Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Still here...
I haven't posted in a few days b/c I haven't really had much to say. I feel like anything I say will just be moaning and groaning about this baby not coming out yet. Of course, I suppose I could complain about how lowsy tips have been lately, but I don't think that's an improvement!

Anyway, I went to the dr. today. She said I'm 3, almost 4, centimeters dilated. I asked her if I could be induced on Friday (assuming he doesn't come on his own before that) b/c my mom is leaving town Sat. for a week, and I really want her to be there. She said no, b/c it won't be my 39th week yet. Mind you, now, my 39th week begins THE NEXT DAY, but whatever. She said if he's not out by Friday, though, that she would definitely induce me on Monday....WTF!!!??? Anyway, she said it's a pretty sure thing that he will come out on his own before Friday, and that I need to do lots of walking and have plenty of sex. So far, I've been having little contractions all day, but nothing worth caring about. Like when does labor begin? Do I have to wait till I'm 10 cm. or something? Sadly, I have no idea. I've never gone into labor on my own, and I'm so nervous about how it works and what the moment will be like. I would think that 4 cm. would be a good time to start, though.

Anyway, that's my news. I'm still working, b/c really, why not? Since I was told to have lots of sex, I'm now going to make Trey's day and offer it up. Can't hurt, right? Talk to you later!
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  • At 12:26 PM, Blogger holy chaos

    hang in there! you will make it!!! i am praying. that is impressive that you are able to work!!! today would be a good day, wouldn't it? i thought that R would never come... but after sex one night a couple of hours later my water broke! i was so happy!

  • At 10:09 PM, Blogger gina

    I'm gonna be an aunt again! YIPPEEEEE!!