Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Been gone for a few...
Okay, not so much a few days, but a couple, alright...Unfortunately, w/our newest life, leaving for more than a day is usually impossible. However, we finagled and managed to get TWO WHOLE DAYS off this week to go to Charleston and let loose. We had a good time. We did our best to squeeze in as close to a week's worth of stuff into two days. Now, of course, the house is TRASHED, and I'm TIRED! Oh'll all still be here when I'm ready, right?

So, most fun activity of our "weekend": Julia and family coming over to our wild party at my mom's. I failed to point out that my mom is gone this week to her timeshare at the beach, so her house was empty. We didn't know that when we decided we had to get away, but she was sweet enough to let us borrow it. So, as any daughter would do when she has mom's house to herself, I had a party. Now, when I say party, pretty much what I mean is that we had Julia's family over and swam in the pool, ate, listened to loud music, and played Clue. Now tell me that wasn't a wild night! Oh, it was cool for a minute, though, when I was on the phone w/my mom trying to find her playing cards, we had the music on really, REALLY loud. Right when I walked into the other room to hear her, someone knocked really loudly on the door. We thought for sure we were in trouble, but to no avail. Just a neighbor looking for my mom!

Highlight of the weekend: TJ learned how to "swim" with his arm floaties on! He usually wears a life jacket thing, but I totally forgot to bring it, and I was so scared he wouldn't go in the pool w/o being held. However, my mom had those, and we gave it a try. He had it down w/in the first ten minutes or so, and he was so proud of himself. It was SO cute! Mind you, he moved at maybe 1/90th of a mile per hour, but we are all very proud, nonetheless. He's getting to be such a big boy!

Scariest moment of the weekend: Taryn taking a nose-dive into the pool w/my back turned. She would insist on getting out of the pool and walking around it. Then she would walk right up to the side of it and kinda taunt you to come try to catch her. One time, she did it, and I heard, "My Ma-Ma". I went to turn to see her, and Trey said, "CHRISTI!" So, I turned to look at him on the other side of the pool, and missed her falling in! Thankfully, Julia was close, and could think through my screaming, "GET 'ER! GET 'ER! GET 'ER!" and pulled her out. Surprisingly, she had no water in her at all, and was pretty much unphased. I held her in the water for a while, and she was pretty cool. Didn't like it when the water would get near her face for a while, but other than that, she was cool. Now, did she learn her lesson? No. After Trey took her out to dry her off, she went right back to it!

Anyway, here are some pics I took of them getting wet. Nothing better than soaking your children when it's hot outside!
Ummm, havin' fun!Doesn't she look like she's having a blast!

TJ's girlfriend!TJ's girlfriend!

SPLASH!Always runnin'!water waveYou're getting my face, kid!

I hope your week is going well, and I'll see you soon!
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