Saturday, April 08, 2006
Okay, I forget, as if I could...When you first get prego, do you feel REALLY tired, no matter how much sleep you get and how little you do? I'm wondering if I will feel better once I get on my prenatal vitamins, which I should have asked them to prescribe for me when I called for the appt. I'm hoping maybe those will give me some nutrients or something to wake up! Trey has done the paper route for me for almost the entire last week or so, and I've been getting a nice amount of sleep at night. When I wake up in the mornings now, I feel refreshed and ready to go. However, w/in about ten minutes, I see the couch, and I just want to put my butt on it for the rest of the day! I just don't get it! Like, right now, I want to go to sleep. I just had a nap w/the kids for about an hour. I also had one when Trey woke up this morning for about an hour. Plus, I got a decent night's sleep last night w/only minimal waking up. I just want to be normal again!

So anyway, I'm really excited about tomorrow. I'm going to Julia's house for Alison's birthday party. There's going to be an egg hunt and everything. It was hard to decide what to get her for a gift, so I hope she likes it, b/c it was meant to be a little different than what everyone else will prob. be giving her. Of course, knowing my luck, she'll get ten of the same thing we got her!

Oh, and get this, a guy came walking through my yard today, and I saw him as he got to the fence. It kinda freaked me out, b/c I figured there weren't too many cable or electricity guys out checking stuff at ten in the morning! He came around to the front door...and brought us invitations to the Easter egg hunt next week at his church! I think that's cool. Directly behind our fence is the parking lot for a Methodist church. I've been wanting to go to it, considering I'm Methodist, and gee, it just seems so easy to hop right through the back yard to get to church. However, it looked kinda small, and I really want a church that has a better children's thing going. Mine kinda sucks for TJ--they don't do anything enriching at all in his class. I figured if I went to a smaller one, that would just mean there'd prob. be less kids and less chance of finding better stuff for him. The guy said they have an awesome children's program their, though. So now I want to go check it out. Plus, their Easter egg hunt thing looks ten times more exciting than the one at my church. So I may just have to head to theirs! Oh, and lately, I haven't been feeling too comfortable with my Sunday School class. Kinda like they're being nice to me just b/c it's the Christian thing to do, and not so much b/c they really like me. I've never really felt like I fit in w/them. I'm not sure if it's b/c I'm pretty much single w/two kids in their eyes (Trey always has to work, and they're a big couples kinda group). Perhaps it's that they think my kids are hellions. I was once told that TJ was the most "aggressive" kid at a gathering we were at. He is so not aggressive. I'll admit, he's quite boisterous at times, and loves people a little too hard (which we've worked on, and he's much better now), but that's mostly our faults, b/c we like to give bear hugs and be very "loving" around here. It could be my odd sense of humor. I am a bit on the sarcastic side, and if you aren't keen to it, then I might look a little like a bitch. Who knows. I just know I feel uncomfortable around most of them. There are a couple of couples whom I LOVE, but overall, I feel like I just never quite made it to the clique. I'm also a little insensed right now, b/c last week they had a cookout. I emailed the guy in charge to let him know I may not be there b/c I had that stomach virus. He emailed me back to let me know not to come if I wasn't 100% better b/c "there will be two pregnant people there". I know I'm probably taking this to extremes, but that hurt my feelings a little bit. I'm pregnant, too, and heaven's knows I would have never brought that icky thing around anyone, pregnant or not. I emailed him back that I knew firsthand how awful it feels, especially when you're pregnant, but I don't think he got my message, if you know what I mean. So, needless to say, I'm a little excited about checking out a new church and seeing what they have to offer. I really just want to find a place that TJ can make some friends and get some learning done. I can't afford to send him to preschool, so I have to take advantage of everything I can that's school-like, and what better place than church, right?

Wow, I didn't mean to go on and on there. I hope you're still with me! I do hope you have a great day, and I'll see you soon!
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  • At 8:21 PM, Blogger Julia

    I can't wait to see you tomorrow!

    I would call TJ active but not aggressive. Sorry you're not connecting with the group. I hate that feeling.

  • At 11:03 PM, Blogger Anvilcloud

    Not fitting in at church is a pretty common experience, I think. Let's hope that you can find a place that feels right.

  • At 8:55 PM, Blogger gina

    can we still come to the egg hunt at your church?

  • At 7:38 AM, Blogger Jillian

    Get used to feeling nappy. When I was pg with Gavin, I left work every day at 3, drove 1/2 mile home and slept for an hour, then came back to work. EVERYDAY! I couldn't handle my day otherwise. Hope it gets better my deal.

  • At 1:19 PM, Blogger Carrie

    hey momma... not nagging, but get on thohse prenatals!

    I hope the church thing works out... doesn't sound like where you're at now is a very good fit, based on what you're writing.

    In the meantime... try to cut yourself a break. you ARE pg, and you need rest. and screw anyone that can't handle a little sarcasm. You're just fine the way you are. big hugs!