Wednesday, August 31, 2005
It's almost here!
Yes, yes, yet again, TotTrade is almost here! I have been working my butt off (so much so that my back is killing me from bending over!) to get my stuff ready to sell. I'm having to split all my stuff up b/t three different consignor numbers b/c there are limits on everything. I am really mad, too. Last night, at about midnight, when I was not quite done, but close, I went back to check something on the website, and found out that there is not a limit of 15 0-2T clothes, it's a 15 item limit per gender, per size! So, now, technically I could go back and sell more. I don't know if I'm up to the challenge, though. We'll see how today goes. Tomorrow is the drop-off, so who knows! I am excited, though! I don't have nearly as much to buy this time, but I do have a few things in mind that I'd like to get, and I get to shop the early Pre-Sale on Sat. b/c I volunteered for 8 hours! Yippee!

Oh, I got bored of playing cars with TJ yesterday, so I convinced him to let me do his hair. Check it out, my boy the rock star:

So, Taryn is convinced that she wants to suck her thumb. However, she can't seem to find it very well. Half the time she just takes whatever finger(s) she can get into her mouth!

Oh, and here are a couple of pics from last week when we were hanging out with Julia and kids. Andrew and TJ had way too much fun together, hence the butt shot!

Have a great day! I'll see you soon!
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Monday, August 29, 2005
Did you ever notice...
Okay, like on the days that my kids are driving me absolutely nuts, the exact same thing will be happening to some other mom I read about thousands of miles away. Or, when I'm feeling blah about blogging, someone will tell me they're just not into it right now. Or, when my kids are doing something they've never done before, suddenly someone else's kid is doing the same thing. I think it's kinda cool. I mean, it tells you that, although the world is a HUGE place, we're really not all that different. I have the same problems as someone in China, and someone in Canada is feeling the same way as I am at any given moment. I think that's what I like about blogging. I may not know anyone in my own town that is experiencing what I am, but surely someone, somewhere, is. That helps a lot in many ways. Not only do I get the comfort of knowing I'm not alone, but I also can get advice from those currently in any given situation, or those who have been through it and learned how to handle it best. How neat is that! I just think it's funny that on the exact days that my kids are being real brats, I can bet money that someone else has written the same thing! I'm beginning to wonder if it's the weather, the moon, or what?!

Alrighty, you have a great day, and I'll see you soon!
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Saturday, August 27, 2005
My new favorite song!
Yesterday on the drive home, I was singing with TJ, and I blurted out "Jimmy crack corn, and I don't care..." Then I realized I don't know the rest of the song, so I moved onto another song. A few minutes later, I heard TJ in the back seat singing, "Mmmmmy mmmm mmmm, and I don't care" over and over again. I thought it was cute. Then, a few minutes after that, I heard this:

If you're happy and you know it, I don't care! If you're happy and you know it, I don't care!
If you're happy and you know it, then your life will surely show it. If you're happy and you
know it, I don't care!

I laughed till I cried, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought this might have to be the theme song for our family. I love that song! Yeah, wrong as it is, I just can't help it!

On the plus side, what a smart kid!
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Thursday, August 25, 2005
I am pooped!
Wow, today was busy! I found out about the coolest place for kids today! We went to a place called the House of Bounce with my friend Ashley, her fiance' Will, and their baby Leah, and had a blast! It's this big warehouse where they have a whole bunch of bounce castles, and you pay five bucks to go in and jump around until you are ready to pass out (which was about five minutes for me!). It was so much fun! I didn't realize how hard it is to jump on those things, but it really was fun! There was one where there were big blown up poles that would bonk you on the head everytime you jumped! There were obstacle courses and big slides and rooms to jump in and everything! I was exhausted after jumping for about 20 minutes, but I struggled on and we stayed there for about an hour and a half to two hours. TJ had such a great time! So did Leah. So did Trey, Will, Ashley and I. When we left we were all ready to pass out. I definitely want to do that again. What was even better was that you only pay for the kids to get in. So it only cost us five bucks, and we all three got to play! (Taryn went, too, and she also enjoyed watching us jump!) The highlight for me was when Leah and I raced TJ and Trey through this obstacle course. TJ and Trey had already finished, and we were still climbing up the ladder to the slide. The whole way up, Leah was like, "I'm gonna win!" It was so cute!

Oh, and later today I went for a walk with TJ. This was a kinda big thing, b/c since my mom moved to this neighborhood I've been going crazy wondering about a certain house. When I was in high school, I used to hang out with a lot of people in this neighborhood (not where I went to school), and on the street my mom's house is off of lived a guy named Cameron that I hung out with a lot. He was zany and fun, and I always missed him and wondered what happened to him. So, I drive by this house pretty much everytime I go anywhere, and I always wonder if his parents still live there. Today I got up the guts finally, and knocked at their door. It just so happens that they do in fact still live there! I talked to them for a while, mostly his mom, and found out that he lives right down the street from here, and is doing well. I heard all about his nephews, which are almost the exact same ages as my kids (2 1/2 yrs. and 4 mos.), and saw a picture of him. I gave his mom my number, which she vowed to give him. I'm really hoping he will call me. I want to see him again and say hi. He is a really cool guy, and it would be so much fun just to get to hang out with him again sometime. Let's hope I hear from him!

Oh, and last night I went out with Julia to see
Big Head Todd and the Monsters. I loved the opening band, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, they were quite entertaining. I thought the bass player was cute, while Julia preferred the singer. However, once she saw the bass player dance like a moron, she quickly saw the goofy charm I found so irresistable in him. BHTM was alright. The music was kinda soft rock, which is really not my style, and it just took me back, which is understandable since they were most popular over a decade ago! If you've ever heard the song "Bittersweet", that's them. I will say, though, that Todd really does have a big head! I was really glad that Julia won the tickets, b/c we ended up leaving early b/c she didn't feel well, and we found out they cost $25! That's insane! When we got back here, Julia, Trey and I hung out for a while, then snuck a swim in my mom's pool. That was fun! I won't tell you what Trey and I did the whole time we were in the pool (don't get dirty-minded), but I will say that I know Julia is a true friend now that she stayed around! Finally, sometime around 3:30 am or so, I climbed into bed. I'm going to bed early tonight!

One more thing...Watch Pax TV, or now it's called i network, I believe, on Sunday at 8:00 pm. There's a new show called Palmetto Pointe, and it's a drama about Charleston, kinda like The OC. Ashley's fiance' (see above), Will, worked on it, and he says it's gonna be good. Yaaa! Charleston got a show!

Okay, have a great day and I'll see you soon!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
I can think of no greater love
Okay, on with my rant from the other day, sorta...

So I read Echo's post today, and Kristin's as well. Both of them were talking about how in love they are with their babies. I can't agree more with them. The other day, when I actually began my post, it was meant to be about how much in love with my babies I am right now. Somehow it turned into something about how my life has changed...which pretty much is directly related to my overwhelming love!

