Sunday, March 08, 2009
For posterity's sake...
I was talking to Trey yesterday, and I realized that I never really did a good job of filling out the babies' baby books. I told him it upsets me that I don't remember all the little things that TJ did when he was Cole's age, and already my memories of Taryn when she was tiny are withering. It came to mind that this blog helped me keep up with a lot of those memories. Although I didn't start it till after TJ was already almost two, I have put a lot of stuff on here that will help me to keep those memories longer.

I do love the archives! It's like reading about a whole different life when I go back and look at just a year or two ago. Especially now that Trey is no longer employed. The entire time I've known him, he's worked at California Dreaming, and now it's just....over. Oh, btw, even though I doubt anyone's reading this, in case you are and don't already know, Trey got fired from CA Dreaming on Feb. 3rd for "poor job performance". It was the most bogus reasoning EVER for firing him, but it may just have been a blessing in disguise. I'm still waiting to see...

So anyway, I've decided to do my best to try to keep up with this blog better from now on. I don't really care if anyone's reading or not. It's just nice to have it out there and in writing, so I can go back and look at it later, and remember what was going on when.

A quick list of things that have happened of late:

TJ's officially reading now. He's still got some sounds and stuff to figure out, but for all intensive purposes, he's reading. He's also rocking it out on math. His school stuff bores him, so we go ahead most of the time.

Cole's starting to talk, and he's popping out words left and right. He's fighting potty training hard, but I've got him using pull-ups now, and he thinks it's very cool that he can pull his diaper up all by himself (and change it himself, which kinda sucks when he pooped!).

Taryn sings all the time now. She's so cute, and she picks the least likely songs you would expect from her. The other night at dinner, she was like, "Come on Barbie, let's go party...Oh, Oh, Oooohhhhh!" just completely out of the blue. Last night, she sang, "I'll keep you my dirty little secret..." to me. She's also all about makeup now, and when she's got it on she looks SO much older! Very creepy.

Trey is jobless, and in need of stuff to do. Once we finish grouting the kitchen floor, he's going to be w/o a project for a while. Hopefully he will get a job soon! He is very helpful in the dishwashing and clothes washing areas now, though!

He's also taken up going shooting with my parents now. Still don't know how I feel about that, but...

My dad is in the hospital w/hip cancer and pneumonia, and supposed to be very bad off. My older sister and younger brother are going with me tomorrow morning to see him. He's supposedly on his death bed, so this could be a very harrowing visit. I just don't know what to think right now. It's not the first time we've been told his days are numbered, so I kinda feel like I'm in the middle of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" right now.

Anyway, gotta get the kids to bed now. Hopefully I'll be back soon.
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  • At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    nice to see you back. I've missed reading about you and your family. You have a down-to-earth style of writing. Keep it coming!

  • At 6:22 PM, Blogger Julia

    Hooray! Welcome black to blogland. We're supposed to be doing a "painting the deck party" at my mom's house one of these weekends coming up. If Trey is looking for a project, some other people to hang around, and a couple beers, he's welcome to come.