I'll have to check on that.

Julia, if you're reading this, I hope you're having a great day, and that your back finally feels better. As well, I love your life, and I strive to make mine more like yours.

Marie, if you're reading this, you're bad! You know what I mean. Oh, and you have a good day, too.

Susan, you're my favorite sister (hee hee!). Oh, and you have a good day, too!

Traci, I'm guessing you worked today, so I hope you're getting rested and enjoying your time with your kids. You have a great day, too.

Did I miss anyone? Not sure what that was all about, but I feel like I must address all of those who have directly addressed me at some point on their blogs. I always want to say something, but I never know what to say. As much as I run my mouth, yes, that shocks me as much as it does you!

Okay, you all have a great Monday! I'm going to go see my kid for one more hour and rest up for my week now.
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Saturday, October 16, 2004
Being sick sucks!
I forget, how long does morning sickness last? I'm praying for not longer than two weeks. That sounds manageable. Any longer, and I don't think I can do it. I decided that today would be a day of rest for me, and I would just spend some qt with TJ. I didn't really get up and moving till the evening almost. Unfortunately, my not getting up and around made me feel even more sick. Igh! I have totally forgotten everything from TJ's pregnancy, but I do remember there wasn't much I could do to make it that much better when I was sick. Plus, I'm trying to quit the whole caffiene thing, and it's KILLING ME!

On a positive note, though, Trey's parents came by today on their way home from Charleston. From the minute Gayle walked in the door, TJ turned into a needy, fussy baby. It was scary. We went to the park, and he hit his head on a bar. When he did it with Gayle there, he started crying like crazy. Then, a few minutes later he did the same thing with Trey, and he was like, "Whateva!" Funny, funny stuff. We went and had hamburgers, and lord am I full, still! I ate way too much, but it was so good! If you are ever in Columbia, you really should try Rush's if you want a good hamburger. They are big and greasy, and just plain yummy! They have good milkshakes, too. For that matter, I really like their coleslaw, and I rarely like coleslaw. It was nice to hang out with them.

I'm starting my new Sunday school class tomorrow. Wish me luck! I'm excited and nervous. I'm sure it will be fun. Have to put the kid to bed now and watch our movie, Walking Tall. I'm pretty sure it's going to suck, but oh well. Being sick sucks!
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Friday, October 15, 2004
Oh, what a great day!
Guess what! I had a great day today! First, we had a workday, so there were no students. I have to admit I really didnt' get anything important done, for the most part, but I got a little, so that's cool. I also had my complete schedule changed again, and now I have a new class of Employability English, which adds a ton of new students to my rolls, but oh well. Today I'm in a good mood, so that works for now. Plus, for lunch I got to go to CA Dreaming with Susan (my classroom neighbor), and it was fun. We did our best not to talk about work, and we were pretty much successful. Yippee!

Oh, but then it gets better! TJ went to his Aunt Gina's and Uncle Wesley's and played with Julia and Blake all day. He was very well behaved, or so they said, and he seemed to have had fun. Gina said he was much more comfortable than yesterday, and that's so great! My big boy is really becoming a big boy!

