Thursday, August 25, 2005
I am pooped!
Wow, today was busy! I found out about the coolest place for kids today! We went to a place called the House of Bounce with my friend Ashley, her fiance' Will, and their baby Leah, and had a blast! It's this big warehouse where they have a whole bunch of bounce castles, and you pay five bucks to go in and jump around until you are ready to pass out (which was about five minutes for me!). It was so much fun! I didn't realize how hard it is to jump on those things, but it really was fun! There was one where there were big blown up poles that would bonk you on the head everytime you jumped! There were obstacle courses and big slides and rooms to jump in and everything! I was exhausted after jumping for about 20 minutes, but I struggled on and we stayed there for about an hour and a half to two hours. TJ had such a great time! So did Leah. So did Trey, Will, Ashley and I. When we left we were all ready to pass out. I definitely want to do that again. What was even better was that you only pay for the kids to get in. So it only cost us five bucks, and we all three got to play! (Taryn went, too, and she also enjoyed watching us jump!) The highlight for me was when Leah and I raced TJ and Trey through this obstacle course. TJ and Trey had already finished, and we were still climbing up the ladder to the slide. The whole way up, Leah was like, "I'm gonna win!" It was so cute!

Oh, and later today I went for a walk with TJ. This was a kinda big thing, b/c since my mom moved to this neighborhood I've been going crazy wondering about a certain house. When I was in high school, I used to hang out with a lot of people in this neighborhood (not where I went to school), and on the street my mom's house is off of lived a guy named Cameron that I hung out with a lot. He was zany and fun, and I always missed him and wondered what happened to him. So, I drive by this house pretty much everytime I go anywhere, and I always wonder if his parents still live there. Today I got up the guts finally, and knocked at their door. It just so happens that they do in fact still live there! I talked to them for a while, mostly his mom, and found out that he lives right down the street from here, and is doing well. I heard all about his nephews, which are almost the exact same ages as my kids (2 1/2 yrs. and 4 mos.), and saw a picture of him. I gave his mom my number, which she vowed to give him. I'm really hoping he will call me. I want to see him again and say hi. He is a really cool guy, and it would be so much fun just to get to hang out with him again sometime. Let's hope I hear from him!

Oh, and last night I went out with Julia to see
Big Head Todd and the Monsters. I loved the opening band, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, they were quite entertaining. I thought the bass player was cute, while Julia preferred the singer. However, once she saw the bass player dance like a moron, she quickly saw the goofy charm I found so irresistable in him. BHTM was alright. The music was kinda soft rock, which is really not my style, and it just took me back, which is understandable since they were most popular over a decade ago! If you've ever heard the song "Bittersweet", that's them. I will say, though, that Todd really does have a big head! I was really glad that Julia won the tickets, b/c we ended up leaving early b/c she didn't feel well, and we found out they cost $25! That's insane! When we got back here, Julia, Trey and I hung out for a while, then snuck a swim in my mom's pool. That was fun! I won't tell you what Trey and I did the whole time we were in the pool (don't get dirty-minded), but I will say that I know Julia is a true friend now that she stayed around! Finally, sometime around 3:30 am or so, I climbed into bed. I'm going to bed early tonight!

One more thing...Watch Pax TV, or now it's called i network, I believe, on Sunday at 8:00 pm. There's a new show called Palmetto Pointe, and it's a drama about Charleston, kinda like The OC. Ashley's fiance' (see above), Will, worked on it, and he says it's gonna be good. Yaaa! Charleston got a show!

Okay, have a great day and I'll see you soon!
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  • At 12:34 AM, Blogger Julia

    Umm, I didn't think you were going to tell every detail. Can you please remove that part about me?

  • At 6:40 AM, Blogger gina

    omg what a teaser! fess up! LOL
    i am glad you got to hang with your friends in Chas.... but when the heck are you coming home?? I MISS YOU!

  • At 9:14 AM, Blogger Echo

    The House of Bounce sounds so fun - heck, everything you're doing sounds like a lot of fun!

    Yeah - when are you coming back? You know Finlay's having their last concert Saturday!

    Have fun!

  • At 10:20 AM, Blogger Julia

    Thank you. :)

  • At 10:45 AM, Blogger k8

    Mad for the follwoing reasons:

    1. you are not at your computer
    2. you went to an actual concert with actual adult peoples
    3. you went to that cool bounce place

    maybe you're paying me back for not returning your call. i deserve it. now COME BACK!!!!

  • At 6:24 AM, Blogger mrhaney

    hello cristi. i just dropped by to say hello. it is 6:30 a.m. here in atlanta. i really do not know why i am up except i went to bed at midnight instead of 2 0r 3 a.m like i usually do.

  • At 7:05 AM, Blogger Karla

    You should audition for the show!

    I like the sounds of this House of Bounce thing. Should I be worried that as an adult, I find this sort of stuff entertaining?

  • At 3:26 PM, Blogger Julia

    Karla, I wouldn't be worried. My brother rented a jump castle for his 23rd birthday, and it was a hit. He also had a keg of beer, which I thought would be a bad combination, but they said it was great.

    I can't remember if I already told you this, but I have a friend who does some of the camera work for that show. His opinion of the show is it's going to be totally cheesy and PG rated. I want to watch it anyway. About a month ago he was trying to convince me to come be an extra for the show. It would be an interesting experience, but I don't have a lot of free time.

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