Sunday, January 30, 2005
Home Sweet Home!
Finally, I have returned to my home, and my child, and my normal, boring life. How exciting! I am not excited that I am sick as a dog, and undoubtedly, when you are sick like this, you should not stay up talking for 8 hours straight. Between my slumber party on Friday and the never-ending coughing I keep doing, I have lost my voice all but entirely. Every once in a while if I stay quiet for a while, I can muster up a few sentences in a squeaky little whine. TJ thinks I'm playing a game with him b/c I keep whispering everything to him, so he whispers back! It's cute! Usually when I whisper to him, it's b/c it's something special, so he must think that everything I say is very special today. Needless to say, if I don't regain my voice back by tomorrow (and it's not looking good after my hour-long bout of coughing a few minutes ago), I won't be going to work tomorrow. I can just see me now when the boys are misbehaving...

(pointing and shaking finger)"Squeak, squeak!"

"What, Ms. Pitchford?"

(in a whisper)"I said, stop!"

"I can't hear you, Ms. Pitchford. I guess you don't mind if I beat this boy up, then."

(as I push the call button to get help) "Can I help you, Ms. Pitchford?"

"Squeak, squeak, squeak..."

"I'm sorry, this system must be broken. Sorry to interrupt your class."

It would be beautiful! I guess I could also mime the lesson to the boys. That would be cute, too! Needless to say, I know for a fact there are a few people out there that are doing a dance of joy, b/c their prayers have been answered. People thought there would never come a time when Christi would fall silent.

I went to see Meet the Fockers last night with my friend Ashley. It was hilarious! I know Trey wanted to see it, so I told myself I wouldn't tell him I saw it, and we could watch it together like it was my first time. So, Trey, if you are reading this, disregard this paragraph, okay? Anyway, what can I say about the movie except it was super funny. The acting was great, but that's to be expected, with such great actors and Robert DeNiro, Ben Stiller, and Dustin Hoffman. I will admit, I still like the first one better. As far as sequels go, though, it kicked ass! I know that I wasn't too annoying to the rest of the theater with all of my laughing (of course, they were all laughing, too!), b/c mine sounded like this: "Eek.......(large gush of air out)" You know, I like to keep it to myself. You definitely need to see this movie, though.

Afterward, Ashley drove me back to my mom's. She let me listen to a cd she has for Leah, her little girl that's TJ's age (his g/f), and I fell in love with it. It's called NO!, and it's by They Might Be Giants. If you have kids, of any age, you must get this cd. She told me Leah loves it, so I "borrowed" it. I let TJ hear it today, and he danced all over the place. He was sad when it ended. If you've ever heard of TMBG before, it's very much like the rest of their music (think of "Istanbul" or "Birdhouse in Your Soul" ). It's funny and silly and downright cool. I like it b/c, even though it's quite childish, I can listen to it and enjoy it as well. Ashley told me she finds herself listening to it and singing along, even when Leah isn't with her. If you have ever listened to some of the other children's cd's out there, you will attest that most of them suck, and make your life miserable if you have to listen to them with a child. This one is good for you both. Most of TJ's cd's have people singing in English accents, or twenty-five children all singing out of key to a song that was already annoying before they sang it! Imagine my excitement to find out that one of my favorite bands is now singing songs for my child! We can bond and I'll get him listening to my type of music! So, Julia, Gina and Karla (you know, you can get it early and be ready!), listen up--You need this cd. If it wasn't $14, I would have already bought you all one by now!

Alrighty then, I guess that's enough from me today. I mean, after all, I can't even talk! I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I'll see you again soon!
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Saturday, January 29, 2005
Oh, my little babies! I have missed you, and all of your wit and wisdom! I am back, sorta. Hooray! I am at my mom's house right now. I should be on my way home, but icky weather has held me here in Charleston until tomorrow morning. Darn, another day with my friends and family! I am sad, though, as I do really, really, really miss TJ, and Trey. (yes, and Gayle, too!)

I had a pretty exciting weekend, which started on Thursday, overall. Trey came to Charleston with me Thursday to hang out, since I didn't have a whole lot to do except register and check into my hotel. We ran around downtown, got cold, went to a couple of playgrounds and the battery, and got some food. It was fun, and it was nice to be able to hang out with my family outside of daily life in our home doing daily life stuff. I think the highlight of the day for TJ was when he got to play on the elevator in the hotel, and he got to ride it up and down about a thousand times. He would ride it all the way up, get off, run around the entire fifth floor, get back on, go down, run around the entire first floor, get back on the elevator, and, well, you get the pattern. He had so much fun, who could say no. After we finished, I felt like I was flying for a long time b/c of the felt so strange! I was really sad when they had to leave, but it was nice to have the rest of the night to myself to just chill in a quiet room with nothing to worry about.

Yesterday was pretty cool at the conference. I went to lots of workshops that helped me learn a lot about controlling and preventing problem behaviors in my classroom, and some stuff about transition from school to work. One class in particular helped me a lot, b/c I figured out what I've been doing wrong with a couple of my students, and I plan to make some changes next week that hopefully will make things better. Wish me luck! They had door prizes, too, and I was further confirmed in the knowledge that I was not put on this earth to have my name drawn in any kind of contest, ever, that involves a prize. Jury duty, sure; prizes, no. I was vendicated to know that I still remember a lot from college three years ago, when I went to the College Bowl. I answered a lot of the questions correctly (in my mind, as we couldn't yell out or the teams could hear), and the ones I didn't know, I never bothered to learn while in college. It made me feel good to know that I actually retained a lot of information, and that maybe that monthly college bill is worth it. Pretty good for a girl who doesn't like to take notes (unless they're about cute boys!). Of course, my alma mater, the COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON won! Go Cougars!!!!!! They win every year, and they came in and swept the bowl again. It was a proud and fun moment. The girls on the team were pretty cool, too. I was astounded at Lander's performance. I wondered if they actually ever do anything pertaining to special education in their school. I'm glad I didn't go there.

Last night Julia and Mike, my two best friends in the world, met me and we hung out in my hotel room and had a slumber party! My plan was to rent Grease, only the best slumber party movie in the world (and Julia's never seen it!), and bounce around on the bed talking about boys. However, when we went to Blockbuster to rent the movie they didn't have it in VHS (there was no DVD player in my hotel room)! This movie is OLD, why on earth would there not be a copy in VHS!??? Anyway, we ended up getting America's Sweethearts at the front desk. It wouldn't have mattered, anyway, as we ran our mouths and stuffed our faces the whole time the movie was on! We saw the last few minutes, though, and all agreed that it was a cute movie (like we would know!)! We talked about EVERYTHING, which was really easy, since I have known Julia since third grade, and Mike since ninth, and we spent almost all of high school and after together. I did hear some stories that I wasn't involved in last night, and that was a little shocking, but hey, sometimes I had to sleep! We played truth or dare for about two minutes, until we realized that truth was out, as we had just divulged pretty much all of the truth in our lives to each other! We sat up talking until about 5 am, and I am so glad we did. I don't often get to spend quality time with my friends (although Mike passed out at about 1 or so) without having to hurry off or have the kids around. It was nice just being us and remembering all the fun we've had. We talked about a lot of stuff, even about God and politics (might I add, w/o argument or tension). I really feel like last night was pretty therapeutic, and I got to know my friends even better than I already did (which I didn't think was possible!). At five, we went to go to bed, and as soon as we layed down, our mouths started again. Finally, around six, we talked ourselves right to sleep!

This morning we got up and went to Waffle House for breakfast. It was so nice. Guess what we did while we were there for an hour? You got it--we talked our brains out! I swear, after all these years of knowing each other, and still we can talk, literally, for hours! It was great, and a rare treat! I may have to find some time to sleep sometime today, however, since I only slept about two hours last night! I am so glad I had this weekend!