To add to the greatness, we went to the Fair tonight! We took TJ, and unfortunately he is too short to ride anything yet. We walked around though, and we saw guys playing drums on pots and pans and empty water bottles. TJ really liked that. Then we looked at all the rides with lights that were going "round and round and round". TJ really liked that! Trey wanted to buy cotton candy then, but I said he had to wait till we left, b/c that's just way too messy, so we got an elephant ear. Yum! Then TJ played the Pick a Duck game, and he won a little stuffed mouse (when I say little, I'm talking the size of his hand). I'm so happy, though, b/c it's the first thing TJ's ever won. I will keep it forever. Then TJ ran wild around the place, and we walked and looked some more. Oh, and then we rode the Ferris Wheel! There was another couple with a little girl about 3 or 4 in there with us, so both of the moms were having heart attacks (it was the BIG one!). It was cool for a while, while the wheel was going fast. TJ was loving it. Then it slowed down, and he wanted to stand up. Not happening. So he cried the rest of the time. I'll forget that part, though, and only remember when he was saying "Whoa" as we looked out over the city! He played a game where he fished and got a little stuffed fish. He didn't care, b/c by then he was tired and hungry (he didn't much care for the elephant ear...strange child!), and Trey was tired and hungry, and they were both crying, so we left. I really wanted to go and look at all the exhibits and stuff, but I Trey's not into that stuff, and he was ready to go about an hour before we left, so I didn't see the point in asking. Oh well, I'm still happy we went. Trey said it was a waste of money. I say it wasn't that much money (mostly just to get it--that sucked!), and it was worth it for the memories we got. I can't wait until TJ is tall enough to actually ride the rides. Then it will be SUPER fun! Tonight was a perfect fair night, though. It was cold and a Friday, and just right. I love the smells and all the rude people and everything. I did notice that the carnies have changed, though, since the last time I went. They used to be drunks with no teeth that yelled at everyone. Now they are nice and clean and have hearts, and they were all just so sweet to us and really were sweet to TJ. It was so nice, but kinda wierd, if you know what I mean. Is it just me, or aren't carnies supposed to be drunks that scare you? I swear that's why the fair is so cool, b/c it's so scary! Even the roller coasters are nice and metal and they look safe. What's that all about? Does anyone else think one of the great things about going to the fair is the fact that it's so scary?
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Thursday, October 14, 2004
It's a sad state of affairs...
Okay, if there is anyone out there in Columbia who can hire me to be a special ed teacher, please, please, PLEASE call me and hire me!!! I love my students, more than they will ever know, but I don't think I can keep going back there. SCDJJ has gone so low, I don't think they will ever be able to pull themselves out of the hole they've dug for themselves. It's so terrible there! Our principal doesn't know what to do, so instead of dealing with the problems that need to be dealt with, she keeps coming up with stupid ideas to try to catch us not doing our jobs, then drops them after a week or so. However, they are all stupid, stupid, stupid new rules that piss off the students, and then we have to deal with them being angry and the behavior that comes with the anger. Then, two weeks later, she doesn't care anymore, and goes and tells the students, then they come to us telling us we've lied to them. It's such crap! I am desperately trying to figure out how I can get it where I can stay home with my perfect child and soon-to-be perfect child (now just a perfect embryo or fetus or whatever). Any hints, tips?

Overall, though, I've had a pretty good week. I got to have TJ at home all week, and he did great today at Aunt Gina's and Uncle Wesley's. Gotta get him to not call Wesley Uncle Jimmy, but...I had my three year anniversary, that's a cool thing. I found out I'm going to get not just one, but two perfect blessings in my life, and that's super cool! As I sit here and look at goofy TJ stack as much of his dinner on top of his sippy cup as he can, then throw the rest on the floor (yes, I know I should be dealing with that, and I usually do), I just wonder how anyone could not love their child and treat it with anything but their most love ever. This is no child...This is MY child. He came from ME. He is my little piece of clay to shape and mold and add a wonderful person to this world. Who would dare neglect such a great responsibility and risk ruining some sweet, innocent little person's life? This is such a great opportunity. I don't see how someone could not take it as the most important challenge of their life. It happens, though, and I must remind myself that somewhere out there is one child that feels neglected like this, and that my influence in his life may make the difference between a life in prison or a life of complete success.

Okay, I have no idea where that went, but I think I'll just leave it. Sorry if I lost you. I'm lost, too. Oh wow! I get to do it all again! I bet it will be even more fun now that TJ will be here to help me! Yippee!
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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
I love today!
Today has been a great day! We watched a movie today in my classes, and I had no problems. I even had to watch another class during fourth period, and had 14 boys in my room (to me, that's a LOT!), and had no problems. M came to class today (a student I've been having problems with and who has been cutting class most everyday lately), and he was even good (of course, we watched his favorite movie, so that helped!). Then, I got to come home for lunch. That was great. Then after lunch I got stuff done, and I even got off in time to get to my appointment to get on the list for Homebound teaching. That was a nice appointment, and the woman interviewing me was nice. The only thing that sucked was that we found out that getting out of our lease is going to be a pain in the butt. Oh well, we'll get it fixed.

I really don't have anything much to say....OH! Duh! Today is Trey's and my three year anniversary. Yippee! We haven't even killed each other yet. That's always a plus. Trey got me a card, and we celebrated this weekend in the mtns. How nice!

Gotta go to church for dinner now. I bet that will be lots of fun! Have a great day!