Echo has two babies, one three and one that's almost two. I have hung out with her a couple of times now, and what really excited me was that she is as in love with her little ones as I am with mine. While we were out eating the other day, Jaiden said, "I taste Coke!" when she took a sip of Echo's drink. It was so cute! Echo was so excited, and she so hoped I had heard it, too. I love that! I think TJ is so cute, and that he says and does the most adorable stuff all the time. I want everyone to hear and see it, and they better think it's as funny or precious as I do! I'm quite sure that everytime he says something, everyone I know hears about it, sometimes many times. For instance, yesterday, TJ answered my mom's phone when it rang, and thankfully it was Julia calling. He was like, "Hello? Hello?" I heard someone saying something (I was on my cell phone, and couldn't get there in time), and then CLICK! Okay, yeah, it was probably not the coolest thing, but I thought it was so cute! So once I'd talked to Julia and found out he hadn't hung up on some life threatening news (or my mom!), I immediately called my mom to tell her all about it! I keep my phone with me at all times, I believe, just so I can make sure to call someone right away to tell them all about what wonders TJ lets me witness! As much as the boy drives me nuts day in and day out, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!...", I can not get enough of him! My favorite moments with him are tied. One is early in the morning, when I wake up and roll over and he's there (yes, he climbs into our bed in the middle of the night every night, and maybe it's wrong, but I don't care!). I absolutely LOVE to put my arm around his tiny little body and snuggle with his sleeping little self! He'll cuddle all up on me, and it's just so sweet! It makes my insides go all gooey! The other one is at random times during the day. He'll come up to me out of the blue and give me a hug, and say, "I love you. Gimme a kiss." Again, I turn to pudding (yes, chocolate, of course!). I love him more than life itself. I truly thought I could love no one more than that little man...

And then came Taryn. Oh my goodness! I worried throughout my whole pregnancy about not loving her enough. I mean, TJ has been the center of my world for over two years now. Surely no one else would be able to just walk into that. I figured it would take time, maybe a few months, to get to know her, and that I would have to learn to love her as much as TJ. I was so wrong! That child came out, and all of that fear was thrown to the curb! She is absolutely PERFECT! As perfect as TJ! I can't get enough of her! Today, I went to Julia's house for a little while, and only took TJ. Taryn stayed behind at my mom's house. When I got home, she was asleep, and I instantly felt my heart drop. I wanted so bad to just pick her up and love all over her and talk to her and just hold her all snuggly up on me! She's got the most gorgeous smile, with the cutest little dimples (from where, I have no idea!). We have the best conversations about nothing! She so openly loves and adores me, and it makes me get a little teary when she gets so excited to see me! My favorite moments with her are early in the morning, when no one else is awake yet (including me!), and she greets me with the biggest smile! Then I go to feed her, and she can't manage to finish the bottle for an hour b/c she's too busy trying to smile at me around the nipple! As much as I don't want to be awake, I'm just as excited to see her as she is me! Another one is when we are lying on the floor and having our "talks". She absolutely loves talking to me! I'll come up and go "Ahhhhh," and she'll coo and ahh back to me! She's already even learned about how conversations involve back and forth banter, and how we have to wait till the other person's done talking first! I didn't think there could have been a baby as good and sweet as TJ was, and man was I wrong! I daresay Taryn is even better! God must truly love me to have blessed me the way He has!

I loved what Kristen said on her first post back from the hospital. She said, "I comprehended that my life would change in the same way a teenager understands that he will get old some day, or a child understands that she'll be an adult some day." No words that I have ever heard can explain the miracle of having a child better than those. That's what I love the most about Kristen is her explicitly poetic use of the English language, and how she can make one simple comment and make it mean so much. Her new child, Nolan Robert, is so lucky to have a wonderful mom like her! Anyway, back to my point...She is so right! I remember being pregnant with TJ. I was eager, and I knew that I would love him. I couldn't wait to meet him. I knew that my life would change, in that I would have to lose sleep and change diapers and the like. Never in my wildest dreams could I ever have known that a little person could pull at my heartstrings the way he did! I feel deep loving pains in my chest all the time that just come from nowhere, and make my whole body shiver. It's the greatest thing in the world! I never thought that I could care more for someone else than I do myself, but I would rather die than let any little thing happen to my children. I never knew what was about to hit me! Then, during my pregnancy with Taryn, I was sure nothing new would come. Again, I got hit in the head with a ton of bricks! It's strange, I love her in a different way, yet I love her the same. I love her just as much as I do TJ (where does it all come from!?). I just can't get over it. I truly understand now why people have multiple children, despite all of the hurdles that must be faced. Who could pass up that incredible love that you get to feel not once, but twice, three times, over and over again?

I have been given a charge, to make sure that these children are raised to the best of my ability. I have to say it's the hardest job I've ever had, and definitely the most stressful. It's a career I can't imagine not having, and one that I will put my every ounce of being into!

While I'm on it, congrats to Kristen on your new little miracle, Nolan Robert. He is gorgeous! Thanks for renewing the excitement for me!

I'm out! I hope you have a fantastic day, and I'll talk to you later!
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Monday, August 22, 2005
It's just more than I could have ever imagined
I'll never understand it. I remember when I was in high school, I thought of children as viruses. I never wanted any, and I wanted to be a "career woman". I didn't want to get married, just date a lot, and I wanted to move far away from home, preferrably to California or something. I wrote a persuasive essay for my English class on why I was agnostic. Boy, am I a different person now!

Now, you see my life and wonder what happened to that girl. I am married, to a wonderful man whom I wouldn't give up for the world. I have two PERFECT children that I thank God everyday for, and I'm not against having another one (although I'm alone in that feeling...). I've moved as far away as Lancaster (2 1/2 hours from home), and now live in Columbia, an hour and a half away from home. All I want is to be able to go back home and be near my mom and all my friends from high school. My career is now raising my children (which, to me, makes me a total "career woman", but probably not what you would think if you heard the phrase), and have no want to go back to an official job where I actually earn pay. One of my favorite parts of the week is going to church, where I feel totally fulfilled and start my week of great, and the best part of my life is the fact that I've found God and love Him. Who am I? Where did that girl from 11 years ago go?

I still feel like her (well, my body's much bigger, but...). I have the same strange personality and warped sense of humor. If you saw a picture of me, you would recognize her as me as a younger person. What happened?

I remember that all I could think about when I was sixteen was moving out and being a grown-up. I even had a friend who was 19 or so that I asked to marry me so I could move out and live with him! It was all I wanted to do was to be a grown-up and take care of myself. Boy, if I had only known! I don't think I would have ever left the house, for fear that my mom would make me move out! I do miss the old days, where I ran from here to there, had my fun, and the biggest stress in my life was making sure I had my homework done for Math class! I had a TON of friends, that I considered so important. Now, I'm down to just a few special friends that I want to keep for life, and feel like I probably will. So different.