Well, this is more than enough for now. I'll see you later, if you're still with me! I hope you have a grand day, and I'll see you later!
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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Tomorrow is almost here!
First, I'll start off with my news for the day. They cancelled our open house again, due to inclement weather predictions. Therefore, my agent had better hope something nasty happens in Lancaster this weekend, or I'm gonna be hoppin' mad! Do keep praying if you already are, though. It doesn't have to be an open house for it to sell! Also, tomorrow I am going to Charleston for a couple of days. I am so excited! You would think I was looking forward to the conference, but I'm like, "Conference what? Oh, that!" I can't wait just to have a day alone in a hotel room! However, at Julia's suggestion, I'm already trying to think up how I can have a sleepover! I want to rent Grease and watch it and dance around on the bed singing classic tunes and talking about boys. Wouldn't it just be great! We'll see how that goes!

So, I was thinking today how much I like this whole blog thing, and how I'm glad Julia introduced me to it. It's fun, b/c it's almost like soap operas are for some women (and men). I get excited each day b/c I can come home and, when I can get the time, find out all about the lives of both people I do and don't know. It's stuff I wouldn't necessarily just talk about ordinarily, or that you would just find on any personal website. These are people I learn about, who don't care who reads their stories, and who I am not trying to get to know for my own purposes. In other words, I am not trying to find out more about them so I can meet them or hook up or get married, or stalk them, one day. I just get to follow for my own enjoyment.

Julia is my longest lasting friend ever (we met in third grade), and have stayed good friends since then. We used to be inseparable, when we lived around the corner from each other, and now it's a little harder to get together (the whole hour and a half drive thing usually gets us!). I love reading about her life with her children and Richard everyday, and learning all the fun things they do together. I think it helps me know what kind of stuff to look forward to when my kids get a little older. Plus, it's just cool to keep up with my oldest friend!

I am so excited about Karla and Mark's baby. What's really cool about their story is that I get to see both sides of it, and what their focuses are on each minute of this pregnancy, and I get an idea of what kind of parents they are going to be. How fun!

My sister Susan, while she doesn't post as often as some, has a VERY busy life trying to go to school full-time and work full-time. I don't get to talk to her as much as I'd like to. So it's nice to see the stuff she posts when she gets the chance. She likes to put her deep thoughts on there, too, so I get to see how her mind works as well.

Kirsten is the wife of a really good friend, and ex, of mine who went into the Air Force and moved to Alaska. I like reading about her shopping choices (as I can't afford any of it, and she seems to have quite nice tastes), and reading some of her stories of her fun party life, compared to mine. It's also nice to know that Colin found such a cool chick (I wouldn't have accepted anything less for him!).

B$ has all kinds of stuff going on in her life, including a move up to manager, getting married, and moving home, hours away from her job. What a lot to handle! I love reading her thoughts on her life events, and seeing how she is dealing with all of it. It helps me to think of all of the stressful stuff in my life and how I might deal with it. She does a phenomenal job controlling her life, btw.

Traci, my sister-in-law, used to write everyday, about all kinds of stuff. She hasn't been posting as much lately, but that tells me that she must be really busy. I like hearing about her kids, as I don't see them often enough, and they are all pretty cool. I just found out that I missed Katie's birthday the other day (my neice). What a slacker I am!

I have learned that StarryEyed has older kids, and that her life has a totally different perspective than mine. She gets to think about traveling and buying a boat already. I'm so jealous! I've learned that Katt has an innate ability to find the best quotes for certain subjects and moods, and she is an excellent lesson resource. Not to mention the fact that she writes stuff that really motivates and inspires me. Jin is just HILARIOUS, and I totally need her blog for a laugh everyday. Funky Freddie is the same, but a totally different kind of funny (kinda sick). Who could live without this stuff!

I am so excited to be a part of the blog revolution. Everyday I get to tap into someone else's life, and see the world from the point of view of others in it. I have learned that there are a lot of people out there that see things my way, and that there are a lot that don't. I have learned that many people I would assume to see things one way, don't at all. Everyday is full of surprises on here. What's best, though, is not only do I get to just read about everyone's lives, I get to take a small part in them. Karla told me the other day that Mark told her about me trying to put movies on the internet. Wow, I have made it into people's outside conversations! The same is true for me. I find myself talking about all kinds of stuff I read on here to Trey. Even when I'm at work, I say, "My, uh, online friend said..." How great! It's true. I feel like everyone is my friend, even if I never meet them. I get so much help from my online friends that I would never get from just the limited group of people I know. Not to mention the fact that I get regional influences in comments made to me. Who would have thought that I would carry on regular conversations with people in Canada! I tell you, this stuff is exciting! Sure, it's the internet, but I think it's much more! I could go on for days, but I'm pretty sure I've carried on long enough for now, perhaps more later!

Anyway, I'm so glad to know all of you, and that you have allowed me to be a tiny part of your lives. It's pretty special, and it's a priveledge to have the opportunity to take part. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, and for the next few days, and I will see you soon!
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I would have thought me to be nerdier!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
I don't know what to say...
For those of you that know me, I'll give you a second to get up off of the floor and get yourself back together. Yes, that's right....There's NEVER a time that I don't have ANYTHING to say! Silence of any sort makes me nervous, so I must find a way to fill all space, and that's usually with a running mouth. I bet it would surprise some of you to know this, but when I drive, I can't stand to talk. Well, that is, when it's long distances. I prefer to use that time for thinking...probably about stuff to talk about later!

So I really don't have any issues for today, nor do I have any cute stories. I did read a few blogs today that said stuff that kinda got my goat and got me thinking. It's interesting to see how others feel about certain issues, and if it's anything like you do. I don't mind when people disagree with me, as I think I deserve the same respect, but still, when you see something that you don't completely like, you get a little irritated. Know what I mean?

I took my ultrasound pics to school today to show off, finally. Everyone thought it was really cool to see the ones done with the new kind of ultrasound, where you can actually see the baby's skin and what most stuff is. This one guy got a little sentimental, and it was a little freaky to me. I now can't wait even more for Trey to have a little girl! I just know he's going to be all gooshy! I even asked his mom if she thought he would be today, and she said for sure! If Gayle says it, then it's gonna happen! She would never say something about Trey that she didn't approve of, truth or not. Somehow that logic works, don't ask me how...

I am excited! I am going to Charleston on Thursday, and I'm staying until Saturday. It's no big deal, and it will probably suck. It's a Special Ed. conference, so I will learn lots of stuff. I don't think I'll know anyone there, though. Oh well. I get to stay in my very own hotel room, that work is going to pay for. Plus, that is my home town, so I am going to hang out with a couple of friends while I'm there. Mostly, I'm just excited to get away for a couple of days, and just do what I want by myself for a change. Plus, I get to miss two days of work, paid. That works! Needless to say, I may miss a couple of days on here...I will probably die b/c of that. Or, I'll probably just go to my mom's house and do it all there!

Oh, one last thing...No, two. First, please read my sister's latest post, a late resolution, and comment. She also needs your prayers to help her quit smoking. While you're praying for her to stop, I need your prayers, too. We are having an open house this weekend on our house, and I need anything you've got to help! We are beyond desperation to sell this house, now, so if you could please put all your brainpower into praying, wishing, whatever for it to be sold, even just for a second, I would so greatly appreciate it. Wish us luck, we need it!

