Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Good reading...
Stay-at-home mom stress:
earlyshow/series/main705015.shtml (You'll have to copy and paste them in your address line. When I hyperlinked them, they threw my blog all out of whack!)
I like this article. I'm totally feeling this stress, and it made me feel better about staying home. Lately I've been feeling like I should go back to work b/c at home I'm useless.

New baby stress:
This made me feel a lot better about what I wrote about yesterday. And it taught me something cool about oxytocin, my new favorite hormone!

Infant massage:
I've heard and seen a lot about infant massage. I don't actually have a sit-down massage everyday for my kiddos, but I make it a point to touch them every chance I get. TJ just expects me to rub his back, head or legs whenever I'm near him. A lot of times before bed I'll rub him down all over after his bath with lotion. When I change Reese's clothes, I make it a point to rub all over her, and exercise her limbs. Massage is supposed to stimulate your child and somehow make them more intelligent. The article says some more stuff. I think it's pretty cool...and hey, TJ is pretty dog-gone smart!

Just thought you may enjoy some of these. Have a great day!
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  • At 9:18 PM, Blogger Julia

    Good articles. You are NOT useless at home! Nobody in the world loves TJ and Reese the way you do! Even when you are impatient, bored, angry, you along with Trey are the most important person in their lives. Nobody else will care like you do!

    I totally agree about the new baby stress article. The part about sleep deprivation being legally considered torture sounds very true to me!

    Someone was telling me that they were going to take an infant massage class. I always wanted to do something like that, but never did.