Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Blogging while I cook...
(set to the tune of "Whistle while you work") It seems it might be the only time I get for a while to finally get around to doing this.

Okay, so tell me this: What is up with our dog trying to eat TJ's butt!? He is obsessed with it. Everytime he sees him, he tries to bite his ass. What's worse is that today he bit his 'toodlewhop' as well. Perhaps the dog is gay. Of course, he has no problem humping Taryn's butt, so perhaps he's bisexual. I just don't know. I hope this doesn't lead to us having to take him to therapy. I just don't think I'm ready to go there. At this rate, though, I might have to take TJ. Can you just picture it:

TJ: I have recurring nightmares of my puppy biting my butt when I was a little boy.

Psychotherapist (PT): How do you feel this affected you in your grown-up life?

TJ: Well, I have a problem now with biting. I can't help myself when I see a butt,
I just want to bite it...hard.

PT: I see. I believe your problem goes much, much deeper than this. I think you
are a closet homosexual, and now is the time to accept your fate and come out to
the world.

Great! Now the dog has turned TJ gay! Okay, so perhaps that's not how it will go, but you just never know. Any tips on how to curb the ass-biting?

Saturday's the big day. It's officially TJ's birthday party. We went shopping for over four hours to get stuff for it today, and I do believe I'm the stupidest mother ever to walk the earth! Who the hell takes two small children out shopping for an entire day!? Yeah, that was stressful and adventurous to say the least. I'm excited b/c the cake is going to be SO COOL, but it comes at a price...namely $40! It better taste good! Got a pinata, too. I wanted a treasure chest, but they didn't have one, so I got stuck with this, which is pretty cool I suppose. I wanted to decorate the house all nautical looking, and I searched and searched for a cheap string casting net to put on the table. No such luck. I even went to the sporting goods store and Boater's World. Like, where on earth do they sell those damn things!? Anyway, the part that sucks the most is that I'm not done yet! Oh, and that I can't seem to find candy coins anywhere! I remember Trey bought them at Wal-Mart once, but I guess some fatass that really likes candy coins bought them all and ate them before I could get to them! Any idea where to look?

Okay, talk to you later. Have a great day!

HAHA! TJ was allowed to eat his dinner on the couch tonight to watch his new favorite movie, Monsters, Inc.. He didn't eat it right away, and Taryn came over and pulled it down while he wasn't looking. She and Blue went to eating it immediately. Kinda funny, I think! Poor TJ, I hope he learned he better eat his food when he gets it. The little buzzards will get it if he doesn't!
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  • At 6:31 AM, Blogger k8

    hey. i was wondering if you're still alive since youve been IGNORING MY PHONE CALLS.

    i love the cake. we should combine the parties and have pirates attack the castle.

  • At 10:33 AM, Blogger Julia

    When I had puppies and I wanted to train them not to do something I would pop them on the butt and say NO firmly. If it was something more serious like biting and the butt slap didn't stop it, I would lightly pop the nose and say NO. You don't want to do it hard because it will hurt. This seems to be better at getting their attention, and they really don't like it. You have to catch them right when they're in the act otherwise they won't know what they're being punished for.

    Puppy used to jump on people. I told Richard's girls when he jumped on them they could smack him and say no, so he couldn't get away with it if I wasn't around. He learned quickly. I don't think I'd teach TJ that yet, because he's so little and he might take it as license to terrorize the dog. Maybe you could teach TJ and Blue to play fetch with a tennis ball. Then they would have something safe they could play together. Labs are great at retrieving.

    Not only are Richard and Alison sick, but now Andrew's coming down with it. I pumping them with cold-eeze and echinacea, because I really want to come up and see you guys on Saturday! Your party decor sounds like it's going to be awesome.

  • At 1:19 PM, Blogger Kurt

    Aren't you sposed to smack puppies on the nose when they do bad things? That's how I remember it.

    Monsters Inc. is also one of my favorite movies.

  • At 9:26 AM, Blogger Jillian

    Sounds like his party will be alot of fun. We grab our dog's nose and hold it shut and say NO BITING when she tries to bite. It's done pretty good so far and she doesn't even try to bite anyone anymore. Good luck!!

  • At 9:57 AM, Blogger Carrie

    LOVE the cake!! now I miss Publix, though!

    hope you have fun with the party this weekend! TAKE PICTURES!

  • At 10:45 AM, Blogger Christi

    Yeah, all you've got up there is Harris Teeter....on every freakin corner! They have great food there, though!

    Oh, and we've been working on telling Blue no and "patting" him on the nose. TJ has actually done quite well. Maybe it's just b/c he's so young. He surely doesn't like it when I tell him no. He gives me a look and runs the other way!

  • At 11:05 AM, Blogger Cara

    love the cake!! hope the party goes well!! Happy Birthday TJ!!

  • At 11:24 AM, Blogger Karla

    Hey Christi
    We just started obedience school, and after trying about a billion different methods they recommended a soda can stuffed with a bunch of pennies. (And we finally found our sanity). We were using a spray bottle, but duh...labs love water. We also found with our pooch that grabbing his snout and holding it shut just got him even more rowdy. We now have about 6 soda cans scattered throughout the house and whenever he bites, we shake the can. It's like a little miracle happened and he immediately stops biting. The nice thing about the can is that your pooch can't run away when you are trying to discipline him, and it is a remote form of discipline.

    Hope all is well.

  • At 11:17 AM, Blogger k8


  • At 11:04 AM, Blogger TBG

    That cake is awesome!