Friday, May 27, 2005
My silly family!
So, yesterday, early, I was awakened by Trey whispering, "I know, TJ, Mommy is crazy." I turned over, expecting to see TJ in our bed b/t us, and Trey talking to him. But no, that's not what I saw at all. There was Trey, dead asleep, whispering to himself, b/c TJ was sleeping soundly in his bed! I talk in my sleep, TJ talks in his sleep, and Trey, well, he whispers in his!

Yesterday we went back to the park from earlier and met Wes and Gina and kids there to eat some awesome chicken tacos and strawberry shortcake that Gina had made and just hang out. It was lots of fun. I love to do couple things and family stuff! While we were there, we were talking about how this kid's mom had put some popsicles in her cooler under dry ice earlier to keep them cold. Then, when she went to give them out, she gave one to her son, and it was so frozen that it stuck to his tongue! She yanked it off, and his tongue ripped right with it! He was bleeding everywhere, and, well, I ran away. I don't deal well with blood at all. I was telling Gina how much I admire her for wanting to be a nurse, with all the icky stuff it involves, and how fortunate I feel that TJ has really not had any major bloody accidents as of yet (knock on wood). Trey said, "Well, I think he busted his lip once or something" Mid-sentence, TJ walked up and got on Trey's lap. When he finished his comment, TJ blurted out, "I'll bust yo' lip!" I'm laughing now just remembering it! What have we done! My kid's gonna be a bully, and for no reason! Later, Gina was ripping off all the bad words that her kids can't say...they include: stupid, butt, freak, ugly, and those type words. I felt bad. She had just listed about half of my vocabulary, maybe 3/4's! I say stupid w/o even a second thought. A few minutes later, Blake came up, and we were talking about how much he loves to play on the monkey bars. I said, "Blake is a monkey bar F-REAK!" Yeah, so.....Maybe Gina and Wesley won't be calling us to hang out with them again...

Okay, I'll see you soon! Have a great day!
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  • At 3:36 PM, Blogger Julia

    So did this thing with the kid's tongue ripping off happen with you there, or did you just hear about it? How horrible!!!

    Gina, you need to get an electric collar with a remote control. Every time Christi says a something she shouldn't, zap her!

  • At 4:27 PM, Blogger Tammy

    Oh the poor kid. Was he ok?

  • At 5:07 PM, Blogger Karla

    "Bust yo' lip!"
    Little gansta boy!

    So what was Trey dreaming about that he was calling you crazy for?

  • At 5:58 PM, Blogger gina

    you crazy girl. we had a blast. i love hanging out with you all.

    btw, you forgot stink and hate. hahahahhaa.

  • At 2:48 AM, Blogger Cosmic

    Oh my! Is the kid okay? My mom wanted me to be a nurse but I couldn't deal with blood, broken bones, etc... so yeah, I understand you on that note.

  • At 2:51 AM, Blogger Christi

    Ohhh, Gina, I'm tellin!

    I think he's alright...I saw him a few minutes later drinking a drink. Gina, you know?

    Hey, Julia, remind me to kick your butt (bad word!) next time I see you!

    Hey, Karla, we walk around her all the time calling each other crazy (I'm sure that's bad, too!). I guess that means Trey was just dreaming about his blissfully happy life with me!

  • At 3:48 AM, Blogger Nyx

    I'm still laughing about your hubby whispering in his sleep. At least you could understand him. My little family are quite vocal sleep talkers but it is so unintelligable.

  • At 11:05 AM, Blogger gina

    what are you talking about christi? i am lost. lol