Friday, May 02, 2008
Hey, did you know it's Friday already? And it's May? WOW! When did that happen? I'm not even sure what's gone on this week, but I do feel like I was pretty busy.

TJ went to the doctor the other day, and got a glowing record (as I expected, of course!). I did ask the doctor about him walking on his tippy-toes, and he said just to keep trying to get him to stop, and if it continues, we'll worry about it on his next checkup when he's six. I think he wasn't worried b/c TJ can walk on his feet the right way, he just chooses not to, b/c it's habit. I am constantly on him about walking correctly, and you'll commonly hear me say, "TJ, FEET!" I thought it was rather amusing today when we went to a playdate and Andrew (Julia's son), was getting on TJ to walk the right way. It really struck me when he started in on Taryn later. I tend to forget that she does it, too. I think she does it b/c she sees TJ doing it, b/c she doesn't do it often, but just every once in a while. At least he saved me from having to be the nagger, right!?

TJ informed my stepdad, Bo, the other day that he does not like Math and Reading. Huh, who knew? It could be that I can't get him to sit still for three seconds while trying to do his lessons. However, yesterday, after they finished their work, they got to paint pictures. TJ did a stellar job on his work. When he finished, he told me that he did so well b/c he was going to get to paint afterward, and that if I want him to always do well, just tell him he gets to paint when he's done, "even if I really don't get to, Mommy." Uhhh, yeah, please, tell me how to manipulate and lie to you, TJ. I appreciate the help.

Oh, I know what I did this week. I did Taryn's hair. She seems to be very interested in that now, and I'm kinda torn on growing it out. I think she looks mega-cute with it shorter, and I think she might look strange with it longer. Julia said it would be pretty longer, but I just can't picture it. Trey wants it long, so perhaps we'll just have to let it do its thing and find out.
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  • At 11:20 PM, Blogger Julia

    Great do! So cute.

  • At 11:24 PM, Blogger Kurt

    You've obviously cheated him out of stuff before - that's why he's offering you more techniques.

  • At 10:28 PM, Blogger Tracee

    hey Christi...chic from the park the day we went to Nirlep son Tyler walks on his tippy toes sometimes and I did too when I was little. I think it's a sensory thing...we don't like our feet all the way on the ground. no big deal. i grew out of it, and Tyler is mostly out of it. Love your little guys hair cut! hope to see you soon!