Saturday, April 16, 2005
I have great news!
If you don't believe in the wonderful things that God does, then well, you suck.

I found out today that I am approved and eligible for unemployment! Hooray! I didn't hear anything back from the lady I spoke with at the unemployment office, so I kinda figured I would be. However, I didn't think I'd hear back so quickly. Isn't that just super! I'm not sure when they will start to pay me, but I don't even care. I got paid today, which is also great, so there's no rush. What's even better is that I qualified for the maximum benefit allowed. It's still only about half of what I used to make, but still...What a great thing!

To add to my wonderful day, I got a $98 refund check in the mail from my old doctor's office b/c I had overpaid them. How nice!

Oh, and I got some stuff for decorating the babies' room. I couldn't find any wall stick-ons that I like, so I went to the craft store to try to get some ideas. I thought about making little cars and flowers out of foam and felt, but then I thought that TJ would no doubt destroy them. Then I stumbled upon lots of little wooden shapes of cars, trucks, planes, etc. They had paint on sale 4/$1.00, as compared to the regular $.76, and they even had the paint brushes on sale for half off for a pack of everything I would need! How great is that! They also had big wooden letters (6") on sale for $1.48, which were regularly $2.49. Since I have letters of TJ's name (that were about $8-10 a piece!), I figured I could do some for Taryn, too, and hang them on the walls as well. Isn't that just so cool! Plus, I got these little airplane model sets that I'm going to make and hang from the ceiling above TJ's bed. I so wish I could paint the walls, b/c I got a cute little boat that I want to be in the water, and the cars need a road to drive on. Who knows, maybe I'll figure something out for those, too! Of course, the part that stinks about this crafty stuff is now I have to find time to paint and hang them (which is actually easier said than done!), but it will have so much more sentimental value or something like that in the end (and I think it will look so much cooler!). TJ loves stars, so I even got him some for the wall! Now I have to see how that goes, and I'm going to go from there for Taryn's side. I got the sheets from Gina today, and they just have little purple flowers on them, so that should be easy.

I watched Blake and Julia tonight (my nephew and neice). It was fun. They are a handful, though. I'm so not used to having more than one child at a time. It really drains you when you are babysitting and you feel like you have to watch so closely and entertain the entire time. They are pretty good, though. I'm sure Wesley wanted to kick me, though, when he came to pick them up. Their bedtime is around 8, and he came at 9:45. They had just finished eating pizza and drinking caffeinated Dr. Pepper right before he got there. Blake was pretty chill, and passed out before they left. Julia, on the other hand, was wild, and she and TJ were running around like wild monkeys the entire time until they all left. It was so funny. Plus, Julia has a soccer game at 8 tomorrow morning. She had a total meltdown in the parking lot when they were leaving b/c I had Trey carry her carseat and she wanted to do it. I felt bad b/c I know it was b/c she was tired, and I'm sure Wesley really wanted to do more than kick me then! I'm such a bad aunt! Oh well...we still had fun! After all, that is what my job is, right? At least I didn't feed them candy!

Well, I'll talk to you later. I hope you have a great day! Bye!
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  • At 12:34 PM, Blogger Julia

    Congrats on getting unemployment.

    What you're doing in the bedroom sounds neat. I've never done anything crafty like that.

  • At 4:43 AM, Blogger k8

    1. stop freaking me out and being exactly like me but in South Carolina bc I dig wooden shapes and I will just have to take pics of the girls' room walls to show you
    2. "like wild monkeys????"
    3. move near me. thanks.

  • At 9:01 AM, Blogger susan cox

    hey i always feed them candy and whatever they want to eat. it's the best part of being an the other house they used to play soccer in the house...our job is to spoil them and send them home..of course that works both ways..

  • At 11:34 AM, Blogger Traci

    Christi, I tend to agree with Susan. You know when TJ is here he is spoiled rotten. That is my job as an Aunt, and now yours. Enjoy it.

  • At 9:23 PM, Blogger Traci

    You need to remove my house for sale............The property no longer shows?

  • At 11:18 PM, Blogger hgdyhdyrd

    GOD is good!!!!!!