Okay, that should do it for someone who doesn't have anything to talk about. I hope you have a magnificent day, and I'll talk to you soon!
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Sunday, January 23, 2005
Kids are so great!
So I was reading my library book today, The Happiest Toddler on the Block, and it said some stuff about how to speak Toddler-ese. Has anyone ever heard of this? It sounded kinda silly to me. I mean, he said that you have to figure out what is wrong with your toddler when he is upset, which I fully agree with, as opposed to just saying it will be okay or what-not. He also said your facial expression is just as important as what you say, if not more. I can attest to that, as I have often had to stifle a laugh in order to reprimand TJ for something he's doing wrong (yet it's so cute!), but unfortunately too late. He can see my smile, and then proceeds to continue to do wrong. I have been working on that, and feel I'm doing much better. Then he started talking about how you should speak to an upset toddler. He said you should speak to them on their level. Okay, I got that, good idea. Plus, it should be in their language. Yep, don't use big words or long phrases, as that will just confuse them and upset them more, can't agree more. Then he said, you should say what they are thinking. I thought I got this, but no. For instance (and this is the best way I can think of saying this), if TJ was made b/c I wouldn't go outside, I would say, "TJ's mad, mad, MAD! He wants to go out, out, OUT!" I should continue to repeat phrases such as this, with the same intensity of feeling as he does, until he sees that I understand what he wants, and calms down. Then, we can calmly resolve the problem, w/o a lecture. To me, it seems silly in a way. But it kinda makes sense. What do you think? Anyway, I tried it later when TJ got upset about something, and guess what...It worked! It was very exciting, but definitely something that will take practice.

I also read about reverse psychology, which I have kinda already been using. I had fun with it tonight, though, while TJ was, as usual, refusing to eat anything for dinner. He had eaten about two bites of the dinner he explicitly asked for, and wanted to get down. I said, "Fine, but don't you eat that hot dog." A big grin (yes, a mischevious one) crossed his face, then pop! a whole slice of hot dog into his mouth. I did that until the entire hot dog was gone. Then we moved on to his grapes. "TJ, now don't you eat those grapes! I'll have to tickle you!" Pop! Grapes gone! He even ate most of his corn--he couldn't get it in fast enough to do what I told him not to! Of course I had to laugh about it, and hey, he finally ate something. It just seems so messed-up though, doesn't it? It's a little freaky to me how much it works.
Next I think I'll try it on Trey..."Don't take out that trash!"

Okay, I guess that's enough for one day. I hope you all have a great day, and I'll see you tomorrow!
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It's late, so this will be short...
It is now almost 1 am, and I can't for sure say that TJ is asleep yet. I do know that at about 12:30 I went in and tucked him in one more time and pretty much held him down until he stopped moving. I also took his Elmo toy from him, which he had been very occupied with up to that point. Mind you, I had put him to bed at 10, which was already late. I don't know what to do with him. He is sick right now, though, so maybe that's why. I see church not happening again tomorrow. I get to go one time finally, and TJ gets sick again! Geez Louise!

So, in response to those of you that mentioned the thought of Trey having a blog, he stated, "I'm not a geeky nerd like the rest of you." I will point out that he reads them all religiously, and could tell me at least one thing about each of your lives. I think he's just scared, and what better way to avoid dealing with it than to turn everyone against him. Poor Trey. Perhaps we should all reach out to him. It's hard to open up and share your feelings with others. We understand, Trey, and we're here for you. When you're ready to open up your heart, and your mind, I will always be here, waiting to be by your side. Please, if any of you are willing to stand by me, please, let's let Trey know. He's a scared little puppy in a big cyberspace world. I'm sure it's quite intimidating to him. I agree, though, that I would be quite interested to see what kind of blog Trey could create. I'm 100% sure it would be tons more interesting than mine. He is so much more creative and different from me in areas such as this. I think he could make a well-read and cool blog. So, like I said, he may need our help and support.

Alrighty then, that's about all I've got to say for today. I hope you guys have an inspired day, and I'll see you tomorrow.
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Saturday, January 22, 2005
I win!
Well, Gina, I'm sorry, but as I thought, Trey has come around. He is already referring to Taryn in conversation, and telling me what she will and won't do someday. That's even a little freaky to me, since I'm just now getting used to calling the "baby" a girl, and using "her" instead of "it". I think he's starting to like it. I'm sure he'll read this, and deny it vehemently, but that's okay. That just makes me know he likes it that much more! I think he totally fell for it when I pointed out that I would be the only non-T in the house. He thought TJ was the dumbest name I could think of when I mentioned it, b/c I had a friend at work named TJ at the time, and he thought it was after him. When I told him it meant Trey Jr., he automatically thought it was the coolest name ever. You know, gotta make it special to him. Taryn is special to him, too. Mike pointed out that if you take the first letter of Taryn, and the first two of Reese, you can spell Tre', which is like the French version of Trey! Yeah, that's it!

So anyway, nothing big happened today. However, we made lasagna together for the first time. It was fun! I really thought, even as I was doing it, that I was going to have a problem with it. I have never made it before, and Trey has only made it at work. So when we actually started, he kept telling me what to do next (I do NOT like being told what to do, always been a problem of mine), like he was teaching me, and I kept thinking I should be having a problem with that. He was being nice and all, and I did need the help, as I didn't know what I was doing. I just kept thinking that, going by my personality, I should have gotten frustrated at his instructions and made a snide remark and started something. I didn't. It was great! Plus, the lasagna tasted DELICIOUS! It was even better than Stouffer's, which is Trey's ultra-favorite kind of lasagna. I was very pleased. I really want to know what we did that kept me from getting an attitude and do it more often. I liked getting along and working together for a change. I could get used to getting along with Trey! (not that we fight all the time or anything...I just get really touchy about certain things b/c I'm really wierd!)

Funny stuff, then I'll let you go...Tonight, for some reason, TJ was even more against going to bed than usual, even though he was dead tired. He pulled out all of the stops. He came and told me to change his diaper about four times, despite the fact that I told him no everytime (I did check it, though). He made himself fall down in front of Trey so he could cry and get some attention (and out of the room). He came and narrated what was going on with the commercial situation b/t his cartoons (he must have them on to sleep, even though he doesn't watch them at all!). He, as usual, asked for milk and food. What really got me, though, was when he came and told me to cut his fingernails. That was when I knew he REALLY didn't want to go to bed. Earlier, I fought with him to sit still to cut his nails, and I did not succeed. He was dead set against it. Usually I have to bribe him with candy, or catch him when he's asleep to do it. So when he came and told, not asked, me to do it, I knew he wasn't going to sleep. Anyway, I thought that was pretty funny. It was actually a big pain in the butt, but still amusing! That boy is SNEAKY!

Okay, I hope you guys have a stupendous day, and I'll talk to you tomorrow!
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Thursday, January 20, 2005
This isn't it...
I wrote another post today, that I'd really like you to read if you have the time, but I just wanted to add this.

I am TOTALLY amazed at TJ. He just turned two, and already he knows not only how to count to ten, but what the numbers up to four mean. In other words, he will come up to me and tell me that he has two of something, or however many it is. Yesterday, he had two Raisinettes, and he came to me and said, "I have twwwoooooo of 'em." I said, "You're right! You do!" (He has done this many times with different items, but I never fail to be amazed by it!) What really got me, though, was that he then ate one of them, and then said, "I got one now." I almost fell on the floor! I may be overly amazed at something small and normal for a child his age, but to me, that just seems way more advanced than he should be already. I expect him to know how to count to ten, and even recognize some of the numbers (although he still doesn't recognize all the numbers up to ten just by looking at them). I don't expect him to know what they mean yet. I'm pretty sure you don't really learn that until kindergarten or so. Those of you with children, can you tell me what you think of this? If he's behind, please don't tell me he's stupid. I just want to know if this is normal, when your kids started getting it, or whatever. Of course he's my child, and I will never cease to be amazed by him, but of late, this has been the most surprising and shocking thing to me.

