Wednesday, June 15, 2005
I should be in bed...
Okay, as far as I know, I'm going to the hospital tomorrow at 6 am to get induced. My goal is to be done around noon. I will let you know as soon as I can all about it. Hopefully there will be good news coming soon.

However, I have some not-so-good news right now. Gina's friend in Texas has a little boy who is turning two this weekend. He's been sick for a while now. His mom finally took him to the hospital yesterday, I think, and found out that he has a brain tumor. They are going to do surgery on him on Friday, and hopefully everything will go okay. Dire consequences could come otherwise. Soooo, what I need you all to do is stop what you're doing right now, please, and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for him and his family, and that everything goes alright. Can you do that for me, please? I think his name is Gage, if that helps any. Also, pray for Gina. She's totally stressed about it, being that it's one of her really good friends from way back. Plus, she's got TJ tonight until the baby's born, so we've just added another stress (although a totally sweet and adorable one, still, a toddler!)! I know how absolutely terrified I would be if it were me in her situation, and I'm sure that even if you don't have kids, you can relate. So, please do this for me. If you don't pray, do whatever you do to feel better in these situations. Go to Gina's blog if you want more information.

Alrighty then, I'm gonna go now. It's 1 am, and I have to finish eating my dinner (yes, I'm just now eating, but I won't be able to tomorrow, so...!), and try to sleep (YEAH RIGHT!), so I can get up at 4:30. I hope you have a terrific day, and I'll be back soon enough to tell you great news!
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  • At 7:52 AM, Blogger Tammy

    I prayed for you and for Gina and her friends last night.
    I pray that all goes well for you today and I just can't wait to hear how everything goes.
    Looking forward to finally meeting Taryn.
    Good luck and GOd Bless. We are all thinking about you.