Monday, December 04, 2006
My baby is growing up!
I finally got off my big fat butt and dragged the kids to church today. I can't use that "I'm pregnant" excuse anymore. I had been going to my old church when we first moved here, but they didn't have quite what I was looking for as far as what I want for the kids. So I've been planning to go to the Methodist church across the street since I decided not to go there anymore, b/c I know they have an awesome kids program there (my friend goes there, and sends her kids to preschool there). I had no idea how UTTERLY HUGE the church actually is! I think she told me they have over 3000 members there! It took me half an hour to go pick up all three kids after church today. Everyone of them was on a different hall, and all three halls were a maze away from the sanctuary. I miss my pastor in Columbia, though. I loved the service, and the choir was awesome. The people were all very, very nice. However, the pastor was, well, just a little more "passionate" than I like. He was more about the "what have you done" kinda sermon instead of the way Pastor Jones was, where he would tell a story and something funny and we'd all get it. I loved that about him. He was such a great guy. Anyway, though, I suppose I'll get used to it.

Needless to say, everyone was so helpful, which I needed since the church was so big and easy to get lost in. Cole's room was brand new, and being one of only a small few newborns, he got one-on-one attention, which I'm 100% sure he loved. Taryn went to the walker room, and was just very barely old enough to be there. She must have loved it, though, b/c when I went to get her, everytime I'd try to leave she'd run back. I ended up having to carry her out in one arm, and Cole's carrier and everything else in my other hand! She didn't like that too much!

The highlight, however, was my baby TJ. He came to the service w/me, and a little ways in left w/all the other 3-5 year olds to go to Children's Church. I really didn't think he'd be too keen on the idea of just going off w/a big group of people and not me, but he was fine w/it (which, of course, was a tiny bit upsetting...don't you need your Mommy, TJ?). They had Communion later, and, lo and behold, at the end they walked in all the kids from Children's Church! There was TJ, walking ever so maturely in line w/all the other children. Then he went up to the front of the church and took Communion all by himself (you know, w/all the other kids, of course!). I'm not going to deny that I got very teary-eyed. My baby just took his first Communion! He's getting so big! He bashfully smiled at me and went back to his class. I thought for sure he would come talk to me or something...When did he get so big? Look at me, I'm getting all teary-eyed again. What is wrong with me!? He had fun, though, and even drew a pic of a space ship (which looks eerily like a big, orange scribble to me, but...). When I went to pick him up, I asked him what he did in class, and he said, "We went to the bathroom before we left." Well, I'm glad to see he enjoyed some aspect of it!

The rest of the day was inconsequential. I've been so wrapped up in TJ's growing up that I can think of nothing else. Sure, it seems small, really, but it's also such a BIG thing! What next? College? Children? I can't take it! I think now I'm just going to go look at Cole some more and remember how small he still is!

I hope you have a great day, and I'll see you soon!
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  • At 4:00 PM, Blogger holy chaos

    3000 members! wow! that is huge. that is great about your kids liking it. do thet have a mom's group?

  • At 8:23 PM, Blogger Julia

    I've heard great things about their VBS, and I know lot of people who are not members of the church who send their kids there. I'm glad all three did so well.