Okay, like I said, tell me what you think, please, but also please read the next, as I have questions there, too. I value your advice and opinions. Okay, have a marvelous day, and I'll see you later!
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It's already Thursday!
I have to say that this week has flown by. Of course, it probably has a lot to do with the fact that I haven't worked a full day yet! Today I had to watch TJ in the morning b/c Trey had to go to a meeting at work, and his boss wouldn't let him bring him. Darn! Even tomorrow should be pretty easy, as we are just going to watch the Presidential Inauguration all day. I'm interested to see what the boys think of it. I'm interested to see what I think of it.

So, I have a dilemma right now. I have decided to go with a double stroller, and of course, I have to get a carrier to go with it. We went to Babies R Us the other day, and we really didn't like anything they had there. For some reason, people with two kids who need strollers must also have the worst taste in the world, b/c everything was so UGLY! We did like that the Graco one was smaller and easier to push, with a much smoother ride. TJ even seemed more comfortable in it. The colors were just so gross! So I went online, and did lots of searching, and finally I found a set that both Trey and I like. It's called the Metropolitan, or something like that. We'd have to buy the carrier separate, but that's okay, b/c it would still match. Here's the problem, though...All-in-all, it would cost about $300, even at the cheapest I could find it. That is not something we have to spare right now, or probably ever, I'm sure. In reality, most any set we get will run right about the same. I have decided, though, that I will need this. Trey told me I can just stay home forever once the new baby is born, but I DON'T THINK SO! I don't even like staying home for one day, I don't see me doing it more than once! I will need to go places, and I can foresee that I will need a way to keep both kids in check. I thought about it, and I think I will try to sell my stroller I have now, which is just for one, and is pretty nice. I can probably get a few bucks for that. nbvcxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (TJ says hi!). I can also try to sell the changing table, which I don't plan to use, and get a few bucks for that. I'm sure that won't bring me $300, though. I should just wait, but I don't want to. I found both peices on sale for free shipping, and both $20 less than the usual price. I feel I must get them at this price before it's too late. If not, then it will cost $340! Instant gratification generation is hard to live in! What should I do!

I thought about something today...The other day she told me at the dr.'s office that the baby currently weighs 12 oz. I didn't think anything of it at the time. Then it hit me, TJ was 7 lbs. 13 oz. when he was born! That's not big at all, but....That means that this baby still has about 7 lbs. left of growing! Have you seen me! I'm HUGE already! I'm barely at five months, and I've got the waddle down pat! My back hurts. Sleeping in a comfortable position is next to impossible. And I have 7 LBS. LEFT! This child will grow to seven times this size (is that right?)? I will need a forklift just to get around soon! This is scary...

Alrighty then, guess I'll catch you later. I'm going somewhere to stew over my future with baby...will she be able to ride in comfort? how huge is she going to be? If you need me, I'll be the one pulling out my hair in the corner...I hope you have a stressless day! Talk to you later!
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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Give Bush a Brain!
You MUST go here! You will laugh till you cry!

While you're checking out funny stuff...check out Jin's Page (on my list) and read about her ingrate dog...HILARIOUS!
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Are you ready?
Yes, I am now a part of the unending cliche of moms that have their set....


She is very healthy, just the right size, wiggly just like TJ was (Lord, help me, please!), and as cute as a fetus that you can only see through a computer can be!

Much to Gina's dislike, I'm still stuck on Taryn Reese Pitchford for her name. I really like the way it rolls, and the fact that the names are different but not played out. Trey is not sure of it, though (Gina, you may still stand a chance).

Phew! The wait is over...well, for now that is. No more suspense...we can all commence the shopping! Word of warning...If you are one who decides to ever buy this child something...PINK IS OUT! I prefer purple. Of course, if you know me, then you already know this.

Talk to you later. Have a great day!
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What is a folkie?
You are a Folkie. Good for you.

What kind of Sixties Person are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Monday, January 17, 2005
Tomorrow's the big day! Wish me luck. I hope I have exciting news when I get home tomorrow afternoon!
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I need a nap!
And I can't have one!!! I am SO tired after today. You would think that I ran 100K marathon or something. Today my nephew, Blake, and neice, Julia, came over to hang out. I learned firsthand what having another child is going to be like. What's funny is that they really weren't that much work. I mean, they ar 4 and 6, and they are pretty self-sufficient. I'm really not sure why I am so exhausted. It's not like I don't watch kids all day that are ten times harder to keep up with. We went to Chick-fil-A for lunch, b/c they have an indoor playset. They loved that, and it was pretty cool b/c their friends showed up. TJ had fun, too, as there were lots of kids there. He had no idea what was going on, but he just ran around like the rest of them, and with all the noise, he was just excited! Then we went home and watched Shrek 2, and by that time I already needed a break. Thankfully they kinda calmed down to watch it, and TJ just chilled by himself (he won't watch tv for more than ten seconds unless he's in his high chair!). Afterwards, once it had warmed up a little bit, we went to the playground and ran around for a while. This was hard, b/c it is right next to a lake, and trying to keep up with three running kids, all at different speed levels, was scary and challenging. TJ insisted on running the opposite way of any way I wanted him to go. Blake ran 8 miles ahead, and was determined to fall in the water. Julia did exactly what I asked her to do, and stayed right with me, until I'd have to run back and get TJ! It was fun at the playground, though, b/c we got to feed the ducks, geese, and seagulls (Why on earth are they there!?????) almost an entire bag of Cheerios. They liked that. Anyway, once we got back from the playground TJ passed out, Julia colored quietly, and Blake played a computer game and watched some tv. It was great...nice, quiet time. See, none of that was hard, or really that tiring. So why am I so tired now? It was so fun, and I'm so glad I got to watch them. I could go to sleep right now, if only TJ would, too, and that will never happen!

Alright, I have a question for the world. I am about to have my second kid (you know, in a few months). I have to buy a new infant car seat carrier for the new kid, but that's all I HAVE to have. However, I can't find a carrier that matches the stroller I have. Plus, the carrier itself is $100 or more! For just a little more, I could go ahead and buy the stroller to match. These are just single strollers, though. Anyway, what I would like to know is if anyone out there who has two kids about 2 years apart or so got a double stroller, used a double stroller, didn't get a double stroller, or what. In other words, I need to know if there's any use in getting one, which one I should get if I should get one (side-by-side or front/back), did anyone use theirs, if they didn't how they dealt with a kid that could walk, etc., etc...I have been researching, and I've about decided to just go ahead and get another stroller. I have one I want, but it's not a double stroller. I don't know what to do. HELP!

Alright, I hope you have a great day, and I'll talk to you tomorrow!
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Oh, what an exciting day!
Today was a great day! We were so busy, but yet, it was worth every second.

First, we went to church. That was great, b/c I haven't been in a few weeks, and I was starting to feel bad. I love going to church, so I don't know why I haven't gone lately, aside from when I was out of town or sick. I told Pastor Jones to have a good sermon this week, and he did. It was like he was speaking to me about my life. That's what I truly love about him...somehow it always seems like he's talking directly to me about an important issue in my life. Plus, he's a really cool guy!

We went directly from church to Ashley and Leah's house. Leah is TJ's girlfriend, and the one I have chosen to be his wife someday. Perhaps you didn't think that arranged marraiges still existed? They do. I'm doing it, and you can't stop me! We went to lunch, and then went to the aquarium. Today it was only a dollar to get in. Julia was right when she said it would be way too crowded, and it would suck. I expected as much, but since it was only a dollar, I didn't much care. It was more to hang out than actually enjoy the views. What really bothered me was just that with so many people there, there were tons of kids running around with no parents in sight. I know this b/c many times kids that were old enough to know better would walk right in front of Leah and TJ, and I kept waiting for their parents to correct their rudeness. No luck. That was kinda scary to me. What really sucked the most about it, though, was that it was just a pathetic aquarium. I kept thinking there was all this cool stuff, as was Ashley. Upon searching for it all, we realized that we were both thinking of the Myrtle Beach aquarium! So, we feel like we got a dollar's worth, but not much more. At least we didn't have to pay full price to get in.

