Sunday, September 30, 2007
The troubled one...
I honestly never thought that Taryn of all of my children would be the one that would become known by name at the emergency room. However, it's beginning to look that way.

If you've been reading at all, or know me, which would constitute pretty much all of you (all three, that is), then you already know that Taryn went to the hospital shortly before Cole was born b/c she got into my purse and ate my Lexapro. She had to drink charcoal, no small feat to get into her I might add, and was fine.

Today, she went for another visit. I discovered that she can, in fact, get out of her childlock on her bedroom door. She did today, during naptime, and while I was dead asleep. After, I suppose, having gotten bored smearing poop on her wall again (Yeah, that's another story in itself!), she got hungry. Trey brought home some lunch-size bags of chips last night from work, and she got a bag. She couldn't get it open. So, instead of coming to ask me, like she usually does, she decided to open it herself. She used a pair of scissors the other day to open a tube of yogurt, so I hid them elsewhere, where she couldn't reach them. Thus, she was left with no choice but to use a steak knife.

I was awakened to TJ telling me that Taryn was crying and to go get her (I was OUT). I asked him to check and see what was the matter while I got up, and he came running to me and saying that she had pooped on herself and her finger was bleeding (?). When I got to her, I discovered that the poop was not that at all, and was in fact blood, which she was covered from head to toe in, and naked as a jaybird. She was standing in the living room, where she had gone to try to get a wipe to clean the blood off of her finger, and was squealing, "I bleeding!" I took her to the kitchen, thinking it was a small nick from somewhere, and proceeded to rinse her finger off. When I touched her finger and the skin flipped up, I lost it (in fact, it's making me sick to my stomach now). I tried to put a band-aid on, but it just fell right off, and not only was I in a little bit of a panic, but my legs wouldn't hold me up anymore. I put her on the chair she'd used to get in the drawer, and sat on the floor with a paper towel wrapped around her finger. I called my mom to come over b/c I couldn't even walk to take her and Cole to the car.

When my mom got there she helped clean her up and get the kids in the car, and as she left, Trey got home from work. We sat in the waiting room at the ER for about an hour, and finally they got her back. After a while, they got her finger stitched up. She got five stitches, which I've been told is a lot for her tiny finger, and Trey said she was quite the trooper. I'm so happy she's alright, b/c if you had seen the blood everywhere, you'd have thought she would have bled to death! Amazingly, she was as good as normal, except for the whole finger thing, of course!

Oh, what I found a little funny, and totally wrong, was when I was asking her at first if she'd used the knife to try to open the chips, her response was, "I shoulda used the scissors." Uhhhh.....So, tomorrow I will be purchasing a latch for her door, and fancy little drawer catches for the kitchen. That sucks, too, b/c we've never needed them before. I've drilled with the kids which drawers they can't go into and why, and up to this point it's always worked. Oh well, I'd rather have to suffer for a while when I go to get silverware than have Taryn kill herself.

I also had no idea I am such a woos when it comes to blood. I literally got sick to my stomach and almost puked, and my legs completely gave out. I thought I was tougher. Even in the hospital, when they went to take the bandage off, I had to look away b/c even the thought of seeing her little finger again made me sick. Even now I'm getting sick thinking about it. What is my deal!?

Anyway, I can see already that Taryn is going to be many, many handfuls of "fun" for us all. She is beyond headstrong, and prone to accidents. It's gonna be a long, long life!
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Sunday, September 23, 2007
My BEST Friend...
I think it's really cool that Julia and I are such great friends. In a way, I would hardly expect it. In the past year and some, I've begun to notice just how different we are, and in some pretty vital ways.

Julia, to begin with, is a full-fledged life vegetarian. Sure, that doesn't mean much, b/c we can all be friends w/vegetarians, but she is an extremist in my opinion. She cooks with flaxen seeds, tofu, and all kinds of other strange things which I have neither half heard of or ever eaten. She makes interesting and colorful meals out of foods that I'm pretty sure would never pass through our front door. Her kids actually eat salads and veggies w/o having to hide them under loads of dressing and cheese! She only eats fresh veggies, too, none of the canned stuff. She even uses soy milk instead of regular milk (which I'm sure other non-vegetarians do, but it helps to prove my point). And speaking of cooking, she does. Every night, for the most part. Real meals. She makes sure her husband has dinner ready when he gets home from work.

