Saturday, October 07, 2006
So much for days off...
I think I work more on my days off than I do at work!

Yesterday, I was fortunate to get to hang out with Mommy for a while. We spent the day running errands and shopping. Considering the fact that we pretty much just hauled them from store to store all day, the kids did pretty well. I mean, of course it took patience and a lot of "NO!"'s, but still, they could have been a LOT worse. We really didn't find a whole lot of bargains, but I got a couple of cute things for Taryn and the baby. I even found the bedskirt that matches TJ's sheet set on clearance, and that was a big thrill for me!

By the time we finished it was about time for dinner. Somehow we had managed to miss lunch altogether, and no one really was bothered by that fact. I think we did the snack all day kinda thing. However, upon realizing that dinner time was near, I think everyone's tummies immediately started growling. So we went to Mommy's house, and Bo was kind enough to run out and get some Chinese food for everyone.

While we were waiting for said food to come through the door, so we could voraciously attack him, TJ watched cartoons and Taryn pillaged and plundered anything she could get her chubby little hands on in Mommy's house. Fortunately, or so I thought, she focused herself on my purse. There's never anything in there that she can really hurt herself on, so I wasn't worried.

Needless to say, when, a few minutes later, Taryn walked up to me with foamy white stuff in her mouth and gagging like she'd just eaten my cooking, I wasn't worried at first. I figured she'd probably just found some cat food or something on the floor and popped it in her mouth as usual. Of course, after a second I realized that cat food isn't white...but my Lexapro pills are. At that same time I was also coming to the realization that I had put my Lexapro pill for the day in my purse on the way out the door that morning, and was planning on taking it as soon as I got a drink. Guess what...I forgot. Taryn reminded me.

I grabbed a paper towel out of the kitchen and wiped out as much of the white stuff as possible, and decided it best to call poison control. They sent me to the emergency room. Ugh. Of course Bo hadn't yet returned with the food, and the woman on the phone told me Taryn couldn't eat, so off we went, both hungry little horses.

I debated calling Trey about it and causing undue worry, but I went ahead and did it in case something bad did happen. I would be pretty upset if it were me and he waited to smack me in the face with some kind of phone call like, "Taryn's having convulsions and throwing up blood...Oh, and we've been here at the hospital for three hours now." Even though I told him just to be on the lookout for a call in case something did happen (which I kinda thought nothing would, so...), he went ahead and got off work and came to the hospital.

Anyway, this is getting long, isn't it? Taryn got hooked up to all kinds of little stickers on her chest connected to a machine to monitor her heartrate. She also got a gown that was the smallest they had, and completely sucked her in like quicksand. I kept having to dig her out of it. She even got to get an EKG, which I'm sure I will be paying out the butt for FOREVER. She was really good about the whole matter, and after a while didn't even fuss as she gave in to the fact that she couldn't get off of the all-too-tiny bed they gave her. I don't think it hurt that she was beyond tired, not having had a nap all day.

The best (as in most frustrating, challenging, and still pretty funny) part was trying to get her to drink/eat charcoal. Ummmm, ewww! The nurse said it was sweet, but she took one sip of that black, nasty goo and said, "HELL NO!" So we tried it w/milk. She said, "Do you think I was born yesterday?" Not a chance. I put it in her sippy cup and pretended to pour Coke into the cup. "Damn, people! Do I have STUPID stamped across my forehead!" Yeah, whereas we could trick TJ all day long, Taryn didn't play. TJ, of course, wanted to suck it down from the second Trey told him it was medicine. It was nasty looking. Finally, the nurse put some in chocolate pudding (which Taryn really isn't a fan of, making me wonder if she really is my child), and it was still a no-go. I was beginning to think they weren't going to let us leave until it was all gone, and had started planning how I was going to decorate the room for a nice, comfy living space for THE REST OF OUR LIVES. I finally got her to eat about five or six bites by taking her pacifier away and telling her she could only have it back if she ate "just one more bite" (which actually totalled five). She gave in. She also knocked the spoon a few times, and got charcoal EVERYWHERE. That stuff is NASTY messy!

After three hours they let us go. I had to pay a damn $75 copay! Like, what is up with that!??!!! She is/was fine. Trey and I have decided to get her some of her own, as she didn't even cry this morning when she got up, and has been in an even happier mood than usual, if that's even possible. Lord knows she handled her first dose of Lexapro better than I did! Sorry about the book-long saga...I guess I'm just feeling literary today.
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