Tuesday, April 19, 2005
This is gonna be a long week
I think this would be the week to make it through, and then next week should be good. What's funny is that I'm actually not the one having any real personal problems right now. However, having just overcome most of mine, it seems that everyone else is, which is actually more disturbing and upsetting to me than my own were. Julia's grandma-in-law is in the hospital, and things aren't looking good. Gina's dad is in the hospital with heart troubles, and she says he's way too young to be dealing with heart problems. Of course you know about the devastating tragedy Mark and Karla have just suffered. It's hard to think of your own life and enjoying what you have when all of this terrible stuff is going on around you with the people you really care about. I don't want to be happy, b/c I want to be there for them to show them that I care about them. I think, though, that maybe it's better to be happy and to carry on my life, so to say that there is hope and that I can be there for a positive word or outlook when it's needed. Nonetheless, I do plan to curb the baby talk and whatnot for a little while out of respect for the extreme loss that Karla and Mark have just suffered. It's so upsetting, because I was really looking forward to seeing Ava and hearing all about her, then telling them all about Taryn. I don't suppose they will want to hear about her now. Of course, I can't guarantee that everything will work out for me, either. All I know is that knowing Karla and Mark has made this pregnancy so much more fun and exciting! Please remember to let go of a balloon tomorrow to honor Ava, and keep up your prayers. I'm going in the morning to get ours. I think I'll get purple, the perfect baby girl color.

Trey has court tomorrow. He got a ticket in December of 2003 for speeding and not having his updated registration. He went to his ordered court date and requested a jury trial, b/c he said he was not speeding, and that it was a different white car (he was driving mine at the time). I don't know how it will go, but I'm not feeling good about it. I got proof that we paid our taxes in Lancaster that year, but I can't find the registration. To be honest, when I listen to Trey's story, I don't really feel convinced. I just hope that the cop doesn't remember it at all, and that he doesn't care. If the ticket is put on Trey's license, his insurance will go back up again, and it was just brought down b/c something came off of it. I'm sure everything will work out alright.

Oh, and I'm feeling pretty good. We went about 200-300 minutes over our regular plan this month on our cell phones. By "we" I mean "me". It seems now that I'm not working during the days, that gives me plenty of time to talk on the phone. I'm not feeling good about the fact that my cell phone bill will likely be ten times what it usually is. However, I went up there today to change my plan to get more minutes, and I think that it may actually come out to less than it was. We had 700 min. to share, w/1000 mobile-to-mobile and 1000 night and weekend minutes. Now we have 1200 min. to share, and unlimited everything else. However, w/our old plan it was $20 to add the extra line. W/the new one, it's only $10. As well, I noticed that for some reason we were paying for mobile web ($6/mo.) and Mr. Rescue, which we never would have used ($6/mo.). I got rid of those. The new plan is $20 more than the old one was. If you figure it up, though, it's about $2 less. I'm sure there will be some taxes added or something that will make it more, but still, a few bucks won't be too bad. I just like that I have more minutes and less to worry about. I need to stop answering the phone all the time! It seems that some of my friends think that now that I'm home I'm free to talk all day everyday.

Well, I guess I'll go now. I still have to finish laundry and get ready for bed. I have a lot of praying to do tonight, as it seems that everyone I know is suffering some hardship right now. I hope you had a lot of praying tonight, too. Please have a good day tomorrow, and I'll see you soon.
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  • At 8:49 AM, Blogger Julia

    Be happy. I know how you feel. I wasn't sure how to write my next blog entry because of Karla and Mark's tragedy. There is sadness going on every second of the day all over the world. We have to be happy when we can, otherwise it would be a miserable existence.

    Somehow I am achieving happiness even though I am still mourning my dad. I don't talk about it much, because I would just be saying the same thing over and over. I don't think about him every second of the day anymore, but I did for a long time. He probably comes to mind 50 times a day, and I cry at least once a day still. Yet somehow I'm finding joy in other ways.

    I kind of admire Trey for standing up for himself in court. Tell him I said good luck.

    Sorry for calling you and chatting so long the other day. I must not be the main culprit though because those are a lot of minutes, lol.

  • At 10:24 AM, Blogger Christi

    No, no, no...It wasn't you at all. I really wanted to talk to you, and I'm just irked that lives prevent us from being able to talk longer. No, I mainly had one person in mind, and I won't name her, even though she doesn't read this. She calls me when she's bored and driving down the road, like three or four times a day!

    Yeah, I figure being sad will only add to the sadness, instead of trying to move past it. I don't deal well with death, though. I have been very fortunate up to this point to know very few people who have died (aside from older relatives that had reached their time). This is much, much more upsetting.

  • At 10:26 AM, Blogger Christi

    Oh, and Trey found out that if he were to lose, it would have cost us over $3000, so he chickened out and didn't go to the jury. The $1500 registration fine was dropped, even though the guy said my registration is still messed up (?????), and his ticket was taken down to two points and a $76 fine. That's much better, but I guess we better get ready for our insurance to go back up!

  • At 3:24 PM, Blogger hgdyhdyrd

    man this is so depressing. It's a shame that it takes one person's tradgedy for you to realize how grateful you should be.

  • At 4:29 PM, Blogger kathy

    Keep on keepin' on.