Saturday, November 10, 2007

We have not had the internet at our house all week. Apparently, we have a bit of a "rodent" problem, and they think that the phone line that runs under the office is quite tasty. Rats suck.

Anyway, we have it back now...for how long I don't know...and I am so happy. It's funny how many websites you hear about that you just MUST go to when you just can't. I did go to my mom's house the other night to use her computer, and I completely blanked. I paid a couple of bills, then I had no idea what else to do. Trey thinks we should get rid of it, b/c we've spent so much time together this week. I say forget that! Igh, time together?! That's the recipe for a ruined marriage, my friend!

Speaking of spending time together, TJ, Taryn and I planned to have a family night tonight. Trey was scheduled to open, so we knew he'd be home. The kids decided we would rent Ratatouille(which was no small feat in itself!) and watch it all together as a family. They got really excited when I told them we could have popcorn, candy and hot chocolate. They have talked about it nonstop for the last few days, and the few hours up to Trey's arrival from work were crazy with them asking about the movie and when we could turn it on. I made them eat a healthy dinner first, and then it was time. Taryn calls it "Ratatoonie", and she must have asked when we could turn on "Ratatoonie" at least a thousand times. Even Cole was excited, although I'm sure he had no idea why. We had a good time. We cut of the lights, and I let them eat in the living room (which worked out pretty well, considering). They were good until about 3/4's of the way through the movie (it was pretty long, I thought), when the candy kicked in and they couldn't sit still anymore. Trey asked me if I gave TJ crack, b/c he was insanely hyper and jumping on anything and everything. It was a fun time, and I know the kids loved it. It was a pretty cool movie, too. I highly recommend it, for kids and parents both.

Cole's hair had gotten to the point of just looking silly and dirty all the time. Taryn got into her Halloween candy while I was sleeping the other day, and got a big, gooey ball of it stuck in her hair. It wouldn't come out. So, I took them yesterday to get haircuts. I must say, they were cute before, but now they are by far the cutest kids in the world (TJ didn't get one, but he was already extremely cute!)! I am just in love with Taryn's haircut, it looks so cute! Cole looks so much older, almost like a two year old now! Yesterday, after the haircut, Taryn's hair did a turn under on one side, and a flip out on the other, which I think just made it that much cuter! The woman who did their hair was truly wonderful.

So he won't feel left out, I added a pic of TJ doing what he does best...correcting me on something, b/c he knows EVERYTHING.

Have a great day! I'll see you soon!
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  • At 11:09 AM, Blogger Cara

    Sounds like movie night was a big hit!! I'm loving the hair cuts!! Looks like Taryn's hair does the same thing that mine does... I can never get both sides to match...

    Definitely gonna try the whole movie night thing!!

  • At 2:25 PM, Blogger Kurt

    I love when kids get excited without knowing why.

    That is a cute flippy hairdo.