Friday, February 08, 2008
I can hardly wait...
In just a couple weeks we are going to the mountains. I don't know if I'm going to make it. I need a break. This trip promises to be fun, and it's cool that we will have lots of tax money back, so we can spend a dime here or there to do some fun stuff.

Today we had a "Cupcake Party" for TJ. It was his official gathering for his birthday (although I forgot to have everyone sing 'Happy Birthday'). He said it was cool to go skiing instead of having a party for him, but that he really wanted some friends over and a cake. Done deal. It cost me about three dollars, just enough to make the cupcakes...No, wait, five bucks, I forgot about the little paper cups for them. Best price for a birthday party, EVER. I also had everyone bring cupcakes, so we did an exchange, and now we have a few for later!

Trey's Valentine's Day gifts are gotten and he's good to go now. I got him a foosball table and an air hockey table today. I traded gift certificates for the foosball, and only paid $50 for the hockey table. Now he's got those and a ping-pong table, and a dartboard for his "MAN ROOM" (aka-the garage). When we get a little more money, we can make it more cozy, but for now he's got plenty of fun recreational stuff to do. He's enjoying the ping-pong table already. He seems to relish the fact that he's tons better than everyone else we know, including me. I think it's from the millions of times he watched "Forrest Gump".

Anyway, I guess I'd better go get ready for bed. We have a birthday party to attend tomorrow, and I haven't even thought about what to get her yet. I think I'll take Sunday for a day of rest...if we have time! I hope you're having a great day, and I'll see you soon!
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Tuesday, February 05, 2008
Great news!
I've lost 15 lbs. so far! HOORAY! I went to weigh myself this morning, thinking I wouldn't like what it said, and lo and behold, it said I'd lost five more pounds! I'll take that! I've had a kinda nasty cold lately, so when I went to workout yesterday, I couldn't breathe enough to handle the cardio for more than a few minutes. However, I decided it was time to start doing two reps of all of my weight-lifting. Man, do I feel it today! Pretty soon, when Trey wants to wrestle, I might stand a chance at at least knocking him off of me!

We've been back and forth b/t running like headless chickens and sick as dogs. Neither is very fun, especially when you're running all over town and sick at the same time! I'm so ready for the end of the month and our trip to the mountains!

Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. I'm assuming anyone's been here to notice. Perhaps someday soon, when we get our lives a little more balanced and calmer, I'll be able to post more. Until then, I hope everything is going well with you!

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