Oh yeah, and I got an appt. with a midwife today! Yippee!
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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

These are Rhododendrons....They look so cool! Posted by Hello
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Mmmm, grapefruit...
I love grapefruit. I have half of one for breakfast every morning, and when I don't, I get frustrated. I just had a whole one for a snack. I used to hate grapefruit. Now I love it. If you think you hate grapefruit, try it again. It's such great stuff!

Well, I told all my students today that for a few months I'm going to be grouchy, sick and gaining weight. They are excited for the most part. They bombarded me with all types of questions. I was asked by one student if I was trying, and if I was having more sex to get pregnant. I was told by one student that I should stop having so much sex, then I won't get pregnant! Well, there's no telling what they constitute as sex, but at least I know they've learned enough to know that sex causes babies! Maybe that will make a few of them hold off. Yeah, right! Oh, and we made pumpkin pancakes today at school. You should try it sometime. You just add pumpkin pie mix to pancake batter and cook as usual. It's so good, though, especially with the syrup!

Again, I make my desperate plea to help the little boy and girl I spoke of yesterday. If you have ANYTHING to offer, please let me know, or you can email Rie (just click on her name in yesterday's post) and let her know, as this is her deal, really. Goes to show how braindead I am...I'm trying to think of things to list that a 9 mo. old or 2 yr. old might need, and I'm blank. It's as if I don't have an almost 2 yr. old or a once 9 mo. old. Toys, perhaps? Diapers? I'm totally blank! It wasn't even a long day at work. I hope this isn't a sign of the months to come!

Oh, and does anyone know of an acceptable substitute for caffiene? I didn't drink my coffee today, and I was shaking and had a headache of massive proportions. I finally broke down at lunch and had a Diet Coke, and it helped SO much! I know I'm not supposed to have any at all, though, so I must find something to replace it and keep me even. Any ideas?

Also, if you want, feel free to look at our pics from the mountains this weekend. Nothing much, but kinda fun!
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Monday, October 11, 2004
Okay, it's decidedly so.
So I wasn't feeling well at all today, or yesterday, and it was mostly my stomach that was killing me. I couldn't figure out what could make me feel so icky (except perhaps the Chinese food I had last night!), so I thought there was one possibility. I decided there was only one way to find out, so I went to Eckerd and bought a test. I was feeling bad a while back, and got a test then, which came up negative. So in my mind I would just get the same thing this time. I didn't. I even got the fancy test that had two in the pack and showed the words "Not Pregnant" or "Pregnant" depending on the results. No messing up trying to figure out the colors there! And so it is. It seems that my mother is not happy about it, but what is she ever happy about? Everyone else has said congratulations, but I kinda feel like the timing is just bad. Like everyone's so wrapped up in some type of issue or drama that it hasn't really occurred to anyone what I have said. Oh well. They'll figure it out soon enough. Which leads me to a question for anyone who may be reading this from Columbia...Do you know a good OB/GYN or midwife in Columbia? I was really hoping to find a midwife, but I haven't had any luck. I guess, though, I'll just be happy with any good doctor. Anyone know of anybody?

So I went to counseling today, and found out that my problems stem a lot from how I was raised. She said I need to grieve my past. I can't wait to find out how I can do that, b/c I totally agree that my past has definitely defined my present. I love counseling! It's so refreshing and it gives me such insight! I love Kim!

Oh, and I need some help. I have a friend, Marie, who knows some people who have a 2 year old little boy that was just diagnosed with some sort of cancer and is now permanently in the hospital. The mom is totally out of leave, and can't work b/c she's there w/him 24-7. They also have a 9 month old girl. If there is anyone out there that has some 12 mo. girl clothes, or 2T boy clothes, please let me know, and I will find out a way to get them from you to help them out. They have spent their last dime, and have nothing for their children now. Even if you have something neutral in those size ranges, or even a little bit bigger, that would be perfect! Here's your chance to know for sure that your donation would go to a good family in need. Also, if you know of anything else you might be able to offer, that would rock. You can post back or email me if you can help. Thank you so much!

