Wednesday, September 19, 2007
I have become addicted to craigslist. Do you know what craigslist is? If you are in or near a large city of any type, there is one for you. It's fantastic. It's a local website where you can post stuff that you are trying to get rid of, and other people email you and tell you they want to buy it from you. Then you set up a time to meet, and viola! No shipping, no waiting, and great deals. It is kinda frustrating sometimes, though, b/c if you want something that a lot of people want, chances are you might not be the first to email them, and it will be gone before you get to it. However, new stuff is put on all the time, so it's likely you can find another one. Plus, you can put wanted posts on there, and a lot of times people will hook you up. They also have places where you can advertise services, such as babysitting and pet care, etc. They have jobs, too, and singles ads, or whatever they're called. I know there's more stuff on there, but that's all I remember seeing.

So far, on craigslist I have purchased the following:
a desk-$50, decent condition
a free desk-FREE
a carseat-$100, I think, a Britax worth $270, in great condition
a couch-$30, an AWESOME deal! It's almost new
a two door cabinet-$15, cheap, but serves the storage purpose I need
a vanity-$20, they sell on eBay for that plus shipping, at the minimum
toys for Cole-$5, she had them when I got the vanity

I think there's more, but that's all I can come up with right now. I tell you, I'm addicted! I check it every chance I get. Right now I'm in the market for a mini-fridge for Butch's room. They have them on there all the time, but I'm waiting for someone who's really just trying to get rid of it, and has a kick-ass deal. I also keep my eyes open for cool kids games for the computer and TJ's Nintendo 64, and Trey's Playstation 2. I think that when it comes time to replace my cell phone, I will look on there before going to the store. All the time people are changing phones or their provider, and they will have phones that work with Alltel that are barely used for next to nothing. I've seen people that just don't want to box stuff up to return it, so they'll sell new stuff for a fraction of the cost. I had a vacuum cleaner picked out, but Trey's too much of a snob to use a used vacuum, so I had to pass. I was going to get Butch a tv there, but his mom didn't want to go that route (her loss), and ended up paying wayyyy more for his tv than I would have for the same or better. Some people get deployed and sell everything in their house for nothing. They advertise garage sales. There was a woman posting on there the last few days who had just bought all this really nice Pier One furniture, but then decided to redecorate (must be nice!), so she was selling it for really cheap. It's just great, I tell ya! Oh, and I sold a carseat on there, too, and plan to put more stuff on pretty soon. When I'm done here, I'm on my way over there!

In other news, I found out yesterday I'm not even good enough to sell my plasma! I went to try, as it's always been some kind of nerdy dream for me, much like having glasses or braces is when you're a kid (and don't have them). I spent an hour and a half there waiting to start before they came to do a vein test and said I don't have a vein in my right arm (???-yet it hasn't fallen off!), and in my left there were three that came together at the spot, so it was too dangerous. I feel pretty crappy that crack heads and prostitutes can easily go and sell their plasma, and I can't even hang with them. I'm such a loser.

In more national news, I have a theory about OJ. I feel like he feels guilty for killing Nicole Brown Simpson and getting away with it. He doesn't want to go back and admit it now, that would look way too bad. Soooo, instead he decided to commit a crime of a different nature and get caught. That way, he could be found guilty and serve time and feel better, like he was serving it for the murder. I'm sure I'm 100% wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's what he was thinking.

In local news again, Taryn is half trying to learn how to use the potty. She's weird, as usual, though, and gets the pooping in the potty just fine. She doesn't get the peeing thing at all, and has yet to pee in the toilet. My theory is that since she can't see it in the toilet, she has no idea what it means. She calls pooping "I have go pee-pee", so I'm pretty sure she thinks that's what it is. I wouldn't mind so much if it didn't leave me having to clean up puddles of pee all the time. The plus: she seems to prefer going into the dining room to do it, so at least it's on the linoleum as opposed to the carpet!

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. I hope you're having a great week, and I'll see you soon!
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  • At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    You also got 2 cribs and some other stuff from Craigslist...
    Why don't you use the potty chair for Taryn? If she pees in that she can see it in there...

  • At 6:23 AM, Blogger Christi

    Oh yeah, see, I knew there was more stuff! Thanks for reminding me.

    I am using the potty chair w/Taryn. She just doesn't get it. She says she has to potty, then sits on it, then says she did it. Yet there's nothing. I think she just thinks that's what I do is just sit down on the toilet for a minute and do nothing! I told her to listen to the water coming out, and she said she heard it, but still nothing.

  • At 11:57 AM, Blogger karla

    Have you ever heard for freecycling? It's awesome. People post stuff their offering for FREE and you just have email them if you want it. A lot of people also post want ads. In my local area, I have seen people request strollers, beds, appliances. Some people offer weird stuff, like a box of frozen chicken they decided they didn't want...but it's totally worth signing up to see what people in your area are giving away.

  • At 11:57 AM, Blogger karla

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  • At 12:30 PM, Blogger Kurt

    Christi - I think it was me that introduced you to CL, no? Where is my mention?

    I've gotten apartments on CL, and bought and sold dozens of items, including my car. Love it.

  • At 3:00 PM, Blogger Julia

    Don't forget the fart man looking for a fart woman. He's willing to relocate!

    I was on freecycle for a while, but I got a zillion messages a day, most of them complaining about other freecyclers. By the time I saw something I wanted it was already taken. I gave some stuff away, but it's so much easier to put on the side of the road where someone will stop and take it. I don't care who gets it as long as someone does, and it doesn't end up in the trash.

    I'm resisting browing craigslist until I actually need something. Because if I see a good deal I will suddenly "need" it.

  • At 10:18 PM, Blogger gina

    also good for finding vacation homes!

    who is butch??? and why does he need a fridge...? lol