Friday, September 09, 2005
The reception
Okay, here's the next installment in the wedding saga. It's quite a few pics, so make sure you have a few minutes if you plan to look at them. It was hard to narrow them down, so I put a bunch on, and I still didn't put half as many as I wanted to! We used the little cameras on the tables instead of hiring a photographer. I liked how I got so many different angles of the same things, and the different perspectives I got in the pictures (for instance, I always knew when a kid had taken a pic, b/c it was usually of a butt or someone's knees!). Also, they're all out of order, but you can figure it out! I hope you enjoy them!

The Wedding Saga

PS-if you want to see the description on any pic, just click on it, and it will show you what I wrote. Then you can click on resume show to go back.
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  • At 7:49 AM, Blogger Karla

    I loved the little pumpkins!
    I think your wedding looks totally fun! More people should do things like this and do what they want rather than try and be "traditional". Look what fun and what amazing memories it makes. I wish I was there.

    Can you get married again?

  • At 9:51 AM, Blogger Julia

    I never got to see all those pictures! Thanks.

  • At 9:54 AM, Blogger TBG

    Looks like a really fun wedding..

    Love the purple dress.

  • At 10:36 PM, Blogger Tammy

    That is so cool, looks like you all had a great time.

    I would like to get married all over again. With Mario of course.

    Thanks for sharing your wedding pictures with us. Very cool.