Tuesday, August 02, 2005
I feel sick...
And it's not what you're thinking...

Yeah, so I have a cold. Whatever. On Thursday, Trey has made reservations for us to go and stay in a hotel for the night. We are going to have a night out and get rid of the kids for a night. I should be excited. I am excited. Of course, I'm also sick to my stomach just to think about it. Trey's mom will be coming to spend the night with the babies, I mean, big boy and big girl. This will be a big, BIG moment for me. I felt sick at church last week when I left Taryn in the nursery, and that was just for a couple of hours and she was right down the hall, and I had a pager. This is a WHOLE NIGHT! I don't think I can do it, and I don't want to even think about it. Trey says I have problems. I probably do. I mean, this is, after all, his mom. The same woman who has watched TJ since he was a couple of months old, all the way up to me staying home permanently, and he is alright. She has raised three of her own children, four grandchildren before TJ came along, and is now in the process of pretty much raising two more grandchildren, not including mine. All of them are still alive and kicking, and doing alright. I'm pretty sure she's got her references all in line, and I know she loves the kids. I'm so nervous, though. I got sick when we first left TJ with her after a couple of months, too. So sick that I had to drink to calm down, and then we had to cut the night short to go get him, b/c I just couldn't do it. I don't want to do that this time. I'm so afraid that she'll heat Taryn's bottles (I am dead-set against this, b/c I don't want her to try it and like it, and then I will have to start doing it!). I'm so worried, b/c she really hasn't seen Taryn much since she was born, due to everyone always being out of town. She doesn't really know her at all, and doesn't know her quirks. Plus, TJ is SO attached to his Nana, and I'm afraid that he'll really act out if she pays any attention to Taryn. So, that means either she'll ignore Taryn, or she won't, and TJ will be really bad. She's pretty permissive, and that really scares me. She is the perfect example of a spoiling grandma, and I don't think she's ever told him no. What if he hurts Taryn? Plus, she gets really, really fussy every evening for about an hour or two, and can't be put down, and must be held just the right way. She doesn't know that, and what if she doesn't know what to do? My brain is all a flutter, and I know it's all ridiculous to even worry about it. Again, the woman is more than experienced (especially more than me!) with the whole child-rearing thing, and I'm sure everything will be fine. What if she doesn't make TJ brush his teeth? Shoot, I don't always make him brush his teeth! Why am I even thinking about this stuff? I'm guessing that my drugs have not begun to work yet. Oh, but I want to be excited about Thursday night! I know Trey is, and it will be so nice just to get away for a little bit. We even plan to get our drink on! I told him we can just take Taryn, but he won't have it. Something about stopping to feed her...(poor guy thinks I'm gonna make up for the last month and a half!) I need to get over this, and just be glad to get away...right? Must prepare my brain...and get the baby ready...

Oh, and one last thing...MICHAEL WON!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!! Anybody watch Hell's Kitchen? I was so going for Michael. I'm so happy! I couldn't stand Ralph from the start. Too cocky for me. Yaa for Michael!!!
And he's just so damn cute!

Have a great day! I'll talk to you tomorrow.
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  • At 7:42 AM, Blogger Julia

    I don't think you're unreasonable. I used to get nervous, even sick to the stomach about leaving my babies. She may be the best grandma in the world, but she's not you, and in our minds we are the only ones who know how to care for our babies. There is some truth to that, but you sound like you know everything will be OK. I seriously doubt she will let TJ hurt Taryn even though I can understand why you would think that. It's our job to worry, but try to have fun. It is nice of Trey to try to give you a break. So, have you had your margarita yet?

  • At 9:51 AM, Blogger pork and shellfish

    Your feelings are your feelings - they are neither right or wrong. You don't have problems. You know Trey's mom can take care of the babies. But you are still allowed to have feelings about it.

  • At 10:13 AM, Blogger TBG

    Oh my goodness I am sure it is hard. But it is Trey's mom she has lots of experience and I am sure she can handle what comes her way. TJ will get over his Nana taking care of his sister to. It is her Nana too. All will be fine. Go away with your husband and enjoy your night away. You both deserve it and dont ruin things by stressing about things that arent going to happen.

    It is completely normal to think those things but head out and have a good time. You are leaving them after all with your husbands mother. Come on she raised him, he survived and he is great.

  • At 12:56 PM, Blogger Jillian

    we're very happy that michael won too!! Hey, your MIL even watched TJ being born, didn't she? It'll be alright, but I know completely how you feel. Just breathe... and when all else fails, resort to margaritas!

  • At 5:06 PM, Blogger cesca

    Wow, I'd be absolutely FREAKING OUT at my baby going away for a whole night at such a young age. But then, as I breastfed til the kids were 1, I didn't have much of a choice (they weren't interested in bottles so just starved if I left them with babysitters for a few hours).

    Just make sure grandma knows all the tricks that you've learnt work for Taryn. She'll be fine. The main thing is for you to relax and have fun. I know, easier said than done.

  • At 8:39 PM, Blogger gina

    i am so pissed that i read your blog before i watched HELLS KITCHEN!!!!!!!!! uggggggg. you should have had a spoiler warning. lol. j/k

    your kids will be fine. you need this night with trey! isnt it his birthday?? woo hoo. get him a "nice present". haha. sorry to just sum it up with your kids will be fine, but honestly , they will.. and you will be 10 minutes away if not. have fun fun fun

  • At 8:57 PM, Anonymous k8

    a. how dare you leave me for one night even.

    b. i agree this one is kind of cute.

  • At 10:53 PM, Blogger suze

    Everyone else has already said it better, but you are not being unreasonable at all and you don't have problems. We as moms are hard-wired not to want to be away from our bambinos. And yes, your MIL has raised kids, but she isn't raising your kids. Could you guys just go out for the evening this time and then do the overnight a little later? That might be a good compromise because then you can tell Trey that you'll do your best to relax and enjoy the evening, but you don't have to worry about being gone all night? I don't know. Just a thought. Whatever you do, I hope you have lots of fun!

  • At 1:03 AM, Blogger mrhaney

    your kids will be fine with her. just go on and have a great time. mothers are good at adapting to different situations.

  • At 4:11 PM, Blogger gina

    kinda cute k8?? he is hot!! :)