So, let's move to me now. I am the exact opposite of a vegetarian. I crave hamburgers and steaks. I like the donuts w/beef lard, and jello made with horse bones. I cook with hot dogs, chicken and barbeque sauce (when I do!). I don't use the oven if I can avoid it (Julia does, of course), and if it doesn't cook in a Foreman Grill, it doesn't get cooked. We go fancy with chicken nuggets and mac and cheese (w/green beans straight from a can, of course, we need veggies!). You have heard of everything we eat, and you've probably been warned either not to eat it, or to eat it sparingly. I have taught her kids of the joy and wonder of Pop-Tarts, which they think of as a treat, whereas my kids think of them as a snack! We drink real milk, filled with those nasty hormones, and make sure there's some kind of flavoring mixed in for extra added goodness (read: more sugar). I cook sparingly, and as you saw, it must include my Foreman grill, or we probably won't get any food. We eat real meals when Trey brings them home from work for us. Speaking of Trey getting home from work, there is never a meal waiting for him when he gets here. Both of our hubbies love us, though, so that's good.

Then there's the raising kids thing. She is pretty protective of her kids. Not crazy about it or anything, but when they cry, she responds. Now that they're older, she's slacked off a little, but when they were little, whoo! I, on the other hand, am not. If it's not the "I've fallen from a ten story building and my whole entire body is broken" cry, I tend to ignore it until it's at least been going on for a few minutes. Julia runs to check immediately (my kids, even!). My kids are monkeys, and tend to fly off of anything and everything, and are just just broken bones waiting to happen. Her kids are sedate and sweet, never thinking of jumping on or off of things. I'm sure she didn't condone that when they were little. TJ likes to wrestle, too. He wrestles with Andrew whenever possible. She doesn't like it. Trey taught TJ. Her kids are only allowed to watch tv and play video games a certain amount of time each day. My tv is ALWAYS on, as background noise, and the kids have tv's in their rooms, complete w/DVD players and cable. Julia doesn't even have cable. She lets her kids make their own decisions about a lot of stuff. I tend to make them for my kids, and pull the "I'm the momma and that's that," card. I'm very sure that when I start homeschooling my own children, we will use very different approaches. What we do have in common, though, is our total and complete love for our children, and our need to do what's absolutely best for them at all times.

When it comes to politics and all that stuff you don't speak of in mixed company, Julia and I are vastly different. I think we're both on the Republican side, although I tend to be more Libertarian. I don't know about her. I do know that we were raised in drastically different homes, and those differences really show in our beliefs and thoughts about the world. Julia is way more open-minded than I am. I don't hate people, but I don't like a lot of them. I tend to stereotype certain groups (although I'm open to believing there are exceptions to said stereotypes), while Julia takes everyone at face value. We both believe in God, but I'm much more laid back. Actually, I think that she is not sure yet how she feels...but I have a pretty set belief system there. There's plenty more, but that's all I can think of right now.

Anyway, I think it's funny that two such different people are such good friends. You would think that we would spend our time arguing and bickering about everything. Not the case, though. Sure, I'm sure that Julia thinks I'm a fruit loop about a lot of stuff I do, and I think she's whacked at times. Sometimes I tell her, sometimes she tells me. I never get mad, though. I just can't be mad at her, there's no reason to. Of all the people I've ever known in the world, I've never wanted to do something that will spite or intentionally upset Julia (trust me, I have wanted to piss off other people, though!). I know that when she says something, she's being honest for my own good. What's great, though, is that she does it in a way that she doesn't hurt my feelings in the process, so I know she'd rather not say it if it didn't need to be said. When we talk on the phone, I'm always instantly cheered up, and in person it's even better. Even when we don't do anything but sit around and chat, I have fun with her. We can be polar opposites and still get along. I think it's great. How many people can say that they disagree with a lot of stuff their best friend believes, and yet still never fight and get along so well? I am truly a lucky gal.

Oh, and by the way, Julia's birthday was this past Friday, which I forgot to mention. She's the big ol' 29 now. She's so old!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007
I have become addicted to craigslist. Do you know what craigslist is? If you are in or near a large city of any type, there is one for you. It's fantastic. It's a local website where you can post stuff that you are trying to get rid of, and other people email you and tell you they want to buy it from you. Then you set up a time to meet, and viola! No shipping, no waiting, and great deals. It is kinda frustrating sometimes, though, b/c if you want something that a lot of people want, chances are you might not be the first to email them, and it will be gone before you get to it. However, new stuff is put on all the time, so it's likely you can find another one. Plus, you can put wanted posts on there, and a lot of times people will hook you up. They also have places where you can advertise services, such as babysitting and pet care, etc. They have jobs, too, and singles ads, or whatever they're called. I know there's more stuff on there, but that's all I remember seeing.