Afterwards, we went to the park. That was the highlight of the day. It was cold as all get-up out there, but that didn't phase them. They ran around all over the place, and had a great time. I thought it was funny, b/c TJ's new thing is "very well". An example is when he went to swing and the bars were cold. I ran and got his little gloves, and tried to put them on. His fingers all kept going into the same hole, and he said, "Mommy, I don't think these fit very well. I want to take them off." Like, where did my kid get this from? No one I know says "very well". He even says "lie down" instead of "lay down", which is incorrect. I thought maybe he got it from his grandparents, but no. I have listened to every one of them, and no one I can find says that. We all say it wrong! ???? Anyway, back to the playground, that was lots of fun.

We went back to Leah's house and played and had pizza. Well, I think b/t the two of them, they had about two bites of pizza, maybe. The main motivator to get them to eat seemed to be when the other one would try to take their food. Fun stuff! It was fun to just get to hang out and talk and have TJ be with a peer. The best part, though, was when we went to leave. I asked TJ if he was going to tell Leah bye bye. He walked up to her, took her plug and his out, tilted her head, then his, and laid on a long, passionate kiss. I'm not kidding...this thing lasted about 20 seconds, which is a LONG time for a 2 year old! Both Ashley's and my jaw dropped. It was a little scary. I REALLY don't know where he got that one! I can assure you, he doesn't see Mommy and Daddy kiss like that! My kid's a regular player!

It was such a fun cool day! I wish I could have more of them. I told Ashley, though, that at least since we can't, it makes us appreciate the times we can even more. It just makes it harder to get TJ to fall in love with Leah when he can't see her more often! I suppose I will be going now. I hope this was as exciting to read as it was to go through. I just realized it may not thrill you to hear about my day with two kids! Well, either way, I hope you have a marvelous day, and I'll see you tomorrow!
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Sunday, January 16, 2005
Great news!
TJ went pee-pee on the toilet today, all by himself! Yes, what an exciting moment! It was not planned at all. I was joking when he got out of the bathtub today, and told me that he didn't want his diaper, and I told him he would have to go pee-pee in the toilet (which is actually his little potty seat)...and he did! Four times! Yes, the three after the first were little drops that he forced out to get me all excited again, like I did the first time. I went nuts! He loved it! Finally, you could tell he was in pain from trying to force out little tinkle drops, so I told him we had to take a break for a while and come back and try again later. He seemed pleased with that idea. Then the calling began. Yes, I called my mom, Trey's mom, and even my friend Julia! What an exciting moment! Now the fear sets in...Do I have to do this everyday now? Does this mean I have to potty-train him now? What if I mess it up? How on earth will I do this!!!!??? Kids are so complicated! Of course, I call my mom and tell her I have great news, and she says, "You got a contract on your house?" Well, I guess my news isn't THAT great...but almost as wonderful! I never could have imagined five years ago that I would be having such excitement over something so seemingly silly! I mean, just say it..."He went pee-pee on the toilet!" Yeah, life certainly does change...Karla and Mark, just wait...It's so fun! Just wait for the calls when he poops!

I watched a couple of movies today. First was Little Black Book. It was cute, and I liked the fact that it didn't end the way I wanted it to. It also got me thinking a little about Trey's past, and what his ex-girlfriends must have been like, personality wise. He's told me stuff about them, but it is coming from him, and who would tell his present woman that the past ones were totally wonderful? The next movie was King Arthur. All I can say is that I still don't have any idea what it was about, and I really did sit through the whole thing. Kinda long and boring. The fighting scenes, for some reason, didn't even hold me. Also, it has that woman in it whose lower jaw sticks out and makes her face REALLY bother me. Yes, that's cruel, but I can't help it. The one saving grace it had was that the son of the head bad guy was kinda hot, had he been missing the beard. I really think there needed to be more explaining and history to add further understanding of, well, everything. I think they tried to cram way too much into one movie, thus leaving them with not enough time to cover any of it. That's just my opinion, though. I do think, though, that if you want to see a cute movie (girls, this is more for you, I think), check out Little Black Book.

Well, gotta go get some sleep so I can go to church tomorrow. I hope you have an inspired day, please continue to pray that my house sells, and I'll see you tomorrow!
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Friday, January 14, 2005
We are a-movin'!
I don't know what it is yet, but man is it moving! Every night around tenish, it just goes crazy! I guess I can see what kind of schedule we'll be having in a few months, eh? TJ's up all day (as he refuses to take naps anymore), and the little one's up all night. Yippee! Yeah, I'm pretty sure work wouldn't be an option with that going on anyway. My mom said that my little brother was really sick when he was born, and he never slept at night, for like the first few months. I was 2, and I wouldn't sleep in the day. My dad worked and went to the bar. She said whe didn't sleep AT ALL for the first few months my brother was alive, and was pretty depressed (for obvious reasons). That thought scares me. Between that and everything else we've done in our lives, you would wonder how our mom still loves us so much. I think that's what I love the most about being a mom, is that I love my child SO much, that nothing, absolutely NOTHING, could ever make me stop loving him any more than I do now. I'm glad I've got so much love to give. It's easy, though. Did I mention that I love you? Yes, I do, I love you.

So tonight I took TJ and we headed on up to Babies 'R' Us. I had nothing better to do, so I figured I'd get in the new baby frame of mind. About the only thing I'm going to need, that I can think of, is a new carrier, as I gave the last one away. I have a jogging stroller, which will work fine, but it doesn't have a carrier with it. I have to find a Graco one that kinda goes with it, but that's hard, b/c it's a really unique one. I found a couple that were good, but they were part of a travel system, and I don't need all that. I found a couple alone that might work, but they are almost $100! I just can't bring myself to shuck out that kind of money! Of course, I guess I may have to. So depressing...But, at least that's about the extent of it, aside from expected supplies. Marie has said that she insists on having a diaper shower for me. We'll have to see how that goes!

I just found out some very upsetting news. One of my best friends, Mike, just broke up with his boyfriend of over six years last week. I feel like I should be more upset about it, but I'm really not. He's been kinda hinting for a while that it's going to happen, although not putting it into those exact words. He also told me stuff that made it seem like a VERY wise idea. Mostly I'm just a little shocked, as they have been together for so long, and have so much together. Even though I knew they weren't happy together as of late, I just never imagined them apart. It makes me think of what might happen to me one day. Who knows what could happen in the future. I would hate to think that Trey and I might get tired of each other one day and stay together for the kids or economical reasons or whatever. However, they weren't even actually married, for obvious legal reasons, and they are having to go through the whole split-up the assets thing. I am glad, though, b/c Mike seemed so happy on the phone, and he didn't bitch one time. He usually seems moody on the phone when I talk to him anymore, even if he has nothing really to complain about. I'm happy for him, even though it will take a little while to sink in. Worst thing is, I'm the last to know. He waited a week and a half to tell me, his best friend! Even his not so great friend has known all week. We'll have to deal with this when everything calms down!

Okay, well, I need to go spend some qt with Trey now. I hope you have a nifty day, and I'll see you tomorrow!
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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
I got BALLS!
Yes, that's right, I got my balls! My day was made better when my principal walked in and dropped four clean little grey mouse balls into my hand. We are back in action. I still don't like my principal, but she won one point today.