When I met Trey, I was so deluded. I didn't believe there was a thing such as love, and I knew I was never going to find someone that I could spend my life with. Then, there in the bar on my 21st birthday, while in a drunken stupor, I was proven wrong. I saw him, and as drunk as I was, it was love at first sight! I felt it, and it must have been true, b/c it's still true to this day. He must have felt something, too, since I practically molested him the first night I met him, and I'm sure our adventure together was the strangest time he'd ever had (long story). Yet, he took me to the movies with him and his friend the next night, and we talked the ENTIRE night, until seven the next morning. Admittedly, we can't manage to find that much to talk about for that long anymore, but I still love to hear anything he has to tell me, and ask him everyday about how his day went b/c I am honestly interested to hear. Sometimes I even get mad when he doesn't tell me anything! I foresee many, many more years of my asking him how his day went (although he says he plans to cheat on my on our fifth wedding anniversary!).

Oh, and the kids. The kids. I was so resolute that I was not going there. Now look at me! They are the center of my world, my being. God has blessed me with the most precious wonderful small people that ever walked the earth! I can think of nothing better than to wake up and see their smiling faces every single morning, even though I hate waking up, and spend countless hours learning about the wonders of life from them. As challenging as it is to keep up with the two of them everyday, I could think of nothing better than to have more, b/c they are so funny, cute, interesting, fascinating, everything! How lucky I am!

I wish I had figured it out sooner, but I'm actually quite glad that it took almost losing my mind (literally) over my house and situation for me to find God. I mean, I think it's brought me that much closer, and shown me just how important He really is in my life. Not to mention, it's made His everyday miracles seem so much larger to me, and so much more noticeable. So cool!

Even here, in my much older age, I've discovered the greatness of family. I'll admit, all of my family members do something that gets on my everlasting nerves, and surely I complain too much about it. However, they are all so wonderful, and I've come to realize just how blessed I am to have so many people that love me like they do. It's the same with my friends. The friends I have, I have had forever it seems, and they are people I can call true friends, and people that I know honestly and truly care about me and that I can trust to be there for me. It's awesome!

I don't remember being upset or depressed or melancholy in high school. I remember being a happy and fun girl. Man, I can't imagine how I was, though! I mean, look at me now. Sure, we have our share of holes to climb out of now, but I can honestly say that I have never been happier in my life (sure, it takes some drugs to get there,'s genuine, I swear!). How on earth could I have been a happy person back then, when I was the exact opposite of who I am now? It surely gives me a new view of teenagers, and I kinda watch them and laugh now, knowing that just a few years from now how much different they'll be! I was happy then, I'm even happier now. Gosh, just imagine how much I'll change in the next ten years...and how much happier I'll be! I can't wait!

I hope you have a magnificent day, and I'll talk to you later!
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Sunday, August 21, 2005
What Harry Potter Character am I?
You scored as Albus Dumbledore. Strong and powerful you admirably defend your world and your charges against those who would seek to harm them. However sometimes you can fail to do what you must because you care too much to cause suffering.

Albus Dumbledore


Hermione Granger


Sirius Black


Ron Weasley


Ginny Weasley


Harry Potter


Remus Lupin


Severus Snape


Draco Malfoy


Lord Voldemort


Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
created with
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So I hear...

that sometimes celebrities Google their names to see what's out there about them. Or, sometimes their publicists or whomever do. So, I would like for them to come to my blog, and see my utmost love shining through. Then, perhaps they will grace me with a comment, which will spiral into a visit, which will spiral into hiring me to be a personal assistant, which will make me rich and I can hang out with famous people. Here goes:

Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp...I LOVE YOU!!! You are so hot, and one of the best actors in the world! I think your out-there style and attitude is so attractive!

Timothy Olyphant, Timothy Olyphant, Timothy Olyphant...I LOVE YOU!!! You have the sexiest eyes, ever, and you are such a deep actor. You epitomize manly man to me, even when you were playing a gay guy!

Pete Loeffler, Pete Loeffler, Pete Loeffler...I LOVE YOU!!! Not only is your music totally kick-ass, but your voice is totally sexy and rockin'!!! Ahhh, Pete!

Jason Lee, Jason Lee, Jason Lee...I so can't wait to see your new show! You are so sweet, yet you have a total bad side, too. I love to watch you freak out in movies, which you are the BEST at!

Yes, yes, now I wait. I'm quite sure they will be coming at any moment now. Then I will be rich, rich, RICH!!! I can feel it already. So, superstars I love, Google away! I'm waiting for you!
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Thursday, August 18, 2005
Went to the doctor,...
and the doctor said, "Feed them children some shortenin' bread!" Well, her exact words were, "I see why you need this medicine." Yes, sadly, my doctor saw my children at their very worst today, and yet, it worked for me. I was going in for my one month check-up on my Lexapro, and Trey had a meeting, so I had to take both chillin'. I'm sure that everything would have been alright, and I had timed it as such that I didn't expect to have any problems with diapers or feeding, except that instead of getting me in and out, they left me in the exam room for 45 minutes! Yeah, you try sticking a rambunctious two year old and a suddenly hungry newborn in a tiny little room full of drawers and fun doctor stuff...well, you know what ensued. As she entered the room, she said, "Oh, I heard the baby crying..." Uhh, yeah, of course you did! She's not happy being in here anymore than I am! TJ was doing well until she came in there, and once he realized that I wasn't paying him any attention, he immediately began to fiddle with things and took a hand mirror and started to beat it against the counter. Then he started to jump off of the furniture! Meanwhile, Taryn's screams got louder and louder, and no amount of rocking, shooshing, or dancing like a complete idiot would stop her. Mind you, during this time, I was trying to tell the midwife how I've been feeling lately, which is not so great still, and that I don't think my anti-depressants are working very well. She's inquiring deeper, while I'm yelling, "TJ, SIT DOWN!" and simultaneously hushing, "Shhhh, shhhh, shhhh...." Yeah, so anyway, after a few minutes, and after she had told TJ a couple of times to calm down, she relented (yeah, right--she was begging me to take the prescription!). She said she completely understood why I was having trouble! Mind you, my children are NEVER that bad in public (at least not at the same time!), and I don't think I'm as bad off as I looked at that moment. However, it worked, and I got my dosage doubled! What REALLY irked me, though, is that right when the midwife walked out of the room, Taryn proceeded to stop crying and sighed a little sigh that sounded like, "Oh, alright. I'll wait then." WHAT THE! TJ even started listening to me all of a sudden! I swear they really wanted Mommy to have better drugs, and it was all a plan! RRRRGGGGHHHHH, how frustrating!

