Thursday, October 20, 2005
Priceless quotes from the boy...

I just had to share some of my favorite things that TJ has said recently:

"Look, Mommy! She has two butts!" (in reference to Taryn, whose diaper I was changing at the time--this is my favorite thing he's ever said!)

"DAMMIT!" (I'm sorry, it's just so funny!)

"I sure do luuv when Uncle Mike comes and plays with me." (this is said about EVERYTHING, you can fill in the blanks, and done so in a very country accent!)

"Be carefully!" (said when Trey is driving off to work. It's a mix b/t be careful and drive carefully)

"I almost pooped on the floor! Hee hee!" (said as he runs to me right after pooping on the floor!)

"You don't tell me what to do, Mommy. You don't tell me what to, Daddy. I do what I want!" (not my favorite thing to hear, but definitely funny at the time!)

"TJ come here." "Huh?" "I said, TJ come here." "What?" I said, TJ come here!" "Huh?"...etc., etc., etc... (again, not my favorite thing to hear, but certainly entertaining for someone!)

"We're going to go to Mimi's house Sunday and go to downtown and go to fishing." (we went to downtown Charleston the other day, and it was undoubtedly the best night of his life! Now all he can talk about is going downtown and going fishing at Mimi's house!)

"KHEEEE!" (this is a sound that he makes with the back of his throat. It's the sound of the dinosaurs in his tummy that he ate!)

"If you're happy and you know it, I don't care! If you're happy and you know it, I don't care! If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it. If you're happy and you know it, I don't care!" (he made that up all by himself!)

"Yaayahhh!" (this is actually "yeah", but he says it so country, it's funny. Yes, I know I'm supposed to be teaching him to say "Yes, Ma'am" but I want to wait till he's not cute saying that anymore!)

"I have a peeenis, and Daddy has a bagina!" (too funny!)

"But I waunnt tooooo!" (also very country, but also very cute!)

"I need to own-lock the door, then I can lock it again." (yes, that word is supposedly unlock!)

"TJ's don't like to drink Kool-Aid. TJ's like to drink water." (also said about lots of stuff. Not sure where the whole talking in third person came from!)

There are tons more, I'm sure. I just can't think of them right now. Pretty much anything he says is great, except, of course, for "NO!" I love, love, love when he sings, too! Man, I have a funny kid!

Have a great day. Talk to you later!
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