Friday, March 17, 2006
100% Bonafide Daddy's Girl!
The smile that crosses her face when he walks into the room. If you're holding her, her little feet start kicking like crazy, and it's all you can do to keep her from jumping right out of your arms. It's so cute! She loves to snuggle with him and take naps in the mornings. She also loves to play hard with him (as Mommy won't have anything to do with that aspect of play!), and get down and dirty.

Speaking of dirty, this little girl is a big ol' messy girl! She is the complete opposite of her brother in so many ways. We've been going outside a lot lately now that the weather is so nice, and the gross differences in just the way they play are even so noticeable. When TJ was little even, when he would fall and get his hands dirty, he would run to me to get me to wipe them off. Still does, and freaks out if he gets dirty. He must get his clothes changed if there's anything that won't wipe off. Not Taryn, though. She could be covered from head to toe in mud, and as long as she could still walk, she'd be fine. When she falls down and gets dirt on her hands, typically she just puts them in her mouth and carries on with whatever she was doing (which is usually picking up more dirt!). We have a patch of dirt in our yard where grass won't grow b/c it's too shady there, and try as I might to keep Taryn in the grassy part, she insists on going right to the dirt and digging in! I HATE dirt and getting messy. Trey doesn't seem to mind. I guess she gets that from him.
Take note of the dirt on her lower leg and mouth, and the absolute filth all over her! Oh, and the wild hair, too! Can't keep it brushed for more than two seconds!

She also loves the dog. It's funny, b/c he finds her hands to be perfect chew toys, but that doesn't seem to phase her. Everytime she sees him she makes a B-line right to him with a big smile on her face. Then, of course, she falls on him, and he tries desperately to get away from her before she steps on him again, but...TJ will play with him, but he freaks out b/c the dog tries to bite his butt when he chases him (I'm guessing so he can catch him?). So he spends the entire time yelling at him and crying. TJ has always been a cat person like his mommy, though. Undoubtedly, Taryn is a dog person like her daddy.

She even eats differently. TJ is somewhat messy now b/c he's three, and he still hasn't totally mastered the art of eating alone yet, but overall he's a pretty clean eater and always has been. When he does get dirty, he begs for a napkin or runs straight to the bathroom to wash his hands. He never minded me cleaning his hands off when he was little, either. Taryn, on the other hand, shoves everything she can into her mouth, and what falls, well, is gone. She smears her food in her hair, and hits the spoon when I try to feed her baby food. She prefers to put the food in her mouth by herself. Even the cleanest of finger foods she manages to turn into total filth before she's done eating. She freaks out when I wipe her off, and I have to hold her head still to wipe her face off while she screams. I'll admit, Trey doesn't exactly shove food into his mouth, but he is a pretty messy eater. He manages to drop food everywhere when he eats. I don't like to waste food, myself, and I make sure it all goes right to my mouth when it leaves the plate (maybe I could stand to drop a few bites, eh?). She is so her father's daughter!

She's even like him with shoes. She does everything in her power to take her shoes off as soon as I put them on. I will blink, and she will already have one shoe off within seconds of me getting them on! TJ always has to wear shoes, and he doesn't like to get his feet dirty. I think Trey wears shoes b/c I make him. I've seen him go out plenty of times w/o them on, and I'm sure he would go w/o if given the choice. I can see already that as soon as she's able, she'll be stripping herself everytime I put clothes on her. TJ, of course, won't even try to learn how to take off or put his clothes on yet.

They are opposites in so many more ways, too. I've decided that I will be enrolling TJ in drama and craft classes, while I enroll Taryn in football and wrestling. He will whine and be nerdy, and she will tell him to shut up and make fun of him. It's going to be so interesting to see her when she grows up, and see how different the two of them are. This girl has NO fear when it comes to anything. When you tell TJ to try something new, he says, "I can't." When Taryn faces something new, she screams at it to scare it before she jumps in head first. I hope I'm wrong, of course. I want TJ to 'man up', and I'm really not that into the idea of Taryn doing wrestling (she could end up in some compromising positions with teenage boys!). However, it does give me hope that she won't be a total little princess and all girly, which I totally fear. She may just be the little tomboy I always dreamed of, but smarter than your average man, of course! Only time will tell...She is so definitely her Daddy's girl, though, no doubt of that!

I hope you have a great day, and I'll see you soon!Didn't want to leave TJ out! Here he is on his new big-boy swing! Of course, when I try to show him how to swing himself w/o being pushed, his classic answer, "I can't!"
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  • At 11:59 PM, Anonymous Kurt

    I can't do lots of stuff either. Like swim.

  • At 8:56 PM, Blogger Julia

    That's a girl I can relate to! And as for the barefoot thing, if you really think about it, shoes are kind of gross. How often do you clean the inside of your shoes?