Sunday, July 08, 2007
Cole-Cole's getting his first tooth! Finally! For some unknown reason, while I was waiting for help at the store the other day, I stuck my finger in his mouth. There it was, tiny and sharp, in all its glory. It's even grown since then, and now I can kinda sorta see it if I hold him down and shove his tongue back down into his throat while I pry his mouth open! How exciting!

Back to the waiting for help at the store the other day story. You know, the one where I happened to have stuck my finger in Cole's mouth and found a tooth? Yeah, well we were not there to find a tooth, unfortunately. We ran to Wal-Mart to pick up some ingredients to make zucchini bread (which was a raving success, might I add!), and I figured while I was there I'd go ahead and get my tire patched. It'd had a slow leak for about a week then, and I was getting tired of refilling it everyday. Naturally, the tire was not done by the time we'd finished shopping. Go figure. However, after having waited for half an hour, they came in and asked me which car was mine. When I told the guy, he said, "Have they talked to you about your tire yet?" Uhhh, no, but I already knew what he was going to say. Yes, there was a nail, and it was too close to the side. A new tire was in order.

Now, to anyone else, this would be no big deal, really. So get the new tire, done deal. However, for me, it's becoming an all too familiar sound. Thankfully I only needed one this time, as compared to the last two times when I had to get two at a time. I seem to be cursed when it comes to tires. Yes, I am to blame for many of the replacements I've had to get, as I also seemed to be cursed when it comes to, ummm, hitting road drains. Those can only account for three of my misgivings, though, which again, doesn't sound that bad.

Here's where it begins to hurt. I figured up how many tires we've bought since June of last year for both of our cars. Grand total: fifteen. Yes, you read correctly. We've bought fifteen tires in a little over a year! Right before we moved here in June of last year, I had all four of the tires on the van replaced. Then, when I was delivering pizza, I had to replace two of them on the car b/c they got, ummm, mysterious sudden holes in them. When I got the job at 911, I went to have one patched, and ended up with a whole new set of tires for the car! We're up to what, now, 10? Then just a couple months ago, I went for some reason to get the front two tires checked on the van, and, yep, got two new ones. A couple of weeks ago, the front driver's side tire was running low (okay, basically flat), and it caused me to lose control in a turn and, hit a drain in the road (yes, I'm embarrased beyond belief!) at five in the morning. However, that experience taught me that I can change my own tire, as I called the house about 15 times, and got no answer! Smart thinking finally? Yes, that day the guy introduced me to "ROAD HAZARD"! Ummm, why has no one mentioned this to me before? So, thinking I was good to go, at least for the two tires on the driver's side, I was a bit dismayed when they told me I needed a new tire the other day. Dismayed to the tune of "AGGHHHHHHHHH!" loud enough to make the people in the hardware section look over in fear!

So, in case I ever wonder again where all my money goes, and why my savings is completely empty, I now know. There are fat, happy tire people all over town who are eating, and sleeping just a little better knowing that I'm driving on safe, new tires. I mean, sure, our electricity's just a moment away from being cut off, but dammit, I'm driving in style with my new tires!
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  • At 11:48 AM, Blogger LeRoy Dissing

    Life and budgets are made and yes, broken when the "rubber" meets the road! (or in your case the drain/pot holes). Can you get a road hazard warranty with the tires you buy donw there? We can up here for an extra $10 per tire and I believe they replace tires that blow when you hit potholes. I do know they fix and rotate the tires for the life of the tire (whatever the mileage warranty is on the tire).

    After 15 tires in a year, I hope your luck changes. I believe there is an Irish phrase that goes something like....may the road rise to meet you and the wind be at your back....I just hope all your tires hold up for many years/miles!

  • At 12:24 PM, Blogger Kurt

    Are you remembering to rotate? If you have a front wheel drive car, it's even more important. Get those back tires on the front before you need a new pair!

  • At 12:57 PM, Blogger Julia

    You should call Guinness and see if there's a record for that.

  • At 1:30 PM, Blogger Carrie

    yikes. I pray your luck with tires doesn't rub off on anyone else.. especially the kids!! in 16 years when you have 5 drivers in teh house, that can be REALLLLLLY expensive! ;)

    hope these hold up longer!

  • At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Jillian

    Don't you guys have a Discount Tire or Belle Tire out there?? When you buy a set of tires at either, they set you up with road hazard that covers all 4 tires. So then, the next time you get a mysterious hole, they put a new tire on, FOR FREE! All you have to pay is for the new warranty on the new tire, which is like $15. Saves much money. I bought new tires for my car in 2003, and have had about the same number of road hazard issues, and have never paid for another tire. They replace it, I pay for the new warranty, and off I go. Might wanna try that instead, given your history.....

  • At 10:28 PM, Blogger gina

    Geralds baby!! and ROTATE woman :)