Saturday, April 30, 2005
I'm so ready now!
So, last night we went to a cookout with my Sunday School class. It was a lot of fun. Mind you, Trey is a vowed anti-social kinda guy, but admit it or not, he had fun. We had to bring our own meat to grill, and a side dish. I brought potato salad, and I have a TON left over. So, if anyone wants some potato salad, please, let me know. I'll airmail it to you if necessary! We also found t-bone steaks on sale at Walmart that were HUGE, and everyone was eyeballing them once they were cooked. I think they took up the whole grill. I didn't even finish most of mine, and that's not like me at all. I don't like to waste food, which is pretty obvious if you look at me! I went nuts over the fruit plate for some reason, and ate a ton of oranges and grapes, and there was a really good salad with walnuts and strawberries in it. I need the recipe for that one.

So we got there, and Trey was immediately sent out to be with the guys....mind you, guys he's never met. He did well. He used TJ as a buffer for a while, and tried to avoid any communication as long as he could. Eventually, though, I think he was sucked in. After we ate, the guys all went and played pool (they had an awesome pool table), and the girls sat in the living room and talked, mostly about babies and the like. Wendy and Randy are a couple in my class that's a lot like Trey and I. Wendy talks a lot with little restraint, and Randy is quiet and also anti-social. He and Trey got along well, and somehow managed to carry on a conversation about how they don't like to talk! Wendy is also prego--she's two weeks ahead of me--with a little boy, their first. His name will be Ethan. There was another girl there named Amy, who just had twin girls who were a month and a half premature, I think. They are now 8 weeks old, and they weigh about 8 pounds. So I figured I should hold one just for a little practice before Taryn comes. After they had been passed around for a while, I got Skylar (the other one's Sierra), and sat down with her. I figured I'd call TJ over to see her, and see what he thought. He was amazed. He was like, "Can I hug her? She looks cold. Here's a blanket. I will hold her foot because it's cold. Can I hug her? Can I kiss her? Can I hug her again? Cover her up, she's cold." Then, since I didn't realize he'd be so excited, Randy took him to wash his hands. He ran willingly to the bathroom so he could hold her. He came running back, and was like, "Can I hold her now?" as he's reaching to take her from me! I wasn't too into the idea of him holding someone else's tiny little baby, so I offered to let him hold her with me. He sat in my lap and wrapped his arms around her, and we rocked her for a little while. After a while, he got bored with it all, so he was off to play again. As he got up, though, he said, "I love her. I'm going to take her home with me." It was so sweet! I'm really excited about having Taryn now. I mean, I'm sure he will get a little jealous after a while when he sees that she's getting a lot of attention, but still. I was so worried that he'd be rough or mean or I don't even know what. I can tell he'll be a good helper. Now I'm mad that I have to wait so long! What's also cool is that Skylar was trying to go to sleep, but not doing so well with all the action going on around her (meanwhile, Sierra was knocked out!). Whenever TJ sat with me and was close to her, she got all nestled up to him and was much more content. It probably didn't help much, either, that the baby in my belly was kicking the crap out of her the whole time!

Trey did terribly at pool, but I'm glad he played and hung around other people for a change. When we left, he said he liked Randy and that everyone seemed pretty cool. I told him it must have been different than being around all his restaurant people (restaurant people are a different class of society all to themselves) and the dirty mouths and the like. He was like, "Ummm, didn't you hear them talking about 'getting some' and slipping out curse words here and there?" Nope, but I'm sure that just made him feel more at home! Anyway, I had a lot of fun, and Trey and TJ did, too. There was even a little girl, McKenzie (the twins' older sister), there who's TJ's age, and Drew, who's 18 mos. or so, for TJ to play with (plus all of Drew's wonderful toys!)!.

What's even better is that TJ has gone excitedely to Nana and Grandaddy's house for the weekend. I am all by myself! I'm sure I'll waste most of my time just sitting and catching up on tv I've missed to watch Dora and Blue's Clues. I plan on painting the cars and stuff that I got for TJ's wall, though. If I do that, then I have had a productive weekend! How exciting!

Okay, you guys have a great weekend, and I'll talk to you later, after I've enjoyed my time alone for a while! Bye!
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  • At 2:28 PM, Blogger Traci

    Wait.............TJ is here? Let me get off the PC and go spoil him!

  • At 6:49 AM, Blogger cesca

    So cute! TJ will be a great big brother!

    My son was 19 months old when his sister was born, and he's always been so good with her (well, maybe not so now, they do fight a bit, but they love each other anyway!)

    Trey sounds EXACTLY like my husband, i.e. social wise. Except my husband is good at pool and curses all the time! LOL!

  • At 9:39 AM, Blogger Julia

    I bet TJ will be a great brother. Andrew was 23 months old when Alison was born. I remember talking to Gina's friends, Joy, whose children were the same distance. We both agreed that they might be too young to think to be jealous because we both agreed that our boys were not jealous at all, and very loving. I hope our little theory is right, and it works for you.

    I remember when Alison was newborn she was on my lap laying down, and Andrew forgot she was there and stepped on her. Once he realized what he had done he cried and cried. I felt so bad for him. Alison got over it quicker than he did.

    Richard's kind of anti-social too. That can be a blessing. Our friend, Steve, is very social. He spends every Friday night at the bar being social while Cynthia stays home with their son. I would not be cool with that.

  • At 2:16 PM, Blogger monkey mama

    how darling. i think the girls would be super jealous of a baby, not that I have to worry. mwah!

  • At 8:20 PM, Blogger gina

    hey girly! i am home from my trip with the computer now hooked up and ready. loved catching up on your blogs,,... now off to julia's, monkeymamas, and all my other favs. :) hope you had a good weekend. xox

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