Saturday, November 26, 2005
Behind, but whatever...

Okay, so Thanksgiving was fun for me! We did something different this year, which I would like to continue doing, even this Christmas. Trey's parents came and watched the children, which I might do differently if I had known they probably could have come, and we went to the Salvation Army to volunteer. We really didn't do much, as there were about three thousand volunteers and not that much work to do. Really, there were more volunteers than people we were serving, I think. Anyway, we helped decorate the building and untangle tree lights. Then we helped serve the food. Well, Trey really just held up the 30-40 ft. tree (Trey and I are in disagreement as to how tall it is) they were putting up, while I helped serve food! What was really cool is that when we were done giving out the food, we got to eat Thanksgiving dinner, too! I was pleasantly surprised, and it tasted great! After we ate, we hung lights on the trees in the building, and some people worked on decorating the extremely tall Christmas tree. All-in-all, it was nice, and a different way to spend Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but we actually did our Thanksgiving the day Taryn got baptized, since we already had a lot of family coming that day. It was quite nice, and I think we might make this a yearly tradition, and maybe even drag a few people along!

Speaking of, they gave us red bracelets made out of rubber, like the ones everyone is wearing these days. Trey has not taken his off yet. He is very proud of himself for volunteering. He said people at work yesterday were very shocked to hear that he had gone. He told me that one chick was all like, "Well, I volunteered before, too!" as if she felt guilty or he was trying to make her feel bad! We decided that we are going to go as many times as possible, so we can collect bracelets and show them off! Okay, maybe not, but...

So my idea is that we give our gifts for the kids to charity instead, as I know that my kids don't need squat. Then, as a family, we go volunteer somewhere for a few hours, then later we can open gifts and eat together, or something like that. I figure each set of parents could buy gifts for their own kids, since they know what they need, and the rest of us could give our gifts for them to more needy kids out there. I like my idea, and so does Trey, but he really doesn't think it will fly with the rest of the family, and I kinda think he's right. So, in this case, what would you do? I'm kinda torn. I want to do it (it really makes you feel good, like you've actually accomplished something), but I don't want to piss off anyone, or go out on a limb and be the lone ranger. So what would you do?

Okay, TJ is begging me to "stop doin' my 'pooter" now. I'll see you later. Have a great day!
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  • At 8:33 PM, Blogger Julia

    Yeah, I've always liked the idea of forgoing so many gifts and helping others, but people get offended by that idea, so I just begrudgingly go along with the status quo. If you do it, I think that would be awesome!

  • At 12:46 AM, Blogger gina

    if you give your kids gifts away, what gifts will you "open" later, as you said?
    just being difficult.
    dont give tj or taryns gift away from us!! we do angel tree, operation christmas child and have adopted a little girl in sunday school. We give plenty and want to bless our family as well, as little as it is.

  • At 10:54 PM, Blogger ginger

    That is really wonderful what y'all did on Thanksgiving, and I think it is a wonderful idea to take the kids too. What if you let your kids pick one of their gifts after opening to give away? That way they will feel like they gave it themselves. :)