Friday, April 11, 2008
I think my body hates me
So, for the whole week now, I've been wanting to go to the gym. Everyday I've planned to go. However, I have not made it once. Honestly, I probably could have gone and been okay, but I'd rather not take the chance. It seems that last Saturday, I pulled a muscle in my shoulder/neck (again).

See, what happened was I was playing boxing on the Wii for the first time. I really got into it. I can proudly say that I played Julia, Trey (twice) and my sister, Susan, and remain undefeated. However, in the process of kicking their asses, I wore myself out. Technically, I don't think I pulled the muscle then. I was very tired and sore when it came time to throw my Sunday papers a few hours later, though.

The next day we went to the Flowertown Festival. It's a local annual festival thing where people sell their wares and they have lots of food and little kiddie rides. It used to be a lot more fun when it was actually "local", but now that people come from miles and states around, it's mostly just crowded and hot! Trey's parents came b/c Trey had never been, and he thought they might enjoy it. I'm pretty sure they did. After we looked over the crafts and fudge and the like, we got to the kiddie rides section. The kids, although tired, were overjoyed. They rode a couple of rides, then we got to a giant blow-up slide. I thought nothing of it, since we frequent the bouncy house all the time. I handed over the three million tickets to get on, and up we went. Cole was too small to climb it himself, so I carried him. Taryn began to have trouble near the middle of the ladder, so I had to push her, too. At the same time, I was struggling to hold myself up and keep from falling. Little did I realize that this slide was much, MUCH higher and more steep than the ones I'm used to playing on! I believe it was then that I pulled my muscle...b/c I don't think my arms were made to hold small people, push them, and hold big people all at the same time! What sucks even more is that Cole did not enjoy the slide in the least!

Since then, I have been sore. It is not fun. Luckily, I happen to have some medicine left over from a few weeks ago, when I went to the doctor complaining about the same ailment. I do not think I have healed from that one yet. Needless to say, I'm trying desperately to get better (which is not helped by the fact that I have to throw papers every single day with the arm that is hurt!), so I can begin my MARATHON TRAINING on a good note come Monday. Wish me luck!

Oh, wait, on a more positive note, here are a few pics from the festival...mostly just of the kids riding rides, of course!

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  • At 9:29 AM, Blogger Kurt

    Don't run on your shoulder for at least two weeks.

  • At 11:19 AM, Blogger Christi

    Alright, Turd!

    Look, I don't just run or walk when I go to the gym. I also work out on the machines. I ran around the yard the other day, and I don't know why, but it made my shoulder hurt more.

  • At 12:10 PM, Blogger Julia

    Cute pictures.