Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Oh, never mind!
You know, the suspense wouldn't be so bad, or as much, if the doc hadn't told me it was highly likely the baby'd be out before Friday. Yeah, well it's Wednesday now, and he ain't even acting like he cares to ever come out! What ticks me off is that at night he's all movey and I have lots of contractions here and there. Then, during the day I'm just tired (b/c I can't sleep at night) and feel like crap, and he only moves when I bother him. What's up with that!? JUST COME OUT ALREADY!!!!!!!

So anyway, I'm trying desperately just not to think about it. Which, of course, if you have ever been prego, you know isn't possible. My every effort is thwarted by any sudden pain or movement or just thought that this could be the moment. I really just want to say, "Hey, just wait, and he'll come when he comes," but come on. That just ain't happenin'. Since she won't induce me on Friday, though, I really, REALLY want him to come on his own by then. Mommy is leaving Sat. for Myrtle Beach, and if he comes while she's gone then she won't be here for it. How upsetting!

On a high note, though, I do have GREAT help around the house. Admittedly, we are all quite tired lately, and kinda letting things slip (mainly me), but last night my mens helped tidy up before TJ went to bed:

Taryn made sure to keep everybody in check and did a thorough inspection of their job before they were allowed to call it a day:

Man, am I lucky! Just imagine what I can do with THREE little sets of hands to do my dirty work! Ahh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

I hope you have a great day, and I'll see you soon, I hope. Or maybe not...
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  • At 11:22 AM, Blogger Jillian

    regardless of how tired... walk around the mall 18 times, then go to the grocery store and fill a cart with soda and push it around 50 times.... after that... Castor oil, lots of castor oil... and why the hell haven't they stripped your membranes to get shit going?

  • At 12:21 PM, Blogger holy chaos

    still praying, christi! maybe today cole will make his grand debut????

  • At 2:02 PM, Blogger Margo


  • At 2:19 PM, Blogger Kurt

    I can't believe you're pregnant again. Why have you kept this a secret?

  • At 9:53 PM, Blogger Carrie

    I'm convinced that the ONLY thing that will make a child commit is spending lots of money.

    any pay-per-views you can order for like $100 that are non-refundable? I'm telling you... that's your ticket right there to Cole-ville!

  • At 1:33 PM, Blogger Julia

    Ya'll need to get on her case to pack her hospital bag. That's why she won't go into labor!

  • At 2:34 PM, Blogger Christi

    Nah nah nah! My bag is packed! Did I go into labor last night? NOOOOOOOO....

  • At 4:27 PM, Blogger aka_Meritt

    I do hope that you will do a "I'm on the way to the hospital!" post and not leave us hanging.




  • At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Any Baby yet??

  • At 4:30 PM, Blogger holy chaos

    is tommorrow the day?