Monday, May 30, 2005
How does that happen
So, today's TJ quote of the day:

He'd been in bed for almost an hour, and Trey had just gotten home. We were in the bedroom discussing how our day went. TJ comes walking in..."This song sucks! Could you get me a better song, please? This one sucks!" (we play a dopey little cd--the same one every night!--for him when he goes to bed)

So yes, I have taught my kid how to be....well, how to be like me! Some people like me, so he may be okay. Plus, he's cute, and as long as he stays that way, he'll be okay. Yet another reason why I'll have to homeschool him, and pretty much shelter him his whole life. Oh, and Mommy, before you give me my lecture on this, please tell me who taught me to be this way! I have to say, though, TJ sure does keep Trey and me laughing!

Well, my day was overall uneventful. I went to church, and found out that Wendy (who was due Friday) still hasn't had her baby, which was not comforting. Oh, and I also introduced the word blog to someone in my class. We were talking about something, and I mentioned how I'm a blogaholic, and this guy asked me what a blog is. Perhaps I will send him a link to mine....ha ha ha!

We went to the pool this afternoon with Gina and kids. That was pretty fun. I don't get it, but it seems that everytime I go with them, suddenly it goes from super-sunny to cloudy and grey right before we get to the pool! Hmmmm, maybe God is making sure I don't get a sunburn! TJ was so freaked out at first that I was going to make him get in the pool. He's a strange child!

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Not an exciting day, but, strangely enough, very quick. I feel like I did a lot, even though I can't figure out what it was! Please do me a favor, and keep Karla and Mark in your prayers, as tomorrow they are going to find out what happened to Ava (hopefully) in her autopsy report. They are quite nervous about it, and I really hope everything goes alright. Also, I am still shooting for the seventh, so please hook a sista' up with that prayer as well! Have a terrific Memorial Day, and I'll see you later!
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  • At 2:43 AM, Blogger Cosmic

    Oh, I see you're out recruiting more bloggers. Hey, I'll be praying for you and your baby! Are you having a boy or a girl?

  • At 12:16 PM, Blogger Tammy

    It's so funny how our kids pick up everything from us. We have to be so careful at what we say.
    Mackenzie is always telling me that I shouldn't say this or that. So funny. I'm so bad.
    I hope you have this baby soon. But she will be here before you know it. Ciao girl. Hope your long week end was a good one.

  • At 8:58 PM, Blogger Kurt

    You're having a baby?!