Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Diabetes SUCKS!
Okay, I have officially tested my blood sugar twice now, and both times my poor little finger cried! Funny, I would like to think that overall I have a decent pain tolerance, but man, those tiny little finger pricks HURT! The second one stung, and wouldn't stop bleeding for ten minutes! However, so far my blood sugar has been where it's supposed to be. That's making me think maybe I'm not diabetic, and that I want to go back to my normal diet. There is a tiny little Hershey bar sitting in front of me right now that is calling my name. Surely that is part of a diabetic diet, right? Since I haven't been shopping yet, I don't know if I have anything even allowable for me to eat. For breakfast I had canned peaches and milk. Mmmmmm....Maybe for lunch I'll have a slice of turkey sandwich meat and an egg. Yeah, there you go. Oh wait, I don't think we have any eggs...okay, just a slice of turkey. So can you tell I'm not happy about this?

At 1 I get to call in and have a conference call on "How to eat like a diabetic". I find this hilarious, b/c my dr. kept saying it just like that yesterday when she'd tell me about it. It makes me think diabetics eat differently, like they put their food up their butts instead of in their mouths or something. Maybe they grow a diabetic-eating mouth on their side. Yeah, I'm sure it's only funny to me, but man is it funny! I just hope they tell me I can eat candy, namely chocolate.

Oh, and aside from me, Taryn has taken to jewelry. She really likes bracelets, and she's not overly keen on me putting stuff in her hair (however, she loves it when Daddy does her hair???). I bought her some little jewelry the other day, which now most of it has been lost or TJ has broken, but it was cute while it lasted...
My baby's becoming a girl! OH NO!!!

Talk to you later! Have a great day!
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  • At 1:29 PM, Blogger holy chaos

    cute little girl! isn't chocolate a food group? i hate finger pricks!

  • At 8:16 PM, Blogger gina

    not finding sympathy for ya with the finger pricks here, sister.

    taryn is so girly! cute!

  • At 9:14 PM, Blogger Carrie

    ok... slowly making the rounds again. wtf? diabetes? is it just the preggo thing?

    I would seriously hurt someone without a regular ingestion of chocolate for these last few weeks.

    as a matter of fact, I had choc cake for dinner tonight!

    baby girl is adorable!

  • At 9:15 PM, Blogger Carrie

    oh, and I love love love the template. I'm going to steal one from her as well. I'm digging the cavepeople, I think. it's SO ME!

  • At 5:44 AM, Blogger kathy

    Christi hi (((HUGS))) I laughed at your comment over at Karla's. I'm adding you to my links...I've missed you! your kids are growing fast...they are so cute! love ya! :)

  • At 5:45 AM, Blogger kathy

    hey! this template looks familar...i think i had one like this at one time! :-D

  • At 5:45 AM, Blogger kathy


  • At 5:46 AM, Blogger kathy

    She gets all the credit- too funny Christi


  • At 3:52 PM, Blogger Margo

    Love the new look!

    Who can possibly live without chocolate?

    Sweet pic!

  • At 8:30 PM, Blogger Carrie

    hey.. you're not off giving birth or taking kids to the ER, are you???