Monday, July 11, 2005
My eyes hurt
I think that means I'm tired...

First off, let me direct you to Monkey Mama's Page. Her post today was quite nice, I must say.

Today, I took no pictures of my children. So, instead, I give you a pic of someone else whom I have a crush on, which Julia brought to my brain...
Is he not just totally HOT! Oh, Topher!

Okay, nothing special today, so I want to ask you yet another question. For those of you with two or more children, I ask you this: Did you ever feel weird calling yourself Mommy to the second child? Okay, like, I'll be sitting there holding Taryn, and I'll be talking to her, and I'll say, "I'm your mommy, and TJ's your brother...", something like that. Then, I'll feel all strange calling myself her mommy. I'll think, "No, I'm TJ's mommy." Or, I'll be holding her (I do that a lot, eh!), and I'll go and kiss her, and then I feel weird. I'll think, "No, I kiss TJ like that." Then I have to stop and readjust my brain to remember that I am her mommy, too, and that I'm perfectly allowed to love her as much as I do TJ. Like, sometimes when I'm with other people's kids, I'll hug them and kiss them on the forehead, and it will feel strange to me, b/c I really want to give them a big hug and kiss, but I feel like I shouldn't b/c I'm not their mommy. I wonder if TJ feels the same way? Like, I wonder if he sees me kiss her and says, "No, you can't kiss her, you're MY mommy." I could completely understand that, really. I mean, I have been his mommy for over two years now, and who is this strange little person living in our house now? I will say, though, he constantly tells me how much he loves her, and I tell him how much she loves him (b/c it's very obvious that she does!). It's so sweet! I asked Trey last night if he ever feels this way, and he just looked at me like maybe I had an alien growing out of my forehead or something. So, I pose this question to you, b/c I'm beginning to wonder if maybe there's something wrong with me (perhaps there is an alien growing out of my forehead, and it's making me have these silly thoughts!). Rest assured that my strange thoughts are not keeping me from kissing her and snuggling with her and just being totally in love with her, but still, sometimes I just freak out a little! So, what's up?

Okay, that's all for now. I hope you have an awesome day, and I'll talk to you later.
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  • At 12:03 AM, Blogger k8

    i have no advice re: this topic since mine came packaged together.

  • At 12:04 AM, Blogger k8

    doesnt topher rhyme with gopher??

  • At 12:18 AM, Blogger Christi

    He can "gopher" me anytime! Ha ha ha! I crack me up! It's short for brilliant, I say!

  • At 1:05 AM, Blogger Whitney

    Hey! I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Your kids are sooo cute! I love TJ's red hair! And I really like the name Taryn!

  • At 6:44 AM, Blogger Julia

    I don't remember feeling strange calling myself Mommy to her, but I will say that ti took some time to feel like she was really part of the family. I think it's part of our genetic makeup to not get attached immediately because in the past, the death rate was high early on, and it's a way of protecting ourselves.

  • At 7:09 AM, Blogger mrhaney

    hello christi. well being a man i guess i can not comment on this post. i wanted to say hello though this morning. i messed up by template on my blog a couple of days ago and i lost some of my favorite list on my sidebar and your name was on there and i lost it. i reinstalled it though.

  • At 10:10 AM, Blogger Echo

    It took me some time to adjust to being Mommy to Jaylen. It was so weird the first few minutes that he was out - I was thinking, "Wow - is he really ours to keep? This is so weird to have two!" It took more than a few minutes to adjust to having him here and actually having two children, but you know what I mean. ;)

  • At 11:25 AM, Blogger Jillian

    Deep Breaths and two margaritas so sayeth the doctor!!! It'll be alright. It's the same as when you get married and have a problem with saying your HIS wife. It'll pass... and regardless of when it finally starts to seem like normalcy, you'll look back, and say "How the heck did I get here?" It's all very awe-inspiring.

  • At 7:43 PM, Blogger Tammy

    Ok, I have a question for you. What kind of Drugs did they give you in the hospital?

    All kidding aside, I don't think I have ever felt like that but I did say it to Ethan a lot, "MOMMY LOVES YOU." and Mackenzie would come running over and want me to hold her. So then I would say it to her.