Sunday, May 08, 2005
I hope that you all had a nice Mother's Day, even the men. I did. I can't say I did a whole lot, but that's what made it so great!

I started out the day by awaking to a wonderfully prepared breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, grapefruit and three pink roses with a card. It was great, even though I didn't want to be out of bed yet. I was so flattered and thrilled that Trey got up SOOO early to make me breakfast! He had to work all day today, even having to go in an hour early, and managed to pull his cold-ridden self out of bed really early to make me breakfast! It's only the busiest day of the year at his restaurant (and pretty much most of them), so I was quite thrilled! How lucky I am! Oh, and did I happen to mention, he also made me chocolate chip pancakes!!! That was pretty special, b/c on TJ's birthday, he made them for him, but didn't put chocolate chips in mine. I, of course, complained about to find mine full of chocolate chips this morning was just wonderful! I did the best I could to eat all of the food he had made. I didn't end up eating the grapefruit, which is my normal everyday breakfast, but I did eat it for a snack later!

So anyway, I wasn't feeling quite well, and I was still really tired, so I didn't manage to make it to Sunday School on time. It starts at 9:45 and ends at 10:45, and, well, I got there at 10:30. The only reason I really even went was to give a gift to someone that I had forgotten last week. Afterwards, TJ and I met Gina and kids at her church to go to brunch with them. Gina, as you may or may not know, was chosen as the GREATER IRMO MOTHER OF THE YEAR, and won a free brunch for four at a fancy place down the road. Julia is young enough that hers was free, so they had an extra ticket. Being that TJ would also be free, they invited me to join them and use the extra ticket. I was so excited! I mean, after all, I got to be seen with THE GREATER IRMO MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!! Also, that, aside from my surprise breakfast, was pretty much all that had come up for me to do for Mother's Day. It was pretty cool. The buffet itself cost $27 bucks per adult, so it felt kinda special just eating it. Lord knows that I would never think to pay that much for food otherwise! It was in a big fancy room, with lots of big chandeliers (sp?) and dim lighting and a muted trumpet player playing over fancy music. It was pretty nice. The food overall was okay. I was really excited about the poached salmon (isn't that what it's called Wesley?) and the gouda cheese. They reminded me of when I used to work at a private dinner club, and we could pick at the buffets after the parties were over. Those were my favorite things, and, like, every buffet had them! It was fun to eat with them all, and all of the kids seemed to be on their best behavior once we got into the dining room (I won't talk about TJ's behavior before we got in there!). I felt bad for Wesley, b/c he had his ongoing headache, and you could just tell from looking at him that he was in miserable pain. What's worse is that he had to work today, and Mother's Day ain't slow! Poor guy! Overall, though, it was fun, and I'm so glad that I was invited. I sure do appreciate it, you guys (in case you happen to be reading!). Oh, and Gina gave me a necklace for Mother's Day that she made. It's cool. It's got thin metal (I guess) string with colored and silver beads on it. I'm going to have to find a reason to be pretty now so I can wear it!

Aside from regular life, that was my day. Oh, I cooked dinner tonight, too. I liked it, so at least someone did. I tried to make the stuff my mom made when I was growing up. It's just cabbage, sausage, and potatoes all cooked down together. Pretty simple, even though it took a bit of prep to cut and peel everything. At first I started to burn the cabbage a little, b/c I didn't put enough water in the bottom of the pan. However, it didn't mess it up too much. Some of the cabbage just had a little bit of an orange color! TJ liked the potatoes and sausage, but wouldn't even look at the cabbage. I thought it was alright, but needed something for flavor (any ideas, you cheffy people out there?). Trey wouldn't even look at it, much less eat it. That, however, is a story for another day....Anyway, I'm glad I cooked real food for a change, and hopefully one day I'll get it right and my mom will be proud!

Well, I guess I'll talk to you later. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day, whether you were a giver or receiver. I sure did. I think my plan for next year is to find a babysitter for the entire day, and just sit on the couch for 18 hours straight and chill. Wish me luck!
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  • At 11:38 PM, Blogger Julia

    I'm impressed, Trey! I managed to guilt trip Richard into not going to the race track with his R/C truck. He took me out to dinner though and it was nice. After I was inspired to go to the beach since we were somewhat close, and he turned the car that direction and didn't complain about it.

    I'm going to take a guess on what to add for flavor. Maybe someone who knows how to cook meat would know more. I would add sauteed garlic and onions, thyme, and caraway. Salt and pepper of course too. That's just a total guess from someone who only occassionally eats soy sausage.

  • At 7:08 AM, Blogger gina

    ewww soy sausage? lol.

    very very sweet of trey!! he is a great guy! i bet he was exhausted last night.

    i am glad you had fun. sounds fun cooking last night. sometimes, good homemade food is the best,

  • At 5:50 PM, Blogger Renee

    Sounds like you had a very nice day!:-)