Sunday, November 26, 2006
Hey there!
I think it's been a week now since I last posted. Geesh! Has it been as long and busy a week for you as it has me? I'm guessing so. I dread the holidays. Sure, there's lots of fun stuff going on, and all that, but man does it wear you out!

I did, however, get my Christmas shopping done the other day, for the most part. I made no attempt to leave the house, of course, and spent a night just ordering away on the internet. Oh, what fun! I love the excitement of waiting for something to come in the mail...and then getting it! TJ and Taryn are making out like bandits this year for Christmas. I'm getting TJ a telescope for kids, and a vanity for Taryn (she's getting SOOOOOO girly, it's scary!). TJ is getting a digital camera (it didn't cost us quite that much, but not much less!) from Nana and Grandaddy, and Taryn is getting a doll and doll accessories. I didn't even realize the doll talks, kewl! TJ is getting a laptop , and Taryn is getting a V-Smile for babies from Mimi and BoBo, or my grandparents, I'm not sure. That's just the main stuff! Then there's Cole. I think he may get an outfit or thermometer or something...but he doesn't care. My guess is he will sleep through everything anyway, and that's a-okay by me. Trying to keep up w/just the two of them will be plenty for me!

I really have nothing else to talk about right now. I guess I'm gonna go. I'll talk to you later. Have a great day!
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