Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Son of a biscuit-eyed monkey toad!
Have you met him? He's a really nice guy, but man, monkey toads are UGLY!

So, I had this whole post planned out to tell you all about the sleepover TJ and Taryn had last night. Then, I got to thinking about it, and basically, the most interesting part to you would be that five children were invited, all of which came, and that there were 8 small children running rampant in my house from about 6 pm last night till about noon today. I am WORN OUT! One little boy was pretty "aggressive", and he made for some pretty tough moments, but other than that, we had fun.

I had to go throw papers this evening, b/c Trey has to work tomorrow (he's usually off, and I do it then). So I go to pick up my papers, and my boss is still up there b/c apparently the truck came very late today. We get to talking, and he says something that struck me. I have no idea what the conversation at hand was about, but at one point, he said, "My wife is a terrific mother, and a wonderful woman all around." He had already told me they will be celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary in September, and that really got me to thinking. I wonder what Trey would say about me, or I should say, what he does say about me? I didn't hear another word for the rest of the conversation (well, something about her working, and having good lingerie sales at Belk, blah, blah...) b/c all I could think about was whether or not Trey would say something like that about me. I mean, I would hope he would. I definitely try to be a good person, and a good mom as well. I think I do okay. Lord knows there are definitely days that I fail in both categories, but most of them are good. I have that natural tendency to compare myself to other people and parents when I'm out and about, and pass judgement on myself as to whether or not I'm doing things right. I have to say, many times I'm left feeling pretty good! Usually I think I'm at least on par with everyone else I know. My kids are not too rambunctious or anything, and sometimes they use the manners I've tried desperately hard to instill (still gotta work on ma'am and sir). I'm sure I must have seemed neurotic when I sent them to camp, b/c I kept asking their teachers and counselors how they had done. Taryn's teacher got a barrage of questions about her socializing and performances. You know, you gotta keep up with these things!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not writing this so anyone who might read this will write in and say, "Oh, Christi, you're a great mom and person." I just sometimes wonder about how Trey (and everyone else, really) sees me. Honestly, I'm not sure how I see him. I mean, I know I really like his work ethic, and he definitely deserves great things. He loves his children, there's no doubt there, and sometimes I wish he didn't work so hard, so he would have more time and energy to show it to them. I have that tendency to only talk about him to people I know when I'm pissed off, and that's probably not so good. I think I definitely need to point out how great he is more often, when I'm not necessarily happy or mad with him. So, small world of readers, I think Trey is great. I often stop and think about how lucky I am to have found him. I absolutely kissed a LOT of frogs to find this prince. We were joking around the other day about something, and I was telling him I didn't think some couple would last that long (probably some famous couple or something). He asked me if I thought we would last. Without hesitation, I told him, "Absolutely not." He wholeheartedly agreed, adding that it's a wonder we've made it as long as we have together already, and haven't even killed each other. And that, my friends, is why I have no doubt that we one day will be celebrating our 47th wedding anniversary, and I will be telling some young whipper-snapper how fantastic my hubby is.

Oh, and in case I don't get around to it before then, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TREY!!! (he turns 142 on Sunday!)
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  • At 10:17 AM, Blogger Julia

    Awww! I think you're both great. Happy early birthday, Trey.

  • At 12:16 PM, Blogger Kurt

    I think people do say great things about their friends/family, just usually not in front of them. I've seen people described glowingly, but it's almost always when they aren't there.