Sunday, October 12, 2008
A Typical Day
3:00 am-get up to go to work

6:30 (7:30 on Sunday)-get home from work and get milk and "breakfast" ready so Taryn and Cole don't attempt to do it themselves!

7:00 am-go to bed

~9:30-10:30-wake up (depends on if Trey has to work early or not)

10:30ish-get breakfast for me (and the kids if Trey didn't)

11:00-clean up the kitchen/dining room and tidy up living room so I can maneuver through it!

11:30-get TJ's school stuff together (sneak in some email checking, and read a couple blogs while no one's looking)

12:30-clean up from breakfast, sweep and wipe down the table (no, really, it takes a WHOLE half hour to clean up from a meal!)

1:00ish-begin TJ's school work

1:45ish-snack for the kids

2:45-hopefully finish TJ's school work

3:00-make lunch

3:15-attempt, unsuccessfully, to get Cole to take a nap

3:30-try to sit for a couple of minutes, and accept that doing so will include Taryn on one leg and Cole on the other, and usually accompany reading a book to them

4:00-make some attempt at doing some kind of chores, but usually end up playing "persons" with the kids

5:00-assume the kids have finally given up on eating, and clean off the table and sweep the kitchen, again

5:30-think really hard about what we might have for dinner, as cooking is my nemesis

6:00-play with the kids for a bit

6:45-start dinner

7:00-7:30ish-serve dinner

8:00-8:15ish-finish eating and get the kids to clean up the living room and their rooms, bath time sometimes (sometimes Trey gives them one in the morning)

9:00ish-brush teeth and put kids in the bed

9:15-clean up dining room and kitchen from dinner, finish up living room and office

9:45-sometimes attempt to wash dishes, sometimes give up and get on computer or watch tv

10:30ish-Trey gets home (usually), talk to him for a bit, hang out

11:00-take shower

11:30-get ready for bed, chill for a few minutes

12:00 midnight-go to bed

3:00 am-get up for work

and it starts all over again! I'm tired just writing about it!
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Saturday, October 04, 2008
Yep, I think McCain won that one!
1st presidential debate video in 1:30

You may only watch this once you've finished going to the link above and watching that. This is freaking HILARIOUS!
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