Saturday, January 06, 2007
Not such a great start...
Soooo, the other night while working, I got pulled. I knew I wasn't speeding, so I was a bit baffled. It was b/c my tags were expired. I soon found out that the registration and proof of insurance were not to be found in Trey's car. Great! Since I'm a bit of a spazz, I managed to get out of getting a ticket, but with a stern warning to get all of that fixed asap before I was carted off to jail. Aigh, aigh Captain! So off I went yesterday to fix it all. I started by going to the nearest tax assessor's office to get copies of my paid tax receipts. Of course, they had a power outage (??? the store right next to it in the same bldg. was fine!), so I was forced to drive a half hour down the road. That part went okay, w/the exception that my kids kept running at lightening speed down the halls away from me while I tried to stand in line! Then I went to the DMV to get the registration for Trey's car.

Yeah, so this is where things started to really suck. Undoubtedly, every two years you have to pay $24 to renew your license plate, and we hadn't paid ours. Fair enough, I told her to pop it on to the fee. "Oh, but it says here that since you didn't pay it on time, you will have to pay a $50 late fee." WHAT????!!!! I kindly asked how I was supposed to know to pay this, and whom I was supposed to pay it to. I actually said, "Am I supposed to just know to write a check to the tag fairy in the sky and send it off into the wind when it's due?" I was informed that it's usually billed on your tax bill. mean the one I paid on time, even after you guys never billed me for it, b/c something went wrong when I changed my address when moving here? That bill? I was ticked, but paid it so that I could avoid being pulled again and going to jail (I'm just too pretty for jail!). When I called my mom, she acted as though it was something you were born knowing, and how could I not know to pay it? I justified my answer by asking every person I knew yesterday if they knew, and only a couple got it. Most agreed they just pay the bill when it comes and don't really think about it...much like myself, until now...So, anyway, the gist is that it cost me $75 to get a freaking copy of Trey's car registration, which, of course, I didn't have to allocate to that particular fund.

Today went seemingly alright, for the most part, until about 11:30 pm. I was on a delivery in the ghetto, and went to turn onto a court. Little did I know that there was a drain cover turned the wrong way on the drain, and sticking out into the curve of the road. I hit it with the tire. My heart sank as I heard the "Thunk!" of the tire as it completely flattened in a matter of seconds. (if you know me well enough, then you will remember that not so long ago I did this exact same thing, just in a different neighborhood at 5:30) 11:30, in the ghetto, w/two deliveries in the car, so close to the end of the night, me w/o a clue in the world how to change a tire (I know the basic idea, but I couldn't lift a tire if you paid me), Trey at home not able to pack up three kids to come help me. Thank goodness I have a WONDERFUL friend at work named Chris who is not only awesome, but really tall and strong. He came and saved me! Now, of course, I will have to go buy another tire, which I don't have the money for, b/c I spent it all yesterday on a tag fee I didn't have the money for!

I can't help but feel like a total failure lately. I just can't win. I thought I did good by making sure the car taxes were paid on time, and look where that got me! I try to drive better, and damn if I don't run into drain covers that aren't where they should be! It wouldn't be so bad if this were the only problems I have lately that I seem to be at fault for, but I'm not so lucky. I don't want to get on here and whine, so I guess I'll cut it short, but it just kind of feels helpless now. Not to mention, I was listening to talk radio the other day (Trey left it on...), and it seems that everyone in the educated world thinks we're going to be attacked by terrorists this year, and that our country is going down the tubes fast.

Needless to say, this year is not going quite as well as I had hoped...Maybe tomorrow will be better.
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  • At 4:38 PM, Blogger holy chaos

    sorry, Christi...

    car taxes, tags, registration are the devil!

    another flat... that sucks... thank goodness for Chris. that is scary...

    tomorrow will be better

  • At 4:53 PM, Blogger gina

    Christi and the terrible, horrible, no good , very bad day!!

    my taxes are wayyy overdue!! yikes! better get on that

  • At 6:11 PM, Blogger Julia

    1) Talk radio makes me feel anxious too.

    2) I think you got screwed by the government and you should get your late fee back because it was their fault. This is a long shot, but I've heard of this kind of thing working. Consider contacting one or more of your elected officials and explaining what happened. According to my neighbor, some of them like to fix things like this for people because they feel it will make you fall in love with them and brag about how great they are to everyone you know and they'll gain a few votes.

  • At 4:40 PM, Blogger Kurt

    If your tires are a little worn, you could always buy a used tire for the replacement. I got a nice one put on the OPE Honda for $32, including a 90 day warranty. Have them put it on the back, though, just to be safe.

    We have totally had this discussion before, hah?

  • At 8:08 AM, Blogger Karla

    Wow. Talk about a string of bad luck. Here's to hoping things start looking brighter. And you are totally not a failure my dear. You are raising three kids, running a home and working. That automatically puts you in the superhero/mom books as far as I am concerned.