Another good thing is that I got to eat lunch with some of my buddies at Atlanta Bread Co. today. It was fun. I was craving that restaurant, and they suggested it. I was so happy. Wed. is my fun lunch day b/c we don't have students after lunch (we just get to work), so we can stay out a little longer and actually enjoy our food! What's funny to me is that the two women I went with are the ones who always motivate you when you're down, and would never bitch and moan about how bad things are. However, today even they were going on about how terrible stuff is. Of course, one is the teacher who's ink was stolen the other day, and still hasn't heard anything about it. I suppose she has a very valid reason, huh?

The best thing about today, though, was that I got TJ back! I thought he would have to be gone all week at his grandparent's house b/c of Trey's messed up days off. However, my wonderful mother agreed to come watch him Friday, and Trey has tomorrow off, so he got to come home! I am so thrilled! It kinda sucks, b/c since Trey's now the "acting" Senior Manager (w/o the title or pay, just the work!), his schedule has changed to where he will be getting Wed. and Thurs. off every couple of weeks, so we'll have to find something to do with TJ on those Fridays to avoid sending him an hour and a half away to be watched for five hours. That's okay, though, we'll work it out! Btw, did I mention how much I REALLY love my mom for helping us out!?

I had an idea today that I'm going to try to fly by my buddy at work. She was telling me today that I need to learn how to crochet, and then showed me some blankets some of the boys made in her class. She's always doing crafty stuff, I wish I was better at that! I saw a little blurb today on the news about a boy in Charlotte who sold lemon-aide to try to raise money to help the tsunami victims, and thought that it would be kinda cool if we could make some blankets to sell to send the money to help the victims. It would teach the boys some service lessons, and perhaps show them that helping people is a good thing and makes you feel good. I figured as far as yarn goes, I could probably get some donations from Wal-Mart or something, and I think she has the rest of the stuff. What do you think? I have been dying to be inspired to do a service project. I would have to relate it to a lesson, of course, to get it approved. That's easy, though, being a spec. ed. teacher, b/c nobody understands what spec. ed. is all about, so we can pretty much do whatever we want! I think it would be so fun, and help people. Another idea, if we couldn't sell them, is that we could donate them to local nursing homes. I hope she goes along with it. My only fear is that my kids would never get it. I must have faith, though, and I'm sure they could figure it out. If you have any other ideas, then do let me know, too. Oh, and Julia, the reason we don't have books is b/c technically each student in my class only works on areas where he has deficits. We don't have a set curriculum. Each student has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), which has goals and objectives that we work to meet (ie-the student will master two-digit multiplication and division) in each area of disability (reading, writing, math, behavior, and transition). Our only responsibility, in theory, is to help the student master these goals. It really doesn't work that way, exactly, but we can't really use text books b/c we have no curriculum standards. Does that make any sense?

Okay, I've said enough. I have been in a talkative mood all day. I hope you all have an extraordinarily wondrous day, and I'll see you tomorrow!
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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Well, let's see....
I had an overall pretty good day, with minimal annoyance from my students. I did spend most of the day pissed off, though. It seems that those in charge at DJJ think that teachers are responsible for the mistakes of EVERYONE. Before break, all of the balls were stolen out of the mice on my computers in my classroom by the afterschool program they hold in there. I have been there for a year, and not once have I ever had a kid even try to steal one while in my class. So it never occurred to me that they may try in the afterschool program, so I didn't secure them from being stolen. It is a known fact that the so-called teachers in the classrooms during the program are not even qualified to be called babysitters, and don't pay the first bit of attention to what the students, like it or not, criminals, are doing. Needless to say, I was quite a bit peeved, as now my computers were pretty much worthless. So I emailed the powers that be, and told them of my problem. I told them it is only right for them to replace them, as they were there before I left them in their care. So far, the issue has not been dealt with, even though I've asked about it everyday and been told I would find out what's up. My principal has been avoiding me like the plague, b/c she knows she's not going to do it, and she's going to cover it up with some REALLY STUPID excuse. She's not a good principal. Soooo, this weekend they had the first Saturday detention, which seemed like a good idea. The students had to scrub and clean all of the floors in the rooms on my hall. They looked great come Monday when we returned to school! We all had to deal with the normal stuff, like getting the right chairs and desks back in the right rooms, but no big deal. Then the teacher across the hall from me comes out and says that someone went in her closet this weekend and stole bags of candy and over $140 worth of printer ink. Her closet was locked when she came in Monday morning, and was also locked when she left Friday afternoon. The only way to get the door unlocked, is to have a key to the room, which no students would have. This means that some JCO (Junior Correctional Officer) who was in charge would have had to let them in, for no reason. It's not a pickable lock. She was what you might call upset. So today she confronted the JCO that was in charge this weekend, and asked him how something like that could happen. He told her that they are supposed to secure the room, and make sure everything is in check. They are also supposed to pat down and scan the boys before and after they are in each room. However, it doesn't always happen, and must not have in her room. She said, "Well, who's going to replace my $140 of ink that I need?" His answer, completely straight faced and serious, "I guess you." Just like that. He said whoever was in that room (we later found out it was him) is not going to replace it, and that's that. She went to talk to the principal and head of security about it, and the principal said, "Well, we told you the students would be in your room over the weekend." She failed to mention they would be unsupervised, even though at the time a teacher brought up the complete nonsense of having the worst kids in school rummaging through our classrooms! The head of security commented that he had learned from this experience, and will be more careful next time. End of story. So now she's out $140+ of important equipment that's necessary to do her job (even more so for us Special Ed. teachers, b/c we don't have books, so we have to create a lot of our materials), and I'm stuck with 4 computer mice that don't work. The negligence of someone else, as usual, is placed back on us to correct. Meanwhile, my students complain daily about the mice, and I don't blame them. Their daily reward when they finished their work was that they could play computer games (educational, of course). I can't afford to buy four new mice, and I don't feel like I should have to. Then there's the other teacher, who will now have to find a way to replace her valuable and expensive ink, all b/c someone else didn't give a shit. What's worst about the whole situation is that it is not new by any means. I have had so much stuff stolen from and destroyed in my room that it's not funny. When you start they tell you to secure your room, and leave it at that. Not having a criminal mind, you have no idea what that means. It's not like we are complaining b/c we had personal belongings in the classroom that were stolen, b/c we are smart enough not to bring those...they are all necessary materials for our jobs. They are also necessary for making tattoos and small metal weapons for the students. This is just one small reason why I will not be returning to DJJ when the baby is born. The outwardly lack of respect and support we have there is appalling, and VERY upsetting. Already, since the beginning of this year, the Auto Mechanics, Coach, and a Math teacher have left, all suddenly choosing retirement. I just found out that one of the head security officers is leaving Friday. By the end of the year, I, the Lead Math teacher (who has been there over 30 years and came back from retirement), the Music teacher, the Art teacher, possibly a middle school teacher, a Reading teacher, the Building Construction teacher, and possibly a few more, will all be gone. Being that there are only about 30 teachers there, if that, I think that will hurt them quite a bit. I relish the thought, though. I don't want to make it harder for the other teachers, but perhaps that is what it will take for them to realize how stupid they are (those in administration, that is). I can't wait!

Oh, and please, if you get a chance, go to Susan's Page and comment, and also check out Kirsten's Page and comment. I'm really interested to see what everyone has to say on each of these topics.