Have a great day!
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Got a ? for you...
Okay, if anyone knows, how accurate are EPT tests. It says 99% accurate, but why would they say 70% accurate and expect to sell tests? I'm guessing that since my chest is very sensitive lately, especially when TJ bit me the other day, and I'm sick as a dog for no reason, that it may be right. But, before I say anything, I just want to know if anyone thinks it may be wrong...
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Friday, October 08, 2004
I'm having Susan's problem...sorta...
I cried today at work. I had to leave my room and go sit in the bathroom for a while. I was very upset. My boss, the head of special ed., dropped by. She came into my classroom, in front of my students, and proceeded to tell me that I suck at my job, and that if I don't get my act together I'm going to fail ADEPT (which I have to pass to get fully certified to teach), b/c she's in charge of it. I tried to explain to her that my mistakes are happening b/c no one ever sat me down and told me what to do, I have NO time (I have NO planning period, and I have to go home sometime), and everyday something new is thrown at me. The reason she came was b/c of a special review meeting I had last week, which she knew nothing about (and wasn't supposed to), to find out what had happened. I was one day late turning it in, and I had forgotten to move him up a grade when he went to 10th grade (which I did not know I was supposed to do, but seemed logical once she had pointed it out!). She reamed me out in front of my students (thankfully the best students I have, and only two of them), and it was all I could do to not cry right then and there. The worst part, though, is that again (this is not the first time she's done this), she tried to point out that she had small children when she was teaching, too, and that she understands that it's hard. I have NEVER told her, or given the impression that my child has any effect on my work. It makes me very sad to send him away during the week, but the fact is I do, and that gives me more time to devote to my job. I stay late almost every single day, and then I bring work home. She was careful to point out that she's never known a teacher who doesn't bring work home, to which I replied, "I do, too, every night, and on weekends." I am so devoted to doing a good job for her and all these other people who don't care, and are just looking to catch me making a mistake, that I have jeopardized my marriage. Yes, I have never brought home to work, but I bring all of my work problems home, and have neglected my husband and child for them. This is making me cry. This woman has not once ever told me a damn thing about ever doing anything right. She shows up when she's in a rampage mood and tears everyone new assholes, then goes right back to her cozy little office! For some stupid reason I have ruined my life for this place, and for what? So I can get chewed out publicly when I make a mistake. The last time she did this to me she tried to use TJ, too. She said, "Christi, what if this were TJ? How would you feel if you knew that his teacher was not getting all of her paperwork done correctly and on time?" It was all I could do not to punch her right then! Paperwork on time! I would be absolutely thrilled! The thought that my child's education and his welfare came before her getting the paperwork in on time would touch my heart. I would feel her pain, knowing that she was probably way overloaded with paperwork and other crap that they expect special ed. teachers to do, on top of teaching, and I would want to help, not criticize, her. I would love her, knowing that her priorities are in the right place. That making sure my child is getting what he needs first is much more important than making sure the IEP is copied and turned in on time with all of the right numbers and words on it. I hate her. I really do. I will keep praying to God that he helps me to find a new job, soon, so I can be done with that place. I have no problem with the students taking out their anger and whatever else on me, but I will not stand for a mean lady who has personal problems, who's supposed to be leading me to victory, trying to make me feel like a small and stupid person. I will go bankrupt before I continue to go back to a place like that and put up with that kind of treatment. Sadly, it's not just her that makes me feel small. There are so many bad things there.

Do you know what the worst part of it was? I felt so bad for my kids that they had to see that, and that they had to be uncomfortable in my classroom. Then, later in the day, a student who saw me in the hallway right after it happened, came to me and asked me if I was okay. It really upset me that he had to see me like that and that he was worried. I almost cried again, though, b/c it was so sweet that he cared enough to worry about me! I am so blessed!

I'll see you Monday, we're going to the mountains this weekend. Wish us luck, we really want to see the leaves change, or something like that.
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Thursday, October 07, 2004
This site looks kinda cool...
Urban Legends - Urban Legend Archive: A growing collection of thousands of urban legends also known as urban myths or stories.
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Another day to struggle with anger...
Well, I thought the day was going well....I thought. Everything was hunky-dory until lunch time. My usually wild first period class was sweet and did all their work. My fourth period was just as well-behaved as usual, even with M. in there (whom I had moved there to suck in some of the good vibes that class has...b/c he's a TOTAL JERK!). It was all good. Then, after lunch I saw M. in the hall sweeping instead of in his English class. That's not right. But hey, that's not going to ruin my good day! Then sixth period came along. A., who usually never does anything, did his work. Admittedly, it was not right, and poorly done, but he sat down and did it for a change. So I let him play checkers when he finished. He seemed happy.