Anyway, we're in Charleston now. For the next five days we will be basking in the sun and fun of my mom's pool. We went in it tonight, and it's great. She has really soft water, and I feel so light and bouncy and soft in it. She doesn't want me jumping in it and splashing all the water out of it, but, well, she'll be at work tomorrow! What's best about it is that it's a relatively small pool (12X24, I think), and I can do laps in it very easily. I won't tell people that it's so small,though, and I'll just mention that I did a hundred laps and look really cool! Yeah, I'm the swimming champ!

Hey, check out TJ when he was just a little over a year old! He was such a cutie!

Well,I guess I'll check ya later! I hope you have a great day!
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Lord, give me strength...
Today was just one of those days. One of those ones you are really, really happy about when they are over!

This morning TJ had his first dentist appt. It went well. He behaved very well, and was a big, big boy! The dentist said his teeth look good, and that he had no cavities. However, he said he also foresees orthodontic problems in the future (read: braces). If you haven't noticed in pics, TJ's front teeth don't touch at all. The top ones curve up and out, and he has a BIG gap in b/t his front teeth. It's partially inherited from both sides (I've needed braces my whole life, but my mom said she couldn't afford them), but the pacifier didn't help, so sayeth the dentist. So, this afternoon, TJ was abruptly taken from his pacifiers forever. Just like that. I made no fanfare, and when I got home, I threw out every one of them. He wasn't too happy with me when naptime came, and thus refused to take one. However, I suppose that worked in my favor at night-night time. He cried for a tiny bit when I told him he couldn't have one, but before I knew it he was out cold.

Anyway, we went to the playground to celebrate his good behavior, but since it was so hot, it was short lived and we came home. After unsuccessfully trying to make my children sleep (so I could join them), I went and got all of the baby clothes I have out of the garage (Mark, that's gradge for you!). TJ was happily playing on his computer when I began. However, as soon as he realized what I was doing, he wanted nothing more than to have my undivided attention. That meant that he was willing to do ANYTHING to get it. Then, the baby decided that she would not be happy unless she was snugly in my arms. I wasn't having it. My drugs weren't doing their job. I'm not sure how many times I yelled at my kids to be quiet, but it was a lot. TJ was just running his mouth non-stop at me, and I had no idea what he was saying! When I would talk to him, he'd just go, "Huh?" over and over and over again. I wanted to strangle him! I was trying to sort through clothes, and everytime I'd put something somewhere, he'd come over and throw it across the room! Then the baby would scream! It was not fun. I was not happy. I was glad when I finally finished.

Then, I decided that I wanted to watch tv while we ate. So, as a special treat, we sat on the floor in front of the tv with our dinners. TJ wouldn't sit down, and I blinked (just that one time, of course), and as I opened my eyes, there went my chocolate milk all over the floor! Aaaaaggggghhhh! Well, not just on the floor. On Taryn and me, too! After I got that cleaned up I dropped food on my shirt! It has just not been my day!

Anyway, it was my fortune that I did not have to fight with either child to get them to go to sleep tonight. Thank goodness! Happily, my day is now over, and I can look forward to tomorrow, which I'm sure will be tons better! Have a great day! I'll talk to you later!
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Tuesday, August 16, 2005
I'm old!

Well, today is the birthday. Yep, twenty-seven years ago, a gorgeous, intelligent, perfect baby girl came into the world. She hasn't changed a bit....

Anyway, this morning Trey awakened me with a cake. It was nice. He had somehow managed to fit every candle in the pack on the little cake he brought it, and it was quite bright! He and TJ sang happy birthday to me, and we all went into the living room. TJ was quite eager for me to get up at that point...wonder why? So we sat down in the living room, and Trey told TJ he could lick the frosting off of the candles. I turned to talk to Trey for a minute, and when I turned back, TJ was eating, yes eating, the ends off of the candles! I yelled, "No, no, no, no, no!" (see my comment to him when going to jump the other day...I seem to say this a lot!), and then explained to him the proper way to lick the frosting off. Then, for the rest of the time, if I touched one, he'd say, "No, Mommy, don't eat the candle. Just lick it. Here, let me show you how..." Then he'd proceed to lick it all off for me! What a sweet, helpful child!

I went shopping today with Gina and Julia. I got all of the gifts I had left to get for now. So, someone will be getting one very soon! Hooray!

Oh, and I meant to wish Taryn a happy two month birthday yesterday. We celebrated with a trip to the doctor, where they proceeded to give her five shots. Hooray! I'm sure she's so shell-shocked now, she'd prefer we never celebrate anything again! Anyway, she is now 12.8 lbs (90%), and 24 in (95%) long. She's weight-bearing with her legs, and the doctor said that's a four month thing. Yes, my genius baby! I felt so bad, though. After her shots, she felt awful, and had a fever all day (which I was told would happen, but still). She cried whenever she was awake, which was rarely, and slept ten hours last night. I freaked out when I woke up and realized it, thinking she had surely died in her sleep from fever, and decided that even though she looked peacefully sleeping, she was waking up at that moment! She's much better today, though. Anyway, my big ol' girl has reached yet another month. Here's to three months!

Alright, well, I guess that's it for today. Hope you have a great one, and I'll talk to you later!
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Monday, August 15, 2005
Do you really know me?
I made a Quiz for you! Take my Quiz! and then Check out the Scoreboard!

Oh, and I found some meanings of names for some of us...Interesting stuff...

Gender: Female
Meaning: Irish Hillside
Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
Originally Irish names, TARA and ERIN have been combined for this English name.

Gender: Male or Female
Meaning: Enthusiastic
Origin: Welsh
Actress Reese Witherspoon

Gender: Female
Meaning: Christ-bearer
Origin: Greek

Gender: Female
Meaning: Heavenly, devine
Origin: French, English

Gender: Male
Meaning: Bright Fame
Origin: English
Robert the Bruce, Robert E. Lee

Gender: Male
Meaning: Rim (of a shield) and wolf
Origin: German, English

Okay, so in my family I have the following:
an enthusiastic Irish hillside
a Heavenly, divine Christ-bearer
and two bright famous rimwolfs! (???)

Wow, looks like I came out with the bomb name! Thanks, Mommy!

Talk to you later! Have a great day!
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Saturday, August 13, 2005
Get up!
Okay, so I vowed that I would get out of the house today, in an effort to get out of my slump I am in right now (read my last post to find out why....just don't laugh too much!). I called up Gina, and asked her to hang out with me. I forgot she is carless right now. That's okay, though, b/c I just hauled our butts over to her house! TJ proceeded to eat every snack she had in the house, and she whipped up some kick-ass iced coffee mix. All-in-all, it was a nice afternoon. It let us know just how truly important and loved we were, as it was totally impossible to get the children to just go play somewhere else and leave us alone to talk! One day I'll look back on these moments and laugh...Oh, what am I talking about? I'm laughing already! They are sweeties! TJ loves his cousins, and so do I. Taryn really loved Julia's voice...she smiled everytime she talked to her! Oh, and we watched her taped episodes of Trailer Fabulous, which is, well, pretty trashy. It's not a show I'll watch regularly, but it is fun to watch for just plain entertainment....kinda like watching a train wreck kinda entertainment....