Alrighty then. I hope my ranting didn't bring you down. Just talking about it felt good (even though you can bet this isn't my first time talking about it!). I've heard from my fellow employees and how they feel about it, but I think we are all in the same boat. So if you have anything to add, or would like to tell me your take or thoughts on it, please do. That could be interesting. I hope you have a whimsical and monumental day, and I'll see you tomorrow!
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Monday, January 10, 2005
I can't stop crying! This stupid pregnancy has made me WEAK! I just watched half of a movie on Lifetime (my first mistake) about a woman who dies of cancer and leaves her year-oldish baby and husband behind. I just turned it to the channel when she was saying her goodbyes, and I instantly turned into a waterfall! Then he remarried her friend that she had kinda handpicked for him before she died, and it was so happy....that I cried again! I can't stop! What's worse, this movie, Dawn Anna I think it's called, just came on, and I want to watch it. I know that it's about a woman who overcomes cancer or something, then her daughter dies in the Columbine shootings. Am I asking for it or what? I will have to swim to bed tonight! It's just come on, and apparently this woman has four teenagers! Whoa, and she's a teacher! That in itself would make me cry! Wish me luck...if you need me I'm sure I'll be crying about something...

Okay, so back to this movie...She's being interviewed and asked why she loves being a teacher. She gave the same answer I have, or had...She said it's that moment when the kid who hasn't been getting it just "gets it", when his light comes on. That is what I work for, even though I don't get to see it often. It got me thinking, though, that I feel like I have lost my spirit. My kids know it. When I first started there, I didn't have behavior problems with my students, b/c they saw just how much I loved my job and what I did, and truly believed that I could make a difference. That is not the case now. My kids still know that I love them, and that I want the best for them, but it's not the same. They can tell that I don't want to be there anymore, and that I just feel hopeless. I used to ride them if they didn't do their work, but now I just say "Whatever", and move on to someone who is. My behavior problems have risen, too. It makes me sad. I know why I have lost my love, and it upsets me that I can't figure out how to get it back. I don't think I ever will where I am now. I have been beaten down by DJJ and the politics. The kids there have given me the impression that there is no hope, and that the world is coming to apocolypse b/c of the evil criminals that just run rampant everywhere. I get scared about them, and think that I must never let TJ or my new child ever leave my side, ever, for fear that they may run across one of these criminals, or even become one! What's funny is that when I was in high school, I knew there were bad kids; but I knew many more good kids, who became wonderful, successful people. However, during that time, at DJJ the dorms were well overcrowded, and the whole system had tons more kids in it than it does now. So I'm sure it's really not any worse now than it was then...or is it? I feel like today's culture is much different, and it openly welcomes deviant behavior. Maybe it's just my daily situation...who knows...All I know is that I don't feel happy with what I do anymore, I've lost that loving feeling...I'm really hoping that if I can stay home and homeschool my kids, that will all change. I can't imagine doing anything better in the world than what I love, teaching, and who better than my children! Talk about saving the world!

Alrighty then, I've gone on long enough...I hope you have a terrific day, and I'll see you tomorrow!
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Sunday, January 09, 2005
Not much to say
I had the privilege of talking to my sister on the phone for a while today. That was a nice plus that I don't often enough get. Other than that, I had a really eventless day. I was planning to go to church and then visit my brother's house for lunch and hang out. Didn't happen. TJ went to bed really early last night b/c he was not feeling well after he had gotten shots on Friday. I didn't plan on letting him sleep, but he seemed like he really needed it, so I did. Of course, he slept very well, until about 1 a.m. or so. Right about when we were crawling into bed, he woke right up, and had no intentions of going back to sleep. After about an hour or so of trying to get him to lay down in our bed while we tried to sleep, I gave up and took him to his room. I slept in there with him so Trey could sleep. By sleep I mean I laid down and tried to sleep, while he jumped on me and ran around. My fears that he would hurt himself would never let me actually drift off, so I wouldn't actually call what I did sleeping. Somewhere, I'm guessing, in the 4 or 5 range, he decided it was time to lay down and nap for a while. Finally, sleep! I sure do love TJ, and he must have been aware and didn't want to miss any time together, b/c he was up, bright and early at 9 this morning. I don't know how he did it, b/c he didn't even take a nap today. Needless to say, with about four or five hours of sleep, I wasn't feeling too well. I did wash dishes and clothes today, though. That counts, right?

Trey and I are both very sad right now. It seems that our house is adamant about not getting sold, and we are getting worse by the day. We have been fortunate that his work is helping us out with the rent, but we don't know for how much longer, and they just cut the check down about a hundred dollars. Our house is so awesome, and I just can't understand why no one has bought it yet. I have faith in my real estate agent. I also have faith in God, and know that He has a plan, I just don't understand what it is. Anyway, as long as our house is still not sold, we have to send TJ away while we work. He will be going to his grandparents' house the entire week this week. That is very sad for us. I have gotten quite used to being here with him these last few weeks, and it's going to be even harder than usual when I get home and he's not here tomorrow. Not to mention the fact that Trey has been moved back to mids and won't be home till about 10 tomorrow. It might be nice to get a little while to myself, but I think after about an hour or so, I will be miserable. If you are bored any night this week, and you know my number, please don't hesistate to call--I'll be here, wallowing in my misery. I believe strongly in the power of prayer, as I have been seeing a lot just how great it works. So, if you could PLEASE pray for us to sell our house, I would greatly appreciate it. I can't imagine it would hurt, that's for sure!

Well, that's it. It seems I said more than I thought I would. I hope you have a marvelous day, and I'll see you tomorrow!
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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Have you guys heard of this band? They rock! You really should see them! Btw, did I mention how much I REALLY love Trey? He's such a great dad! Posted by Hello
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You got tickets just for putting a token in this train! Posted by Hello
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Go TJ, go! Posted by Hello
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Happy Birthday to TJ!!!!!
and Julia, and Blake. We just got home from their birthday party at the skating rink. It was fun! TJ had a blast, and I'm just sorry we were late (as TJ was not feeling well this morning). He got to skate with the big kids, and he was so proud of himself! He did a whole lap around the rink! It only took about three hours to do it! Blake and Julia got some pretty cool stuff. Blake got a lot of Spider Man stuff...I guess that's the cool thing now. I love the presents I got them, and I hope they do, too. Wesley liked them, said they were "smart". Grin grin grin... :)

Last night we took TJ out for his birthday. We started with a trip to the playground in the afternoon, which was cool. He even shared his wagon and let two little boys play in it. What a big boy! After the grand celebration of taking him to get his two year shots, and his nap, we took him to the Mexican restaurant for dinner. They took his picture with a hat on and sang Happy Birthday to him. Trey said they sung it in Spanish b/c they called him Pedro. The wealth of confusion and fright at them coming to sing to him was well worth the $4 we paid for it! Plus, he got dessert! I'll also point out that he was VERY well behaved, and stayed sitting in the seat the WHOLE time w/only a couple of warnings. My baby's growing up! (Sniffle, sniffle) Afterwards, we went to Chuck E. Cheese to play. He played all kinds of games. There were lots of kids there. They even gave him a cool crown and balloon. That was my fun job, carrying all of his crap around. Daddy got to play and run around....Oh, to be the mom! He liked watching the animal things sing, too, and was a little upset when they quit. I was going to go try to talk them into an encore, but quickly realized they were mechanized, and probably not the best at trying to talk to. All in all, it was a pretty fun night. The worst part was that while we were at the restaurant, his shots kicked in and he couldn't even move his legs from pain. So we had to drug him after dinner so he could walk. No wonder he was so happy!

Last night we watched Open Water. Trey had heard it sucked, but I don't know how anyone could say that. That was the scariest movie I have ever seen! It was so scary b/c it was entirely possible (and based on a true story), and the worst thing you could think of happening. These people go on a scuba diving trip on their vacation, and are left behind out in the middle of the ocean. Need I say more? It was so scary. They had no idea where they were, no one was looking for them, and they had nature to deal with. Perhaps you haven't met the creatures of the ocean, but they have no remorse, and don't play fair. It terrified me, and I can reassure you that I will not be going to the ocean for a long, LONG time. I wasn't too keen on it before, and now I'll be sure to make pools my water of choice. It was a short movie, with slow parts, but that's what made it even scarier. You need to see this movie!

