Friday, September 15, 2006
New sleeping arrangements...
I went to Once Upon a Child yesterday, which is one of my favorite baby consignment stores, and they didn't have one in Columbia. I saw a Dora toddler bed for $35, and that seemed reasonable. So I told my mom, and we decided that today we would go on a hunt for a bed for Taryn, or a crib for the baby. I looked online later and found out that a Dora toddler bed brand new at Wal-Mart is only $39 (albeit the one at the con. store had the mattress w/it, which I don't need). I figured worst case, I'd just go buy that one. Although, to be honest, I have never had, nor ever will have the desire to buy cartoon character beds and furniture...the little crap is enough! I also went on craigslist, which Kurt got me hooked on, and happened to find an ad for two cribs that someone was trying to get rid of. It just so happened that she emailed me back, and told me she had found them in her attic when she moved in. We went over to her house today and she so graciously gave them both to me for $20! Now tell me that's not AWESOME! I have since cleaned them and put one together to be Taryn's new crib. It just happens to match the color of the wood on her dresser PERFECTLY, and it's one of those Jenny Lind (isn't that what the design is called?), which I think looks pretty girly. I still need to wash her dust ruffle and put it back on, but...I'm using our old one for the new baby, b/c it matches the furniture best in TJ's room. The new one will be sold or something. Tell me that's not cool.

This new crib and going and buying about $300 worth of clothes for the baby (and some for TJ and Taryn) today w/my mom (she only paid $30 though, b/c she's awesome like that!) has gotten me all excited about little Cole-to-be. I think tomorrow I'm going to try to rearrange TJ's dresser and closet to accommodate his stuff, and work on getting some of it put up and ready to go. I think I might be nesting, too, b/c suddenly the state of the house is driving me NUTS! I almost killed myself getting the cribs set up in the respected rooms tonight, but IT HAD TO BE DONE! I see stuff from when we moved in that hasn't been dealt with, and I'm going crazy inside just wanting it all done, but not having the energy to get it all done. I'M LOSING IT!!!

Anyway, I guess I'll be going now. I want to look through our loot from today before I hit the hay. TJ's first soccer game is tomorrow morning, so wish us luck! Oh, and btw, Kurt, thanks for the on your knees thing, it totally worked!
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  • At 11:08 PM, Blogger gina

    uggg tot trade starts tomorrow. you did have a productive day ,huh? yes that is a jenny lind. cute!

  • At 1:24 AM, Blogger Christi

    Are you serious!? Huh, I guess God knew better than to have me drive all the way up there to look for a crib, which is what I was thinking I would do. For some reason, though, I was thinking TotTrade didn't start till Oct. or something. Oops! Guess I won't be consigning this time, eh!? Hey, if you happen to see any blue crib or twin dust ruffles, grab them for me, please, and I'll pay you back!

  • At 9:23 AM, Blogger Kurt

    Craigslist is amazing. You don't need to pay movers anymore, because you can get sell of all your crap before you move, then when you get there, buy back the same stuff you had on craigslist. Easy as pie.