Afterwards, we met up with Echo and cheerin'. I am determined to make her be my friend, whether she wants to be or not. Why, you ask? Well, one, b/c she's cool, and two, b/c her kids are two of my favorite little people. I want them to rub off on TJ and Taryn, so he can be cool like them. We went to Cici's Pizza, and spent next to nothing for tons of pizza. It was a MADHOUSE in there! I think there were about four thousand people in there, and only seating for ten, or at least that's what it felt like! Of course, that helped when TJ and Jaiden decided to get up at opposite ends of the table and jump around and the like. No one really noticed. They also didn't notice when TJ spilled his drink everywhere...twice! Ummm, oops! I also ran into a former student from DJJ, with his six month old son. The baby was so cute, although it scared me just a little bit that he had a kid! It was nice to see him doing well, though. I was also flattered that he remembered me and came up to talk to me! Sadly, his mean ol' brother is in prison now (they were both in my classes, and in opposing gangs...tell me that's not scary!). Oh well...

When we left there, we went to Baskin Robbins and had ice cream. It was fun. The tiny ones scarfed down their cotton candy ice cream (it tasted like cotton candy, but was so nasty looking...all purple and pink!), and then proceeded to run back and forth around the shop while screaming and pulling on each other! It was great! They even got some other tiny people in the shop all riled up, and their parents had to calm them down! I was really trying to have a decent conversation with Echo, which is hard when you're trying to keep your kids from killing each other and themselves!, and I suggested that perhaps we would be less of a nuisance outside. While out there, TJ and Jaiden were running around on the retaining walls, and at one point, held hands to jump down the foot and a halfish distance together. Echo jumped up to get them, while I said, "No, no, no, no, no!" Unfortunately, TJ went ahead and took the plunge. Jaiden did not. However, they failed to let go of their hands first. Jaiden went head-first into the concrete, and I had a major heart attack. Thank God she only scratched her upper lip and the little part above it under her nose. It looked much, much worse. Echo seemed to handle it better than I did. She will do well with three....I probably just wouldn't ever leave the house again! I figured at that moment it was over...she was never going to hang out again, b/c my child is too wild. Fortunately, she was gracious to us, and again, I'm SO SO sorry about that, Echo! I hope, if nothing else good comes of it, TJ at least learned a lesson about being careful today!

Anyway, shortly after that, we headed toward home. I didn't want to leave, b/c her kids really are fun to play with, and I could tell that TJ was having fun. The whole ride home, he was like, "Mommy, I can't see them." "Who," I'd say. "Them." "Oh, do you mean Jaiden and Jaylen and their mommy?" "Yeah. Where are they?" "They went home, and we're going to our house." "Oh, I want to go to their house and play with them." I had this conversation about a hundred times on the ride home, I swear it! So, we decided that we will go and play with them "later", quote TJ. Well, that is, if Echo can handle my wild and hyper child. In his (and my) defense, he did not have an adequate nap today, and thus was pretty wound up when we got to them. I say next time we try to find a place for them all to run around sufficiently...then we can have a decent conversation, too!

Okay, well, I suppose I've gone on long enough. I don't know what to do now, now that my book is over. You'd think that I wasn't in this same position just less than a week ago! I hope you have a great day, and I'll see you later!
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Last night, something terrible happened....I finished reading my Harry Potter book. Now, this must sound silly to, well, to the entire world, but...I'm a little depressed now. In order to understand me, you must read the books. Never in my life have I gotten this much into anything. I mean, I do tend to get a little too involved when I watch tv and movies, but when it's over, it's over. Not with Harry Potter. Last night, as I finished, I was just so sad. There are a couple of reasons for this. The main one being that the book is done, and I have no idea when the seventh, and final (how will I live after that!?) book is coming out. The next reasons, if you have any plans to read this book, you should not stop here.

Dumbledore is dead! Snape did it. Dumbledore always had the utmost trust in Snape, despite everyone else's doubts, and Snape came in and killed him cold with the Avada Kedavra curse. Just like that. What's the worst, though, is DUMBLEDORE'S DEAD! I mean, that just can't happen! Harry is going home, but only briefly, then he's off to find Voldemort and kill him. How scary! Oh, and Harry broke up with Ginny, just when he had finally hooked up with her. Everything was so perfect with them, and now it's over...for Ginny's sake, of course, since Harry will stand a huge chance of dying. Oh, it's horrible!

Anyway, I'm just depressed now. I have vowed that today I will get out of the house and do something, so as not to dwell on the terrible, terrible fact that my book is already over. That will teach me to read day and night at every available moment! Man!

Alright, you guys have a great day, and I'll talk to you later, perhaps when I'm feeling better.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Humph! Well then!
KARLA! You've been planning behind my back! Conspiring with Julia, who's supposed to be my best friend! You even gave her your phone number! I'm shocked! I'm hurt! I'm freaking JEALOUS! Next week, Julia and Karla have...gasp....made plans to MEET! Julia is going to NY to visit family, and she will be dangerously close to Karla's'm so jealous! It's not fair! Why don't I have family in NY!???? Julia and I are now planning to have her bring Karla back with her...Oh yeah, Karla, do you mind that we've planned for her to kidnap you?...but we haven't worked out the details as to how she'll get home yet. So, as of now, she will ride back to SC in Julia's mom's car, and she will hitchhike back home. Works for me! Surely, I should be happy for them, really, I should....

On another note, since I have been so hurt by this planning behind my back business, I have now chosen Kate to be my new best friend. Sure, we haven't met yet, but she seems nice on the phone! We agreed that we will talk on the phone till all hours of the night, go to the mall and check out boys, and get this to symbolize our unending friendship! So there, Julia! Go and meet Karla and leave me here all alone! You guys go on and be new best friends! See if I care!

Oh, and on another somber note...It seems that my one true friend in Columbia, Gina, is now looking to leave me as well. It appears that she and her cooky hubby Wesley (I can say that b/c we're related!) now want to go off and live in Florida! Oh, whatever! Everyone can just leave me and go off to live out their dreams! So, Echo, I suppose it's good that I'm trying so hard to get a good friendship built with you...You can be my new Columbia best friend!

*In case you're thinking that I've totally lost it, and that I must surely be pissing someone off....Well, in real life, this is the way I am, and at least a couple of these people know that. However, there is a large chance that I am pissing someone off! If so, I hope they soon figure out that I'm just being a dumbass right now!

