Sunday, June 11, 2006
Speaking of babies...
Oh, we were, weren't we?

Anyway, I think I'll be very surprised if this baby doesn't come out with brain damage. Yeah, so I probably said that about Taryn, too, but TJ was over a year younger when I was prego w/her, and not nearly as strong. Plus, he didn't have a sudden love of ramming his head into my stomach. Or did he?....My mom didn't have a pool then, and thus, he didn't have the opportunity to push himself off of my stomach as hard as he could everytime he came near me, which is a LOT. Wish this poor kid luck!

Oh, hey, speaking of Tj in the pool...we were, weren't we? Did I tell you about last week yet? My mom and I went out to the pool with the cheerin', and while we were getting Taryn in her float (which takes a small army), TJ decided he'd go ahead and hop on in on his own. He's barely tall enough now that he can hop up and down and stay above water in the shallow end, but it had rained, and the water level was a lot higher that day. Somehow my mom and I failed to notice him getting in, and for a few seconds it was pretty quiet (so something MUST be wrong, b/c TJ is NEVER quiet for seconds on end!). I looked over beside my mom to see what he was up to, and, lo and behold, he was below the water, trying desperately to pull himself up above it. I, in my panicked mom way, screamed, "GET 'IM! GET 'IM!" Thank goodness my mom was about a foot away from him in the water (I was out of the pool), and grabbed him right up. I died yet again that day. I must be a cat. Anyway, I'm very proud of him, b/c once he had calmed down and stopped crying, he put his swimmy arm floats on and hopped right back in. I had to hold him for a bit, but after about five or ten minutes, we started playing shark. We went to grab Mimi, and as he was reaching for her, I turned and swam away. Before he realized I was gone, he was swimming fine again, and it was like nothing had ever happened. Of course, now he tells the story to everyone, and it's cute. My son, the tough little survivor. Even now, a week later, he was jumping about four feet into the water w/o a care. That kid scares me!

Oh, and on the baby front again...b/c that's what we were talking about, right? Gina got dibs on the bouncer, and I won't argue there...:) I called my sis-in-law, and she said sure thing I could have the swing. Like, cool, huh! I figured out the only thing other than some clothes and food and diapers kinda stuff I'll need now is a carseat. That's not a big deal, though. He'll be in the carrier for a few months. We actually have an extra carseat right now, but it sucks. It was the first one I got for TJ, and he and I hated it. The straps would always get twisted, no matter how hard you tried to keep them straight, and you could just tell it wasn't comfy for him. Soooo, if push comes to shove, the little guy can use that one for a while. However, what I want to get is a new one for Taryn, and he can have her old one. The one she has now is a Britax Roundabout, and I absolutely LOVE it. Britax makes the best, most comfy, not twisty-strapped, safest, coolest looking carseats ever. Of course, if you know anything about them, they also make them a bit more costly than other carseats...but they are well worth the extra expense, and will outlast any other carseat you buy, thus in the end making them cheaper somehow. Anyway, the one I want for Taryn's replacement is a Britax Marathon, Ashley Floral print, which holds a bit more weight and height, thus lasting that much longer, and looks awesome. You should go and check it out. I figure we'll have a little time to save up for it, especially since we won't really have to buy anything else major. Cool, huh? I'm so excited!

Okay, I think I ran on enough now. I hope you have a great day, and I'll see you soon!
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