So far, on craigslist I have purchased the following:
a desk-$50, decent condition
a free desk-FREE
a carseat-$100, I think, a Britax worth $270, in great condition
a couch-$30, an AWESOME deal! It's almost new
a two door cabinet-$15, cheap, but serves the storage purpose I need
a vanity-$20, they sell on eBay for that plus shipping, at the minimum
toys for Cole-$5, she had them when I got the vanity

I think there's more, but that's all I can come up with right now. I tell you, I'm addicted! I check it every chance I get. Right now I'm in the market for a mini-fridge for Butch's room. They have them on there all the time, but I'm waiting for someone who's really just trying to get rid of it, and has a kick-ass deal. I also keep my eyes open for cool kids games for the computer and TJ's Nintendo 64, and Trey's Playstation 2. I think that when it comes time to replace my cell phone, I will look on there before going to the store. All the time people are changing phones or their provider, and they will have phones that work with Alltel that are barely used for next to nothing. I've seen people that just don't want to box stuff up to return it, so they'll sell new stuff for a fraction of the cost. I had a vacuum cleaner picked out, but Trey's too much of a snob to use a used vacuum, so I had to pass. I was going to get Butch a tv there, but his mom didn't want to go that route (her loss), and ended up paying wayyyy more for his tv than I would have for the same or better. Some people get deployed and sell everything in their house for nothing. They advertise garage sales. There was a woman posting on there the last few days who had just bought all this really nice Pier One furniture, but then decided to redecorate (must be nice!), so she was selling it for really cheap. It's just great, I tell ya! Oh, and I sold a carseat on there, too, and plan to put more stuff on pretty soon. When I'm done here, I'm on my way over there!

In other news, I found out yesterday I'm not even good enough to sell my plasma! I went to try, as it's always been some kind of nerdy dream for me, much like having glasses or braces is when you're a kid (and don't have them). I spent an hour and a half there waiting to start before they came to do a vein test and said I don't have a vein in my right arm (???-yet it hasn't fallen off!), and in my left there were three that came together at the spot, so it was too dangerous. I feel pretty crappy that crack heads and prostitutes can easily go and sell their plasma, and I can't even hang with them. I'm such a loser.

In more national news, I have a theory about OJ. I feel like he feels guilty for killing Nicole Brown Simpson and getting away with it. He doesn't want to go back and admit it now, that would look way too bad. Soooo, instead he decided to commit a crime of a different nature and get caught. That way, he could be found guilty and serve time and feel better, like he was serving it for the murder. I'm sure I'm 100% wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's what he was thinking.

In local news again, Taryn is half trying to learn how to use the potty. She's weird, as usual, though, and gets the pooping in the potty just fine. She doesn't get the peeing thing at all, and has yet to pee in the toilet. My theory is that since she can't see it in the toilet, she has no idea what it means. She calls pooping "I have go pee-pee", so I'm pretty sure she thinks that's what it is. I wouldn't mind so much if it didn't leave me having to clean up puddles of pee all the time. The plus: she seems to prefer going into the dining room to do it, so at least it's on the linoleum as opposed to the carpet!

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. I hope you're having a great week, and I'll see you soon!
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Sunday, September 16, 2007
I knew it!
I just did this survey to see which presidential candidate you agree with most and who you should probably vote for. Yep, you got it, I matched most with Ron Paul! How great is that!? If you have a sec, go check it out (it only takes a few minutes):

So anyway, did I happen to mention to you that my kitten had a kitten? One day, Trey went out back to take out the trash, and there she was with a tiny little kitten. We weren't sure if it was hers, b/c there was only one, she never even looked like she ate, much less pregnant, and she happens to be quite a little hunter. As much as I didn't want to think it, I thought that maybe she had stolen the baby from some other cat. I hadn't even gotten around to having her spayed yet, b/c I didn't think she was even old enough to go into heat yet! Needless to say, she's been nursing it and taking care of it, so I'm pretty sure it's hers. She's even given up her wild prowling ways, and spends most of her time on the porch taking care of her little one. It's so cute! The other day, Julia and kids came over, and they asked me if we'd named it yet. I told them no, as we're not even sure what it is yet. Taryn said something about a cookie (which I don't think had anything to do with the cat, but...), so I said that could be its name. Andrew, instead, mentioned Oreo, which I happen to think is an absolutely perfect name! Oreo just started walking, and w/its fat little belly, it's so cute!

This kitten looks just like its daddy, who suddenly doesn't come around here anymore. I did use to see him hanging around with Tippy, but I always just thought he was a girl, and that they were just best buds. I guess assuming cats are like people was maybe stupid on my part! Or, perhaps my cat just happens to be a whore. Well, no, b/c that's the only other cat I ever saw her she just got played. What a jerk he is! Why, if I ever get my hands on him!!!

I know I'm putting a lot on here, but I have to show you the adorable little wings Cole has on his head now! They're so silly looking they're cute! The poor boy needs a haircut, as he has a do that I wouldn't even like to see on an old woman, but I just can't bear it. He's too little! I try to tuck them behind his ears, but they just pop right back out. I keep dressing him in all blue so no one will mistake him for a girl!