Anyway, I went out with Gina tonight for a girl's night out. It was pretty cool. We went to the Crab Shack, and they had trivia and $.99 beer. I enjoyed the cheap beer, and free peanuts. I think I went stupid with the peanuts! It was a little strange at first, b/c the people there were REALLY serious about their trivia, and Gina and I pissed them off b/c we wanted to be our own team, but we were sitting at a table with another team. So we got booted from our table! was more fun at our own table! Then we could talk about how strange everyone else there was for being so serious about the trivia! We were on a team together, and we lost. I think there were about 7 teams or so, and Gina and I came in dead last. Oh well. We were late, and I was just happy that we got any points! Those questions were hard! Nonetheless, it was fun being able to get out and hang out with people, which I didn't get to do Monday like I wanted to. Gina's cool to hang with....of course, now she wants to leave me....Oh, I don't want to talk about it! EVERYONE HATES ME!!!!!!!

Well, time to go take my meds now. Maybe then I'll be much, much happier! I hope you all have a great day! Talk to you later.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Party People!!!
Oh, and everyone else, of course...

Guess what! Another baby has graced the world! Welcome baby Gavin. If you would like to see him, step on over to Jillian's page, and check him out. He's a little guy, if you ask me! I'm eagerly awaiting more pics of him, and the exciting story of how he came into the world! Yaaa for Jillian and Gavin! I'm only a little ticked that he came early...just a little....

Yesterday my mom came to hang out with me. She actually came to watch the kids so I could go to a church meeting, isn't she so cool! Of course, then the meeting got cancelled, and boy did I feel bad that she came all that way for nothing. However, I don't think it was really for nothing, b/c we got to spend the day together, and I LOVE hanging out with my mommy! I sure do love her! We shopped, which is what we do best together, I think. Of course, with TJ wanting to run everywhere, and Taryn always getting hungry in public, I didn't actually get to shop with her most of the time, but...Still, I had fun. I hope she did, too. I always get sad when she leaves. I'm not sure why, exactly, but I do. I'll be going to her house in a couple of weeks for a birthday party for a friend, and I'll get to check out her new pool. She was SO burnt, it was kinda funny! She wore a red shirt, and you couldn't really tell where it ended and she began!

Oh, oh, oh! Surely this is not as exciting to you as it is to me, but...I got the new Harry Potter book! Okay, I checked it out from the library. I didn't think I'd be able to find one so soon after it came out, but I did. I'm so excited! While I was out last night (I did still go out by myself while my mom was was kinda nice), I went to Books-a-Million and had some coffee and just read some of the first chapter of the book. It was so nice just to be able to sit and read a book and not have to worry about chasing TJ, or him wanting me to read him one of his books! Anyway, I was hooked, but not willing to spend $30 to have it. So, I went to the library, and viola! I found it! I can't promise that my posts will be as frequent for a couple of weeks, b/c I may be off reading this awesome book! If you've never read Harry Potter, you really should check it out. It's not really my thing, these kind of books, but I tried the first one while I was teaching, just to see what it was like to tell my kids. However, I was hooked immediately, and would fiend for the next book as I finished each one. I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this one. I'm so glad I found it for free!

Just wanted you to see how much Taryn has grown:

Oh, and this one's for you, Karlababble:

Have a great day! I'll talk to you later!
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Monday, August 08, 2005
Racing mind
Today at church, the Sunday School lesson, and the sermon (which pretty much matched, coincidentally) really got me thinking. What am I doing with myself? I mean, sure I'm a mommy now, and I'm doing my best to get the whole routine down. What else, though? The pastor talked about how Jesus is our buddy, and we go to him for comfort. That's all well and good, he said. However, Jesus also asks something from us in return. He wants us to spread the word of God. He wants us to live our lives in such a way that gives glory to God, and that leads other people to Him. Well, I think here I'm falling short. What on earth am I doing that is giving glory to God? Don't get me wrong. Everyday I thank God for all that I have, good and bad, and how wonderful He has made my life. I don't deserve it, really, but I must have done something right to be so lucky. Now I need to pay Him back, though. I try to live a good life, trying to be as much like Jesus as I can, but....I'm missing something. I want to get more involved, but, well, I'm just lazy I guess. I mean, sure, it's hard to find babysitters, especially when you're too broke to afford them. I'm sure I could find something to do that doesn't require a babysitter, though. Surely...So, help me out here. I want to do something with myself to help others. I've thought about once Taryn is bigger and walking, going to nursing homes, or shelters or something, and visiting or helping out with food or something. That would also teach my kids about how important it is to give to others. That's a long way off, though. What can I do now? Any ideas?
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Saturday, August 06, 2005
For those with lives....
You will probably be laughing at me right now. I have no life. Well, I guess it's my children. I notice people are all out doing what normal people do on weekends...which is something, anything at all! Me, I'm watching The Simpsons, and blogging.

However, I am a bit excited today. Our house has yet again been redecorated to further appeal to and supply TJ with something else to entertain and fill his time. Last night, we reorganized the living room, again, and TJ got even more spoils. Now my two year old has his very own computer! Here's the really cool part,'s behind the couch, in a little corner! Now he can play his games in his very own little spot, and I can keep an eye on him. He was using mine, and every once in a while he'd get ahold of something on my desk, like a marker, and do some damage. Plus, he'd change all the settings on my desktop everytime I turned around! So now he's got his own little place to hang out. He spent almost the whole day there, and I can't say I was complaining! It was just so cute! We also brought our dining room table to the apt. from the garage. Now we have a place to sit and eat with TJ, so he can learn table manners and we can be more family-like when we eat. Before, TJ was eating on a little table in the same place as dining room table now, but all by himself, b/c it was so small (the computer is on it now). I felt bad, b/c I would sit on the couch, across the room, and he would be all by himself. Now we can eat together. We ate all of our meals there together today, and he talked my ear off! I can tell he was happy to have me there, though. Lastly, we moved his little kitchen set from behind the recliner to right next to the kitchen. Now when I cook, he can cook, too! I doubt he will, but if he does, that will be so cool! I love it when he pretends to cook food. It gets annoying after a while, but at first it's so cute, especially the things he brings me (a tomato, banana and half of a hamburger bun with a fried egg on it....strange stuff like that!). Anyway, I really wanted to have the table, and for TJ to have his own computer. I'm really excited about it! Now all I have to do is move the cat pic. above the table, and get a light for over there, and all will be complete. Check out my pics:

TJ working diligently to paint a picture of Pooh!

the living room with our newly added dining room table

The other angle of the living room...notice TJ's little head poking out from behind the couch!

the little kitchen next to the big kitchen!

This is the kitchen...I just threw that in b/c it was halfway clean! Note the empty wine rack in the corner...what's sad is we have more than enough wine to fill it!

*For those of you using Firefox, the captions won't match up with the pics. Sorry, I fought with it forever, and I don't know how to fix it!

