Saturday, March 01, 2008
Seriously overdue...
No, I'm not talking about my library books, although they always are by the time I turn them in!

Really, though, I've been pretty absent lately, eh? Been pretty busy. We just got back into town the other day, and man, did we have fun! Oh, and I have a story to tell you, too, from when we got back!

So we went to the mountains. The house was great, and everyone who was supposed to come did. Well, at first. The second day we went out and checked out downtown Gatlinburg, which is like a mini version of Myrtle Beach. There were all those Ripley's places and candy stores and stores that sell crafty stuff and basic souvenir shops. My favorite was the Harley Davidson store, of course it was also the most expensive, and therefore, not in my price range! That night, Ashley showed up with her aunt and a couple other people, and we sat up drinking and hot-tubbing till the wee hours.

The next day, Ashley and her people got up EARLY and went shopping all day. When she got home, she said she'd spent all her money and promptly left. I was pretty pissed off. Also, Mike's friends left that same day, b/c their tiny baby was sick w/a cold. Suddenly, the house seemed pretty empty. However, we still had fun.

We went skiing the next day, and I discovered that I am NOT cut out for skiing. Amanda and I split the cost to rent one set of ski equipment, and that was a great idea. We each went down one time, which took about an hour for each of us, and we both fell at least a hundred times each! Trey was our teacher, and he's pretty darn good. Justin was snowboarding, and I guess he did well, I never got to actually see him. Mike, I think, got better as he went. Near the end, TJ wanted to ski some more (yes, he skied, and so did Taryn...sorta!), so Trey took him to the little practice place, or so we thought...They were gone for a LONG time, and no one could see them. The next thing I knew, I looked up the slope, and there were Trey and TJ coming down the mountain together! I almost died! However, it seems that TJ, with the aide of Trey, is pretty good, and only fell two times. Who knew! What I don't get is how TJ made it up on the ski lift, b/c that was by far the most terrifying event of my life! I was 100% sure I was going to die! The funniest part, to me, was that according to Trey, I wasn't doing too badly. However, every time I started going fast, I would freak out and make myself fall down! I'd say I need to learn how to slow down, but I'm pretty sure I'm done with least for a LONG time! I'm still sore from all of the butt, my arms, my neck, etc...

We came home the next day, and as much as I liked being there and seeing snow (that's all the kids really cared about, quote Taryn, "I maked a snowball fight with you, Daddy!") and getting away, I was happy to be home.

Oh, so I forgot to tell you, I dropped my camera while we were at the ski place and broke it. Therefore, I have no pictures, igh. I hear Justin made a video of me skiing (well, mostly falling), but I have no desire to see said video, and I hope it accidentally gets burned up in a fire or melted by acid. So anyway, when I got home, I made it my goal to get a new camera. I went on craigslist, my new shopping home, and found one for a great deal. I picked it up on Thursday. I brought it home and goofed off with it. I made a video of TJ, and put the memory card into the reader. A screen popped up asking me if I wanted to view the video. I found it a little strange that it didn't let me download it first, but I went ahead and pushed okay. As TJ and Trey sat in anticipation of my little video of TJ being an idiot, they were, uhhhh, surprised to see a guy and a girl butt naked going at it instead. Yeah. So, what did I do? I watched it for a few minutes in total shock before I realized TJ was still watching, and it needed to be turned off. Afterwards, I figured out that I was trying to figure out if the girl was the chick that sold me the camera, which is why it took me so long to cut it off. Naturally, Trey and I freaked out, so TJ begged to watch "the bad movie" again! I searched the camera and the memory card. There were no porno videos on them anywhere. There were, however, a couple of pics of the people I got the camera from, and it was not her in the video! I searched our computer and found nothing, either. Oh, and I failed to mention that we got a BRAND NEW computer the day before (yep, 40 GB memory was stone-age...we've moved up in the world!)! I do not know where that video came from, but man, was that an interesting experience!

So, anyway, I guess that's enough for now. I leave you w/pics from my new camera of my babies and their new haircuts from last night (well, not Taryn, but...):

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  • At 2:10 PM, Blogger Julia

    Did you save the memory card from the broken camera? I'm sad that there's no pics.

  • At 3:12 PM, Blogger Kurt

    I waited out front all day, but you guys never came by to pick me up.

    I have never heard that excuse before for leaving. ("I spent all my money")

  • At 1:17 PM, Blogger Carrie

    oh my goodness. I'm still in shock about the video. I guess you never know!

    glad you guys had a good time when all was said and done!

    the kids are cuteness abound!