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Thursday, September 13, 2007
I'm famous!!!
Okay, so not really, but I am flattered and thrilled. Trey got a copy of the Charleston City Paper, and I'm quoted in it! Not only am I referenced in the article (about the passing of 96 Wave), but it's written by one of my local idols, The Southern Avenger. I am so excited! Go check it out:

I sure do miss 96 Wave.


Have a great day. I'll see you soon!
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Sunday, September 09, 2007
My vote goes to...


I will be voting for him in the next presidential election, whether he's on the ticket or not. Everything I've seen and heard about him just tells me he is the man we need to be our next president. He is a Constitutionalist, and he is not afraid to fight for what he believes in and not what the group is doing. He is not your typical Republican by any means. I seriously think you should find out more about him if you don't already know, and work to make him our next president.

Here's some more about him for your viewing pleasure. Definitely check out his issues page:
Brief Overview of Congressman Paul’s Record:

He has never voted to raise taxes.
He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
He has never taken a government-paid junket.
He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

He voted against the Patriot Act.
He voted against regulating the Internet.
He voted against the Iraq war.

He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

Congressman Paul introduces numerous pieces of substantive legislation each year, probably more than any single member of Congress.
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Thursday, September 06, 2007
I ain't got the stamina...
I decided that today I would teach TJ how to play tennis. Well, I mean we would hit the ball around and I'd try to teach him how to hold the racket, that kinda stuff. So we hit up Wal-Mart yesterday and I got TJ and Taryn their own kiddie-sized tennis rackets. TJ got Spongebob and Taryn got Dora. They were both very excited. TJ, of course, made it perfectly clear to me that he already knew how to play tennis, "You just hit the ball, Mommy." Ummm, okay...

So we got Julia and her bunch to come out with us, and we headed down to the courts. Naturally, I had no expectation for Taryn to actually do anything but swing her racket around and play. I was right. It was really hot out, and I didn't want Cole to walk on the court in bare feet, so I put his new tennis shoes on him.

I need to take an aside here for a second...Cole is now wearing a size 5 shoes. A
SIZE 5!!! TJ and Taryn both were barely outgrowing their size 3's by this time,
and my tiniest baby is in a size 5! That boy's got some HUGE feet!

So anyway, he didn't quite get the whole walking in shoes thing, as his feet now weighed much, much more than usual. He pretty much fell down and crawled the whole time, which defeated the purpose of the shoes! He was fine for a while, playing with Alison (who had zero interest in playing tennis after about two minutes) and cutting his arm on the inside of the ball can.

Then there was TJ. Now, remember, he already knew how to play, so I couldn't teach him anything new. At first, I tried to show him how to hold the racket the right way and how to swing, so he could hit the ball (did I mention I've been to about three tennis camps, so I should at least know that!). It was a no go. He knew already, and his way was much easier for him. So I gave up on that fight for now, and just hit the ball to him for a while. A few times he did good and actually hit it. I think once we actually hit it back and forth once or twice (we were off to the side of the net, not hitting it over). I was impressed. Then there were the times he didn't hit the ball. Being that TJ knows everything, it was totally not his fault. There were a few times that I didn't hit it hard enough. Then there were the times I hit it too hard. A few times I was too far back. Oh, and several times I was too close. Once or twice I hit it too high. Some of the times I hit it too low. Once I didn't even hit it TO him! (Okay, I really didn't, but isn't the point to run and try to hit it anyway?'re right, I digress...) I was severely reprimanded for about half an hour by my very genius-like son. I won't say I was necessarily sad that it was too hot for Cole to crawl around, and Taryn had lost interest long ago, and thus we opted to leave and go to the playground next door.

I won't give up, though. We will play again, and I will get something through to TJ. I think if maybe I can go just with him, or something along those lines, maybe it'll work. It will also help if it's not three thousand degrees outside, and he hasn't just gotten up (he is no morning person at all!). Dammit, I WILL get my money's worth out of those rackets!

The bright side of this morning's foray: We all took FANTASTIC naps when we got home! We were spent! I even overslept for work b/c I was so asleep I didn't hear when they called to tell me the papers were there! I love activities that wear the kids out! Julia and kids, on the other hand, are CRAZY, and somehow found the stamina to go swimming after they left! Nuts, NUTS I tell ya!
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Tuesday, September 04, 2007
I'm just gonna show you my mens...They got cool hair cuts last week. Trey's is "punk", but not TJ's, it's "rock and roll". Please don't get them confused, b/c TJ does not appreciate being told his hair cut is "punk".

Do you see Trey's cat ears? Ha ha! He really does look cool. It kinda turns me on. Had I known all these years he would look that cool w/that haircut, he'd have had it a LONG time ago!

Oh, and here's my not-so-straight-and-even attempt to fix Taryn's bangs. She had a "spa day" w/Alison last week. She got her nails done, took a bath, got make-up, and got a new "do" from Alison. Ain't she just sweet!
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