So, today Taryn and I had a great conversation. I laid on the floor next to her and talked to her about her day. She cooed, and ahhed, and giggled the whole time! She was so excited, and wiggling all around. It was so much fun! I mean, come on, now why wouldn't someone want ten more little babies to have that experience with! I wouldn't be upset if I found out I was prego again. Oh, and just to point out to anyone who cares...TJ's name does not start with a T. His name is Robert. Soooo, I'm not hooked on T names...Anyway...

I hope you have a great day! I'll talk to you later!
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Friday, August 05, 2005
So here's how it went down...
Okay, so last night was an event, to say the least. Just not exactly what I expected. I will say, though, that my nerves were just fine, and I only called twice to check on the babies.

So, we got to the hotel at about 6. While checking in, Trey saw a guy that comes to the restaurant all the time. He told me about him...He's this old guy that obviously goes to the hotel quite often (he knew everyone that worked there!). He must go there first, then after he does his business, he goes to California Dreaming. Trey said he comes in there all the time, everytime with a different prostitute, and he's a total dick. Anyway, back to my story now...So we got checked in, and headed up to our room. It was a nice room, with a roomy living room and a large bedroom with a king-sized bed. As I walked in, I immediately noticed that there was a keyboard on top of the television...I must admit I got a little excited! Then, as we settled in, Trey noticed a cord for hooking up a laptop...I thought for sure I would be playing on the internet while there!

So they have this manager's reception thing every night from 5:30-7:30, so we rushed downstairs for that. Free drinks and hors d'oveures (I have no clue if I spelled that right!), definitely not going to pass that one up, and we now only had a little over an hour! So Trey and I immediately headed to the bar. Our plan was to get tipsy, then hit up a restaurant for some eats, then maybe a movie, or go downtown and walk around or check out some of the bars and the like. I got a margarita, Trey got a Sumpin' Sumpin', as the bartender called it (cranberry, pineapple juice, grenadine and Bacardi). The margarita tasted like ass, but I drank most of it. Once Trey went back for seconds, I got what he was having. It was pretty strong, but I sucked it down in the name of getting free alcohol and getting my drink on! I think we both had another one, and then Trey had a few more. He got tired of that after about five or six of them, and switched to Tequila Sunrises. Once he brought himself one of those, I snatched it and made him finish my nasty S'S'. Then we both partook of another Tequila Sunrise. I think Trey got another one, and then two more S'S's, b/c they were up there. Somewhere in there I quit. Trey just kept sucking them down. I would dare say we drank over a hundred dollars worth of drinks. Yeah, we got our money's worth out of that free room! Last call came and went, and after Trey had sucked the last drop from every glass he could find, we headed back up to the room. On the way there, we sat in the sauna for a little while, then Trey snuck into one of the conference rooms and stole two muffins and ripped the doorknob off the handle and threw it back in like a grenade! Oh, just like old times!

(Here you can use your imagination and visualize what two very drunk people who have been pretty much celebate for almost two months and have a hotel room away from their children might do for about half an hour while they're both still concious.)

So, 8:15 came around, and I got up for a minute, and came back into the room to find Trey's naked body sprawled on the bed in a dead slumber! What the?! Everything I tried to do to wake him up was a failure. Finally, I managed to bug him enough, till he agreed to go take a shower to try to wake up, so we could go out to eat. This was about 8:30. I decided to make some calls and check on the babies. Everything was fine. Kewl. So, I watched some tv for a while, and found out that the internet was an $11 charge--no way! Around 9:00 I went to check on Trey (he's a very quick showerer, usually). He was sitting on the floor of the tub letting the water shoot down on him! Oh good grief! So I told him he had five more minutes. Back to the television watching, a rerun of The OC....till I realized it was 9:30 already. I went to get Trey out of the shower. Still on the floor of the tub, but sleeping now! Oh, whatever! I got him to get out, and he managed to make it to the room and get his clothes on. I went to put my shoes on, and came back in to find him, fully dressed this time, in another dead slumber and sprawled out on the bed! I gave up! I was hungry, and I wasn't waiting for him to sober up. Ten o'clock had now rolled around, and our chances for decent food had come and gone.

So, I drove a few miles, and hit up Applebee's in the hopes of having one of their salads that I love so much. Now, I'm not one to usually take inventory of all of the people in a place I am at, but as soon as I walked in, I quickly realized that I was the ONLY white person in there, aside from the bartender! The place was full, and I have to say, I felt REALLY white at that moment! It probably didn't help that I was none too sober at the moment, and I'm sure not walking and talking at my best! So, while I waited for my food to come, I read, reread, and reread the menu again, trying not to look up and look any more conspicuous than I already did.

When I got back to the room, Trey was in a nice, deep sleep. One that made me a little jealous, I have to admit. So, I did what any jealous now-sober person would do, and bugged the hell out of him till he woke up enough to be annoyed by me! I force-fed him, in the hopes that he would feel better with some food in his stomach. No luck. I put a carrot in his mouth, and all he did was complain about how disgusting that apple was! (???) I dragged him into the living room, thinking that if he was sitting up, he might eat and feel better. No luck. He just fell over onto a pillow on his lap, and passed out again! Whatever, I ate till I was sick (which wasn't hard, seeing that I was still full of cocktails!).

Finally, at about 12:30, when I decided I would call it a night and actually get a little sleep myself, Trey woke up and got all upset b/c I wouldn't go out with him! was his turn to watch me sleep!

This morning, over breakfast we discussed our exciting night. Trey is convinced that it was the tequila he drank that knocked him on his ass. Why then, I wonder, did he drink four or five tequila drinks? The world may never know...In order to fully understand why this story is funny to us, you would have to understand our drinking history. I have zero tolerance, yet will drink myself into a stupor whenever out, and Trey is usually left to take care of me once I've passed out and am puking everywhere. Trey is the one who has never been visibly drunk but once in the six years that I've known him. He has a wonderfully high tolerance, so it's a bit funny (and quite embarrassing to him) that he was so plastered last night and I was left to take care of him. I have to say, he's much more patient with my drunk ass than I am with his! On one last note, Trey is totally against my posting this, so go easy on him, please. He wanted me just to tell you that he went to bed early b/c he was really tired! Whatever!

Alright, if you made it thus far, I hope you have a great day, and I'll talk to you soon!
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Thursday, August 04, 2005
I'm off!
Okay, in a very short time, I'll be leaving to go on my romantic, stressful rendevous. Wish me luck! I know everything will be fine. I just hope I can keep that thought going while I'm actually gone!
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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
He's 29!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Trey!!!!! Today my man turns 29!!! What an old man! I love you, Trey!

