Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Bets are on...
Hmmmm, so it seems I have a little pool going. Do I have to begift the winner? I still haven't gotten around to mailing out the gift to the winner of the "Pick the baby's name" contest I had a while back! Surely I'll have that done by the time he's in Kindergarten, I hope...

Let's see what we have here:

Renee-Oct. 19th
Aka_Meritt-Oct. 23rd
Margo-Oct. 30th
Natalie-Oct. 31st
Julia-Nov. 2nd

Soooo, my favorite friend right now....Renee, of course! My once best friend, now on my shit list. Sure, sure, so she's all using common sense and previous knowledge from the first two and blah, blah, but still...NOT COOL.

It's funny, though. When the dr. told me yesterday that something is bound to happen in the next week or two, probably on its own, it really freaked me out. I pray every single day that today will be the day, and I say that I'm soooooo ready for him to come out. Then, I find out that sometime in the next TWO WEEKS I will have a baby!? Oh my GOD! I'm not ready yet! No no no! I'm really going to have a baby so soon? I'm scared shitless, I tell ya!

I did finally get around to washing his, and the other, carseat today, as well as the cover to his swing. In the next few days I hope to finish painting TJ's/ his room. I think I'll work on that some while the kids are in bed tonight. I think that tomorrow I'll pack my bag, which won't be anywhere near as full as it was when I had TJ. Remember those lists of five thousand things you will DEFINITELY need while you're in the hospital? Yeah, bunk. I do need to make sure all of the batteries for all of the cameras are charged, too, eh? I guess I still do have a few things left to do. Better get on the ball, in case he really does decide to go ahead and make his entrance. I'm wondering just how much the kids realize what's going on. Judging from TJ's behavior lately, I'm betting he is very aware that something big is about to happen, and he's not exactly cool with the whole idea. He's been very, VERY mean to Taryn lately, and I think he may be trying to make a point. Yeah, maybe if I could just hold off having this kid for just a few more years, till TJ and Taryn are old enough to be cool with it....

Okay, now I'm really eager to go and tape the bedroom to finish painting. I'll talk to you later.
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