Everything was going alright...and then they started calling for kids to go. The way it works is that at the end of the day (and before lunch) they call the kids out by their dorms, b/c they can't be in the halls together. Too many fights. So once the first dorm gets called, work officially ends and you have to watch the rest of the kids until they are called. It takes forever. Today, while we were waiting, two boys started arguing about their snack, and how one boy, A. (the one who did his work), was going to take S.'s snack and eat it right in front of his face. It was so stupid! I thought they couldn't be serious, until they started shoving each other. I got them to calm down, along with the help of another student. Then, as I got to the door to get some help, they got up in each other's faces again. The next thing I know, A. (who is much smaller than S.) was flying through the air into a metal computer storage box in my classroom. Ouch! Of course, then the fight commensed. It didn't last long b/c the JCO's that I called down the hall for came running and split them up. It was a little freaky, though. I haven't ever had a fight in my classroom before. The middle schoolers (which these were) do it on a daily basis. I can't wait until I don't have to teach them anymore!

So then, I'm running late for class b/c I had to write them up, and I check my messages. Trey said that the rent check we were promised by his work (which was due Friday) is right there with him in his paycheck he got today. I asked him everyday for a week before it was due if I needed to pay it and then just get the money back. He always said he didn't know. I am too mad about this to go on, and I'm sure you get the point. I have one of those headaches again, though, and it was hard to see straight for a while. I am trying desperately to try to control my new-found anger problem, and can you see how these things do not help? I called Marie, a friend of mine, to try to calm me down before I killed Trey. I thought that was a good move on my part. I swear I don't need this challenge. Does anybody have any ideas to help?
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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
I'm over halfway there...
Okay, we found TJ a costume. He doesn't know it yet, but he will soon be dressing up as Frankenstein. I just hope he goes along and will keep it on. I'm thinking that once he sees that he will get candy for it, he will be cool. I talked to a couple of people today, and they are all telling me to go to the mall for Trick-or-Treating. Anyone ever done that before? It sounds cool, from what they said. I might have to check that out. Seems safer than going door to door. I can't wait!

I also got TJ's baptism invitations. Yippee! So, be looking in your mail soon. I'll try to get them out asap.

Trey came with me to church tonight, and we had dinner there and met lots of cool people. The guy that intrigued and interested me the most was the guy next to me. He is older, I'd say around his forties (no, that's not old, just older than me!), and he looks really cool. He has his ears pierced, even in that little middle part! He does cool stuff with the kids, like teach them how to repel from the ceiling of the fellowship hall (it's got beams on it) and fun stuff like that. I told him if he ever needs help, I'm his man...errr...woman. We met lots of other people, too. I found out the pastor's son is also named TJ, which kinda threw me. We talked to Suzy, the education person, for a while. I even found out about my secret student I signed up to pray for and write to throughout the year. I'm so excited! Trey didn't talk much, but he seemed to have as much fun as I could have hoped for. I think I could even get him to go back w/o having to beg! It was cool! We may even make some friends one day!

I feel like when I first started this page, it was where I was putting all my deep thoughts and questions I ponder. Now I feel like it's more of a diary where I just talke about my day. It's like it's metamorphosized. I don't know which people prefer to read. I do know that I feel like I ask less thought-provoking questions now than I did before. That could be good. I think when I started this I was in a sort of depression and dwelling on such things. Now I feel like I'm in a better place, and not dwelling. Thus, I don't say stuff that's as "deep". For those of you who have read my ranting and raving, what do you think?
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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Tomorrow, tomorrow...
My week is almost half done. Now isn't that a sad thing to think? Or is it a happy thing? I can't tell. I'm excited about tomorrow for a couple of reasons. First, we are having Sports-a-Rama at school, and I get to be there to help out. It's fun. We reward our good students who don't get write-ups and get good grades with a day where they get out of class and get to play games and get mad food. It's cool. I get to do the popcorn machine, which is like one of those old-timey ones you would see on a street or something. Popcorn is SO popular! Nah, I'm sure it's just me, right....or not...

So, I'm also excited about tomorrow b/c Trey and I are going to church to dinner. I'm hoping we can meet some people or something, and maybe begin somewhat of a social life. That would be cool!

Oh, hey, does anybody know where I can find a cool costume for my kid? I've looked at Wal-Mart and Target and K-Mart. I'm gonna check out Toys R Us and maybe Party City, but I can't think of anywhere else. I want something cool that doesn't cost as much as my car payment! Everything out there is so lame, and TJ is way too cool for lameness! Any thoughts?