So anyway, my last post was just me writing something out of frustration, b/c both of the kids were actually asleep, so I could write something, but I had nothing to write about! So let me tell you about my day:

My plan had been to have TJ help me make a cake today, and take it to Trey's work and surprise him for his birthday. The plan worked, but not w/o its share of fun and agitation. So I go right after Trey leaves for work to buy the stuff to make the cake, as he would have been suspicious had I bought it all before (I'm on a diet now, and cake is not on my list of things I should be eating!). I get both little ones all dressed, and we run to Publix to get the stuff. We get home and I get the ingredients ready to go. TJ is happily sitting on the counter, ready to stick his finger in anything I put in front of him. Then I look at the back of the box and it says I need three eggs. Oh crap! Trey just used them up the other day! I am NOT going back to the store again just to get eggs! So I knock on the door across from me. No one answers. So I venture next door. The woman answers the door like she's scared to death. I introduce myself, since we've never met (sad, ain't it!), and tell her my situation. She begrudgingly gives me her last three eggs, to my profuse thank you's, but I feel like she does it so I won't kill her. She kinda threw them at me and ran...Whatever, I had eggs! So I go back home and get started. TJ has put in all of the ingredients, and has now run to his room b/c he's scared to death of the mixer. So I go to mix the batter, and the freakin' mixer breaks! Whatever...I'll just whisk it! TJ and I do, and pour it in and bake away. So now we have half an hour. TJ freaks out b/c he can't eat the cake now, so I put him down for a nap, and enjoy some free time to myself (thus the stupid post!).

Okay, so once the cake is done, I let it cool, then go to start decorating it. I put it on the pan, and it's a little off-center, so I try to move it. Aaaaahhhhh! The cake breaks down the middle! Okay, no biggie....I'll just cover it with frosting and everything will be alright. However, it doesn't work that way. The cake actually splits after I put the frosting on, and everytime I put more frosting on to cover that spot, it goes right down into the earthquake fault across the cake! Whatever...I'll cover it with decorations! So I cut open the tube of squirty frosting I bought for decorating with. Did I read the back first? No. Should I have? Yes. It seems that I was supposed to use it with Betty Crocker decorating tips. Did I find this out before I started using it to write on the cake? No. Does the cake look stupid b/c the letters are all fat and retarded looking? Yes. Whatever...I'll just blame it on TJ. Yeah, sure people will believe that my two year old can spell and write Happy Birthday! So then I take the little sugar bugs (you know, the poky ones you can buy to decorate cakes with--it was that or space ships, and TJ loves bugs) and line them up across the cake over the fault. Yes, now the cake looks even more stupid. Whatever...when I put on the sprinkles it will look better. TJ wakes up from his nap and puts on his bugs, and then we put on the sprinkles. Yeah, I give up...this cake is not going to look good. Trey might as well just accept that, and focus on the "thought that counts" part.

I have to admit, I was a little embarrassed, b/c I'm really pretty good at making desserts. This was the first time I've ever taken anything up to Trey's work, and it was terrible looking. There was only so much I could pass off to TJ helping. Well, at least I know they won't be calling me to make any cakes, eh! So we get there, and I go to put on the little 2 and 9 candles we got, and of course, they don't want to stay up. My feeble little cake can't handle the weight of the large candles! We barely make it into the kitchen, and sing "Happy Birthday" to Trey, and the candles fall down! Whatever...maybe it will at least taste good! It did. Thank goodness!

So, my plan was a success. Trey was suprised. He said I even embarrassed him. Hooray! My evil plot has been carried out! Bwa ha ha ha!

Huh, who knew I could turn a story about making a freakin' cake into such a long dissertation? Is anyone still here? If so, I would also like to say Happy Anniversary to Wesley and Gina! I think it's nine years they've been married now! Gettin' up to the big ten soon! I have no doubt in my mind that they will make it to the big 50, though! Happy day, you guys!

Alrighty, you have a great day, and I'll see you later!
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I'm trying to do something here to surprise someone, and it's become a DISASTER! I can't say anymore, b/c that person might see it and know about their surprise. Geesh! Why can't it just work out for me!
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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
I feel sick...
And it's not what you're thinking...

Yeah, so I have a cold. Whatever. On Thursday, Trey has made reservations for us to go and stay in a hotel for the night. We are going to have a night out and get rid of the kids for a night. I should be excited. I am excited. Of course, I'm also sick to my stomach just to think about it. Trey's mom will be coming to spend the night with the babies, I mean, big boy and big girl. This will be a big, BIG moment for me. I felt sick at church last week when I left Taryn in the nursery, and that was just for a couple of hours and she was right down the hall, and I had a pager. This is a WHOLE NIGHT! I don't think I can do it, and I don't want to even think about it. Trey says I have problems. I probably do. I mean, this is, after all, his mom. The same woman who has watched TJ since he was a couple of months old, all the way up to me staying home permanently, and he is alright. She has raised three of her own children, four grandchildren before TJ came along, and is now in the process of pretty much raising two more grandchildren, not including mine. All of them are still alive and kicking, and doing alright. I'm pretty sure she's got her references all in line, and I know she loves the kids. I'm so nervous, though. I got sick when we first left TJ with her after a couple of months, too. So sick that I had to drink to calm down, and then we had to cut the night short to go get him, b/c I just couldn't do it. I don't want to do that this time. I'm so afraid that she'll heat Taryn's bottles (I am dead-set against this, b/c I don't want her to try it and like it, and then I will have to start doing it!). I'm so worried, b/c she really hasn't seen Taryn much since she was born, due to everyone always being out of town. She doesn't really know her at all, and doesn't know her quirks. Plus, TJ is SO attached to his Nana, and I'm afraid that he'll really act out if she pays any attention to Taryn. So, that means either she'll ignore Taryn, or she won't, and TJ will be really bad. She's pretty permissive, and that really scares me. She is the perfect example of a spoiling grandma, and I don't think she's ever told him no. What if he hurts Taryn? Plus, she gets really, really fussy every evening for about an hour or two, and can't be put down, and must be held just the right way. She doesn't know that, and what if she doesn't know what to do? My brain is all a flutter, and I know it's all ridiculous to even worry about it. Again, the woman is more than experienced (especially more than me!) with the whole child-rearing thing, and I'm sure everything will be fine. What if she doesn't make TJ brush his teeth? Shoot, I don't always make him brush his teeth! Why am I even thinking about this stuff? I'm guessing that my drugs have not begun to work yet. Oh, but I want to be excited about Thursday night! I know Trey is, and it will be so nice just to get away for a little bit. We even plan to get our drink on! I told him we can just take Taryn, but he won't have it. Something about stopping to feed her...(poor guy thinks I'm gonna make up for the last month and a half!) I need to get over this, and just be glad to get away...right? Must prepare my brain...and get the baby ready...

Oh, and one last thing...MICHAEL WON!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!! Anybody watch Hell's Kitchen? I was so going for Michael. I'm so happy! I couldn't stand Ralph from the start. Too cocky for me. Yaa for Michael!!!
And he's just so damn cute!

Have a great day! I'll talk to you tomorrow.
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