Friday, April 15, 2005
I'm on my way...
Today Trey took the spare bed out of the bedroom for me. Then he put the crib in it. It's now put together in the corner, just waiting for the next step! We rearranged the bedroom and put TJ's bed on the opposite wall. Tomorrow we are going to get the bedding from Gina to put on the crib and get some crates for TJ's books. I will be so much closer then! I'm on a mad hunt for the right wall stick-ups for the room. TJ is going to get cars and trucks and what-not to match the new sheet and comforter I got him yesterday. I have to take a closer look at Taryn's bedset to see what I'm going to do with hers (Gina's letting me use Julia's old one, and I know I like it, but I can't remember what all it has on it!). This is getting so exciting! I'm so glad that Trey got in on it with me a little bit, b/c he's REALLY good at organizing things, and I'm not. He put the room in an order that makes more sense and looks better than I would have. I do well with the micro-organizing and tidying up after he sets up the design! In that respect I think we make a good team. Yes, and one the room is done, that means Taryn has to come out, right? I'm starting to get a little excited! Trey keeps telling me I'm nesting...Whatever!

So, I'm officially broke now. In order to refrain from accruing attorney fees for foreclosure on the house, I had to pay off the total amount that we owe today (missed payments and late fees). I wasn't worried about them foreclosing on the house before the sale went through, but I wasn't too keen on adding a few thousand dollars in attorney fees for nothing. No, really, I just didn't want the mortgage company to have to go through all of that trouble for nothing, sweet girl that I am. Now all of my credit cards are maxed out, but I'm free from worry for now. There is no more fear of foreclosure. I talked to Tim, our real estate agent, today, and he also said that we will probably close earlier than expected. I think that's good, b/c it was supposed to be in June, and my fear was that I would have to miss it to have a baby. I'm feeling much better. I don't like having no emergency cushion, but hey, I guess this could count as an emergency, right? It's funny to me how I spent over $3000 I didn't really have today, and yet I'm so happy because of it!

One last thing...TJ is growing up so fast! Today when we were moving the beds back and forth, he helped us. Trey propped the crib mattress and the sides onto his wagon, and he insisted on pulling it all the way back to the apartment by himself. He did it, too, and well! I kept trying to make sure it was balanced, and he would yell at me..."NO Mommy! I wanna do it by myself!" I had the biggest smile on my face! I know it must have been heavy for him to pull all that way, but he didn't flinch once. Oh, and when we went grocery shopping, Trey gave him a little bag (it was light, I promise), and he carried it all the way up the stairs by himself! I came to get some more stuff to bring up, and I almost fell over I was so excited! I was so proud of him, and he was so proud of himself! He said, "I did it! I did it all by myself!" The cutest part is that he does it in this little squeal that tells you just how really excited he is about it! I love TJ! Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky!

Alrighty then, I'll let you go now. I hope your day is inspirational, and I'll see you soon!
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