Oh, and try to help me remember to tell you the funny story about my brother being a porn star...Funny, funny stuff...
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Monday, October 04, 2004
It only gets better from here...
Okay, today was a pretty good day. When I woke up this morning there was this tightness in my chest at the mere anxiety of having to go to work. I really do dread going there. Then, when I got there, it wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. I'll admit, I slacked off somewhat, and that didn't help my situation at all, but at least it was better than I thought. I tried my best to avoid the negative people and their comments. Of course, I couldn't help but to take part a couple of times, but much less than usual. After school we had a faculty meeting, and while it was going on I got called out. I thought I was in trouble, and when I got out of the meeting, I was told that Trey was at the gate waiting to get in! Yippee! He came and surprised me! It was cool and made my day!

After that we went and looked at the apartment that I want to get when we can get out of here. I applied for it and got on the waiting list (yes, that's right, waiting list...must be a nice place). Now my only fear is that they will check our credit and we won't be good enough. It's not at its best right now. So please pray for us, b/c this apt. is terrible, and for TJ's sake, and our sanity's sake, we need to get out of it! Not to mention our safety...I just found out the other day that there have been two gun holdups and two cars stolen here in the last year!

Later, the pastor of my church came over and talked to us about getting TJ baptized. I'm so excited! For those of you who care, TJ will be getting baptized on November 14th, so mark your calendars. I will be sending invitations to those whom I think will want one, but the invite's open to everyone who would like to come. It will be a very special moment.

Well, today was a great day! I also suggest you watch the movie Mean Girls if you want a laugh. It was very telling of high school....well, sorta....but funny for sure! Have you ever noticed how if you try, even just a little bit, your day can be so much better?
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Sunday, October 03, 2004
What 80's Toy are You?
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What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
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Do I look like I'm not even two yet?  Posted by Hello
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I have learned an important lesson...
Okay, so I went to my friend Marie's church today. Her church is Methodist, like the one I go to, but I never realized just how different churches, even in the same denomination, could be. I, personally, didn't care for the service. It was a lot different from the one I usually go to. That's cool, though. Different strokes for different folks. No problem there. However, even though the sermon was VERY long to me, I learned an important lesson from it. He talked about having more faith, and blah blah blah. He also talked about how we are not God, and we should not judge people. He also talked about how we need to find it in ourselves to forgive, even if we have to do it over and over and over again. So, I have decided...I will start by forgiving Jennifer and Todd for all their misgivings. I completely disagree with everything they do. It makes me very sad the way they are ruining their child's (perhaps children's soon) life. I admit, they have not asked me for forgiveness, and they probably don't care either way if I hate them or love them. I do, though, and I have decided to forgive them. As Trey says, I don't know the details of their life, and what they are going through. I will not judge them anymore, and be mad at them. Now don't get me wrong, I am not ready to be around them yet, or spend time with them. I don't want anything to do with them. I just forgive them, and I will no longer worry about them and their lives. I will help their child as much as possible, but past that, they can do whatever they want, and I don't care. So, if you have information about them, please do not make me privy to it. I don't want to know. That should reduce a large amount of stress for me.

So anyway, I had a great day. I went to church, then to Vickery's with my friends Mike and Johnnie. I never realized how much of a gay hang out that place is. It was fun, but our server SUCKED! I liked my crabcake sandwich, although the jalepeno tartar sauce was a little hot (go figure!). I really liked the black beans and rice, though. I just started liking black beans. I used to think they were yucky. Now I get them whenever I can. Strange...Then I got some new clothes. Well, a couple of new shirts. Yippee for me!

Okay, guess that's it. Did you have a fun day? If so, why? If not, why? Wait, my question needs to make you ponder...Let's see...What do you suppose your purpose in life is? Yeah, this has nothing to do with what I wrote, but don't you ever wonder?
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Saturday, October 02, 2004
One step closer to a great life!
I am having a great day, and it's only halfway over! So far, today I woke up and drove to Mimi's (my mom's) house, which is where I am now. When I hit Summerville, I stopped to see my brother and his woman, Kara (sp?). They weren't awake, well, till I got there. I figured TJ needed to see his uncle, though. So then we went to Andrew's soccer game (Julia's son, which you can see on Julia's Page under the links section). It was so cute! Little people running around kicking a ball and lots of cheering! It was cool, too, b/c I got to see Julia's mom and brother, whom I haven't seen for years now. They look so different. It always freaks me out when I see someone change so much. It was nice to get to see them again. I wonder if they think I've changed any? TJ made me run around with him, so I didn't get to see much of the game. It was still cool, though, and Andrew did some awesome moves while we were there. I told him after the game that he would have to teach TJ how to kick a ball so well some day. I can't wait till TJ gets a little older!