Well, I hope you have a very merry day, and I'll see you later!
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Thursday, January 06, 2005
Alrighty then...
Oh yaa for me! I seem to have hit a nerve in some people. It seems that someone must be reading my blog! I got off work late today after having to attend a bogus meeting that further upset me. I was already in a not so great mood b/c I still had to teach middle school, although I was promised I never would have to again (Monday is my new no middle school day now!). Plus, I found out today, much to my disappointment, that two weeks apart does not make asshole students no longer assholes. As a matter of fact, I think it makes them worse! So, needless to say, I wasn't in the best of moods when I arrived at the homebase.

I see that I may have upset some people with my earlier post about my discipline problems. I have come to realize since I posted my thoughts while in aggravation from the topic, that I need to work on my own problems with TJ's discipline as well. I was bothered by my mom, but she called me the next day and told me she wasn't trying to upset me (as I knew she wasn't). I thought a lot about it, and I see where she was coming from. I still don't agree totally with her ideas on discipline, especially since she is all for spanking, and I am most definitely not. However, I do acknowledge that my planned route for disciplining TJ has not only not been followed, but may need some new turns. So I am going to work on that. I love my mom, and I know she would never do anything to go against me. That's just the way I felt when I wrote that, as I was a little upset at the time. I'm sorry for that, especially if you read that, Mommy, although it wasn't meant to upset anyone.

Anyway, this leads me to my next question, or ponderance, whatever you want to call it. Are you for or against spanking? If so, why? If not, why? I ask this b/c I am not, as I have stated before, and I feel I have a sound and legitimate reason as to why. However, many would argue with it, and I just can't understand why anyone would say it's alright. I need more. I have heard some say why, but it's in a way that they are trying to make me want to do it. I don't want that. I just want to hear your reasoning either for or against it, which you use to run your own mind. No persuasion. Just your facts. There are some people I know out there that I would expect one answer from, and would probably get another, so that also interests me. Anyway, please let me know.

Okay, I think I've said enough for one day. I hope you have a stupendous day, and I'll see you tomorrow!
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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Kick me!
Will someone please put a BIG sign on my back that says "KICK ME!!!"? I just typed an almost poetic post, and went to publish it, but instead pushed on the little X in the corner. What an idiot I am!

Anyway, what I said was that I am a witness to the fact that prayer really works. Today, as I got up, way too early, and took a shower I prayed that the students would not come to school today. My prayer was answered. Undoubtedly when God heard that it was not safe for the boys to be around while they worked on the intercom system, He agreed and decided that they would be delayed a day. Yaa for God! I think it's funny, since they will be working on it tomorrow, too, but hey, let's just look at the positive side, right. I got so much done today, and now I feel much more ready for the boys to come tomorrow. Although, God, if You decide they are not safe tomorrow, too, I won't complain one bit!

We just finished watching Troy a little while ago. The teacher in the class next to mine told me that Brad Pitt was full-on naked in the movie. Now I'm not usually one that really cares to see naked men, as it really doesn't do much for me. However, I will be the first to admit that that is most of the reason why I rented this movie. I mean, who could resist seeing Brad Pitt naked! I, of course, was let down to find out that it really was just his side, a very hot side, pressed up against a woman. I'll take it. I was not so impressed with his acting, though. Orlando Bloom was also quite the hotty that he is. I spent most of the movie being mad at him, as Paris, though, b/c he is a big wuss. He did somewhat redeem himself at the end of the movie, however. I liked seeing them sneak in using the Trojan Horse. I've heard about it before, but I didn't really remember the story. There was a lot of fighting, complete with plenty of gore and icky killing close-ups, that perhaps I could have lived w/o. The first war scene in the movie, of course, happened right as we began to eat dinner. That was nice. My favorite part of the whole movie, though, was the faces that Peter O'Toole, as the king, made whenever something bad happened. They were priceless and worth seeing the movie again for. I have to say, though, that the movie was not the epic tale I think they were hoping for. It was okay. I feel that not using Mel Gibson was their problem. If you are going to make a movie that big that tells a big historic tale, you must use Mel Gibson. It's just a fact, there's no way around it. I would say Troy is a good movie to watch, as there are some really good scenes (and faces and naked bodies) in it. However, if your kid wants you to play with him during the movie, go ahead, as I don't think you will miss much or be left too far behind!

Okay, do wish me luck tomorrow. It's the big day, for real this time. The boys are coming, and I don't know if I'm ready. It's not like I don't know them, but that could be my first problem. I am going to try my best to be a tougher teacher this semester. My goals are to put an end to profanity and contraband in my classroom. I will have to be assertive and not a softy. Please root for me, I really need it. I'm a big wuss! I hope your day is wonderful, and I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes.
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Sunday, January 02, 2005
Only one more day left! Tomorrow is my last day off! What will I do! I can't go back to work. Igh....

So yesterday Trey asked my mom to do him a big favor and bring up some steaks from the Chas. restaurant to his. He offered to pay for her dinner, so she agreed. She was planning to come and visit and see our apt. anyway, so it worked out well. It was nice, and it was cool to get that one more day in before we all go back to work and don't see each other for a while again. Here's my problem, though. I notice a tension around my mom anymore where TJ's involved. For one, she doesn't agree with me at all about not wanting to spank him, and to use alternate forms of consequences, and she's not afraid to let me know, often. Fine, whatever. It seems now, though, that she doesn't like how I discipline him at all. It seems that she is holding him to different standards than I (and Trey) do. She has a really big problem with the fact that he doesn't eat much, ever. He eats what he wants, and that's that. I talked to the doctor about that, and she said it's fine as long as he's fine. The child is not malnourished, underweight, and has TONS of energy. We do have a problem with him only wanting to eat candy and drink milk, but I'm working on that (well, the candy part, that is...). She seems to want to battle about it, though. I can tell that TJ is not cool with that, and that he acts up more when she's around. I don't have problems with him when she's not with him. He eats a little, then stops. I'm fine with that. When my mom is there, she tells him every ten seconds that he needs to eat, and you can tell that he doesn't just b/c she says to. That bothers me. I mean, I'll admit that it's very frustrating that my child purposely does the opposite of what you want him to do, but I can handle it, b/c he gets it from me! If he doesn't want to eat, I usually just save it until later, when he decides he's hungry. I have had to work on getting over the fact that his dad is the same way, and only eats one meal per day, with snacks in between. He, too, is fine. What's bothering me the most, though, is that I feel like just b/c she doesn't agree with my discipline methods she has decided to take it into her own hands. When she sits there telling TJ what to do over and over again, and it's contrary to what I would say, it puts me in a very awkward position. TJ is looking to me to stand up for him, but I don't want to confuse him by contradicting my mom, and to upset her, either. Another thing is that the problems often come up when we are out to eat, which she does pretty much everyday and at normal dinner time. I am really worried about his screaming and crying in public and bothering other people, so I dont' want to have to deal with him acting out. That's why we don't really eat out much anymore, and when we do, we go later when most people are not out eating. That way, if we do have to deal with him, we dont' bother too many people. Anyway, I don't know what to do, or if this is to be expected. I'm not trying to say my mom is mean or anything like that, I just feel like nobody respects my discipline decisions. I don't believe a child has to be spanked or taught to fear his parents to respect them. As well, I don't expect TJ at his age to be a perfect child at all times. As long as he's not bothering anyone, then he's fine. What do you think? I guess I told the whole story. If not, ask. I would like your input. Ever had to go through this? Should I risk upsetting everyone and tell them that my rules as his mom have to apply, or should I go along? I'm so lost!

Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. I hope you have a great day!
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