Thursday, March 10, 2005
The Update
Here's the latest update from the last few days:

The boy that I helped get into art class that was standing up for me the other day is now in my first period class, a choice that I made to get him where I thought he would thrive the best. It seems that all of his friends are also in first period, namely those in his gang. It also seems that he is quite easily upset when picked on, and prone to the use of profanity. It also seems that his desire to work for or with me is now null and void, and he instead prefers to sleep or argue with his "friend" in my class, who thinks it's funny to push his buttons. As well, he has since proven to the art teacher that his main love in life is his gang, and gang banging, and thus, he's only interested in doing stuff in art in which he can proliferate gang banging art. So, it seems that I made a grievous mistake in going out of my way for him, and thus made the lives of two people (one being myself) worse instead of better. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Can't read em all.

At TJ's decision to get a goldfish, we got a little excited. So, last night we went out and got him three goldfish and a little one gallon tank for them. We even bought a little colorful rock with holes in it and some colorful gravel. It was a big family affair last night when we put the little tank together and turned on the light. It said to run the filter for 48 hours before putting the fish in it, but 1 hour was hard for me to even fathom. However, I decided to compromise and wait one day. So, this evening after we got home from the playground, we made another big family deal and put the fish into the little tank. They flitted everywhere, and seemed to be having a wonderful time in their new home. One even swam through the holes in the rock! TJ really enjoyed it, and we watched them for at least half an hour before moving on to eating dinner. Well, I would look back occasionally to see how they were doing, and it seemed as though they were getting, ummm, slower and sleepy. To make a long story short, one is now dead. Another one is looking close to it, and the other one just looks like he's fighting for his life. Undoubtedly, you are supposed to put something else in the water or something, even though the directions said nothing to this effect, or it's just that important to run the water for 48 WHOLE hours before you put them in. Thankfully, TJ has no comprehension of death yet (or does he, smart little devil!), and I think we can easily cover this one. He found the dead fish before I did, and he said he was taking a "nap". We'll leave it at that. I told Nana (who will be here with him tomorrow) that if they are all dead when she gets here tomorrow, to please try to cover and distract him from looking at the fisssssies until I can run to the store after work and get some more. I can tell this fish thing is going to be a long journey, complete with four thousand little Wal-Mart fish along the way. Thank goodness they're only $.28!

I would also like to make a shout-out to my loving husband, Trey. Today when I got home a load of laundry was running, the dishes were just finishing up in the washer, TJ's room had been rearranged to be much more roomy, the house was clean, and he was in the process of beginning to vaccuum. If that's not the best thing in the world to come home to, nothing is! Oh, and did I mention the trash was taken out? So, I will be busy tonight loving on my wonderful man and showing him my appreciation, and at the same time relaxing b/c everything's done already! No calls, please. To quote Korn, "Got the life!"

Alrighty then, I hope your day is as exciting as my coming home was, and I'll see you soon!
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  • At 10:57 PM, Blogger gina

    that is nice you had family fish time. ahh... joys of life. so simple. hooray for trey hooking a sister up!! glad he helped. i love it when that happens'.
    call me! i want to see if you can come to our class with me sun night- wes has to work. :) have fun tomorrow.

  • At 12:51 PM, Blogger Kurt

    Teaching is rough, but at least you get paid well. And the parents really appreciate all your work.

  • At 10:28 PM, Blogger Karla

    Oh NO! The poor fish! I have to wonder about the health of those poor things at Walmart. One day Mark and me where in the pet section and they had a bunch of little Beta fish in cups that were almost empty of water. We actually went and complained to someone about how cruel that was.

    That is so sweet of Trey! You lucky girl you! He's definetely a keeper!

  • At 10:57 PM, Blogger Julia

    Ha, ha, Kurt. That's a good one.

    How disappointing about the boy. Even if you think it was for waste, I bet he thinks about what you did for him. Maybe not now, but one day I'm sure he will.

    Oh, no! I wonder if I got really lucky with ours or what. We got the .15 ones from Petsmart. We just dumped them in our plastic bucket with pond plants, left them outside, and have never cleaned the water and they are doing great. I hardly even feed them because I read that I shouldn't need to with the plants and bugs that will fall in, and they are getting bigger. It doesn't seem fair that you went to all the trouble of getting a filter and everything and yours died. I never really cared pet fish too much, but we've grown attached to ours, so I feel bad about yours.

    I hope you and Trey had fun the night you posted that! I wanted to leave a comment, but it wouldn't let me for more than a whole day.