Then I came home to Mommy's house, and TJ got to see Mimi and BoBo. He sure loves them! We hung out and then drove to Grandma's house, where she wasn't, and came home. It was cool b/c I got to talk to my mom for a while. Feel like we had a nice conversation and I learned a lot and did some more of that mother-daughter bonding stuff!

Now we're back and I'm just waiting on Trey to get here from work (yes, he's coming to hang out, too!) so we can go out and eat. It should be fun. I like hanging with my peeps. Afterwards I'm going to hang with Marie, while Trey and TJ hang out with my mom and Bo, or whatever they plan to do. I know that this doesn't really have any meaning, or so it seems. However, I just want to show, in comparison to my recent negative feeling posts, that I am having a great day, and I'm in a great mood! I love being with people I love. I'm really glad I got to hang out with Julia and her peeps today. I need to try to do that more. I hope right now she is having a nice time with her mom and brother, and that they are having a memorable moment. I hope they are happy, b/c I'm sure their dad will be happy to be laid to rest in such a special place for him. I hope one day someone thinks of me like that.

Okay, have a great day! A question: What really makes your day?
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Friday, October 01, 2004
Over the river and through the woods...
To Mimi's house we go! Yep, yep, we are off to Mimi's house tomorrow! We were going to leave late tonight, but well, it was just too late. So, we are going to get up early in the morning and head off. Figure we'll get more sleep that way, and that means the world to me!

So, I took today off. Yes, that's not good, but I still get paid. I'm sure I piss some people at work off that have to cover my classes at the last minute, but it was an important day for me. My mental problems have come to a head, and it is time they get fixed. So, I went out this morning, after my neighbor talked my ear off about her car being stolen--Yes! Her car was STOLEN here on the property!--, and got some appointments set up. I got an appt. for TJ at a new pediatrician, Trey and myself dentist appts., and I wanted to get an OB/GYN appt., but I couldn't find one in my travels. However, I had one more goal to get an appt. with a psychologist for some counseling, and I did one step better! I went to a little house that said it had counseling and behavioral medicine on its sign. I just saw it, as if it was waiting there for me to see it. I pulled a u-turn and went inside to see about getting some help. Turns out, a counselor was available right then to see me! Yippee! I got to spend an hour with her telling her all about my current anger issues and why my life is driving me to insanity. She didn't really tell me anything miraculous, as she wants to make me come back for that and pay her again, but just being able to tell her and knowing she was unbiased made me feel so much better. I can't wait to go back on my next appt., even though it costs a FORTUNE (they are rather lower priced than most, but still)! I sure hope it helps!

Then I got to spend some time with my Uncle Harold and Aunt Martha Sue, and they are pretty cool. I don't see them very often, which is bad b/c I live about five minutes from them now, but they are some of my Grandma's coolest relatives. Uncle Harold used to pay me to come to the family reunions so I could hang out with him! They went to Disney World with my grandparents and Jimmy (yeah, I have to call him that now) and me when we were little. It was lots of fun, and his grandson, Scott, and I would fight over who got to sit with him on the rides. He's crazy, and they call him Peanut. It was nice.

Then the highlight of my day...I got TJ! He is just so perfect, and I am forever reminded of that! I miss him so much when he's gone, and I'm SO happy to see him when we get him! He grows about ten years worth every week, though, I swear it! My mom says I shouldn't call him perfect, b/c then he will feel pressured to meet that standard. First off, I want to hold him to high expectations, and I want him to know it, so he will try to meet them. Secondly, I think that if I tell him he's perfect, then he will think that he is, and thus has met my high standards. If I told him he was anything less than perfect, he would feel he wasn't good enough and had to work harder to make me happy (assuming he cared!). What do you think about my calling my kid perfect?

One more question: For those of you that know me, have you ever known me to be a mean and angry person? If so, how so?
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